Big Arms Lesson 3

"Lifting Tempo For Building Big Arms"

When it comes to building muscle mass, lifting tempo is a very important element. You want to ensure that your movements properly stimulate the targeted muscle group, in the most effective manner possible. Remember, every repetition must have a purpose, whether it be for speed, power, or building muscle and you have to lift according to that purpose.

We want to build muscle mass - This is our purpose. We must match our lifting tempo in order to effectively build quality muscle mass. In order to accomplish this, we need to understand one thing and that’s to learn to control the weight in all aspects of the repetition. Each repetition must be smooth and in control so that we can keep constant tension on the muscle and ensure proper stimulation of that targeted group. This is the key.

You also have to understand that your lifting tempo must allow you to properly stretch the muscle group and to provide you with the proper range of motion. Does this mean going super slow? No, not necessarily. The thing you have to understand is “proper muscle stimulation”. You see, there are two stages to an exercise, there’s the lifting part (Concentric - moving the weight upwards) and the lowering of the weight (Eccentric).

Both, concentric and eccentric contractions involve somewhat different body mechanics. Think of it this way, when you lift the weight, your muscles are contracting (shortening) and when you lower the weight, your muscles are elongating.

Each part of the movement must allow for complete control in order to get the most from both, the concentric and eccentric part of the movement. This means:

• No cheating to get the weight up (This negates the positive effects of the concentric part of the movement)

• No dropping the weight down (This negates the positive effects of the eccentric part of the movement)

Each part of the movement must allow control, which means, no dropping the weight downward after performing the lifting part. This is a huge mistake which can basically cut your gains in half. The weight must be powered up, in a controlled manner and lowered in a manner that allows for complete control and stretch for total muscle stimulation.

This means, no cheating the weight up in an uncontrolled manner and no effortlessly dropping the weight down to it’s starting position.

What about counting, such as counting to 3 on the way up, pause and count to 3 and than count to 4 while lowering the weight. Personally, I don’t like to count when I’m doing my repetitions. If you can remember smooth and controlled on the way up and smooth and controlled on the way down, you’ll do just fine.

Your lifting tempo should allow you to perform the exercise in a smooth and controlled manner while allowing you to attain the targeted repetition range. Remember:

• Smooth and controlled on the way up;
• Slight pause at the top;
• Smooth and controlled on the way down;
• Slight pause and repeat

Also remember this very important point. Each repetition must be performed with strict purpose that allows for complete control of the weight. Keep this in mind when you are performing your repetitions.

Here’s a quick video by one of our in house personal trainers, Jenn.

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