Top 6 Best Weighted Vests For Women

The idea of weighted vests seems pretty simple on paper. Designing one for men is a pretty straight forward process. However, designing one that fits women tends to be much trickier. 

Today we are going to talk about these vets and show you our picks for the top 6 best weighted vests for women. Comfort is the main requirement, but so is unobstructed range of motion. 

The fact that these vests offer both explains why some of them are among the best weighted vests on the market right now. Lets get started with a detailed overview of our top picks.

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Women specific weighted vest designs tend to be on the lighter side of things, which is also one of the main drawbacks many users point out. Although lighter weighted vests are definitely popular among the female users, there are still those who need something heavier than 8lbs or so. Mir womens adjustable weighted vest offers exactly that. It is an ergonomically designed piece of kit that comes in a variety of sizes. 

You can go anywhere from 10lbs to 50lbs in 10lbs increments. The vest itself is made out of quality materials all around. We are talking high denier nylon fabrics, robust velcro and decent hardware all around. What makes this particular design so popular is the fact that most of the weights are centered around the belly area as opposed to the usual chest configuration. 

This approach makes the vest a much more comfortable platform for those who have larger chest or just users who appreciate full range of motion. The weights are standard cast iron ingots which come in 3lb increments. You can get additional weights if the standard version isn’t cutting it anymore for you. Overall, this is one of the best options out there for women.

CAP’s Barbell women’s weighted vest is their dedicated solution that is meant to fulfill the entire range along with the unisex version of this vest. Much like the Mir one, CAP’s design is pretty ergonomically sound. They’ve also moved most of the weight away from the chest. However, this is where the two designs differ a little. Instead of loading the entire abdomen area with iron ingots, CAP has distributed the weight between the abdomen and the back of the vest. 

The back actually holds the majority of ingots as well. As far as construction and overall quality goes, CAP hits all the right marks with this one. They’ve used reinforced, high denier nylon in combination with good hardware and pretty robust velcro. On top of that, you are also getting sufficient padding in all the important areas of the vest. 

Finding the right fit and securing the vest is done using a velcro belt and it works quite well. This particular model is a 30lbs version and which leaves you plenty of room to dial in the right weight for your needs and establish a good progression. Lastly, you get awesome details such as reflective strips in the back.

It’s no secret that most current weighted vests are designed around a man’s physiology with enough leeway in the design so that certain models could be labeled as unisex. SWEATFLIX Weighted Body Vest is a bit different in this regard. You could say that this vest was designed around a female physiology but is also suitable for men. 

It’s worth noting that this is a completely different design compared to our previous few picks in a sense that it isn’t a vest with adjustable weights. On the contrary, the weight is fixed with this design and is built into the structure of the vest itself. Since these range anywhere from 6lbs to 12lbs in weight in 2lbs increments, they aren’t all that massive. This is their main advantage for sure. 

This particular design allows for a completely unobstructed range of motion no matter what type of activity you are partaking. Actual fit and comfort is dialed in using nothing more than a standard sternum strap. One thing we would like to point out is that the sternum buckle sits on top of a padded surface in an effort to eliminate any discomfort. This is a great budget choice for sure.

What Aduro Sport offers with their weighted vest is pretty similar to the model we have just talked about. It is another minimalist design that focused on ensuring optimal range of motion during all kinds of activities. The design used on these two vests is quite similar although it’s arguable that Aduro went a bit further in the whole minimalist thing. 

The neoprene rigid construction gives it a robust form which is surprisingly comfortable no matter what your body shape is. Adjustment is made using the sternum strap and that approach works in most cases. One thing to keep in mind is that these come in three sizes. You can choose between a 6lbs, 12lbs and a 20lbs version. There are no flashy colors to pick however as all three models are distinctly black. 

Overall comfort is on point as expected. Two things which we have found very surprising is the pricing and the fact that these come with a mesh pocket on the back. What you are looking at here are extremely affordable vests that can be used for running, crossfit and just about anything else. Overall, we think that his design offers the best bang for your buck.

The models we have discussed so far have been designed for women but still follow a sort of unisex approach. Empower’s weighted vest is a 100% fully streamlined solution dedicated to female physiology. Empower has used a very minimalist X pattern design that really works well with a woman’s figure. It’s contoured and ergonomically optimized in ways that offer concrete results.

In other words, you notice these effects when you put it on. Instead of using adjustable weights, cast iron ingots or similar, Empower took a whole different approach. They have sown sand into the body of the vest in such a way that achieves borderline perfect balance. The use of sand, although unorthodox in many ways, ensures a comfortable fit, a low profile and a steady center of mass.

Since there are no ingots in there, you can rest assured that this vest stays in place when you go out for a run. Empower has used Lycra spandex as the main material in both the 4lb and the 8lb version. This stretchy material allows for a more unique fit as each and every one of us has a different body. At these prices Empower offers great performance and value.

Going with Kettler is one of the easiest ways to finding a good, reliable piece of fitness equipment. When it comes to ellipticals, Kettler ELYX 1 is about as good as it gets unless you want to go into commercial machines. This elliptical has it all. Kettler has used what is essentially a very standardized design, but upgraded it in a few pretty substantial ways.

The frame itself is very robust, offering plenty of support and stability. This particular model features a 40lb flywheel that is mounted in the front position. The flywheel itself is impressive. You are looking at precision machining on a level that surpasses the needs of most users. Then we have the drive system which brings 20 inches length of stride to the table. That is also one of the best length of stride numbers you will see in this segment of the market.

The computer module that sits on top is a no-nonsense unit fitted with simple controls and a very easy to read layout. You have plenty of workout programs to choose from along side the usual stats. Generally speaking, Kettler ELYX 1 is a reliable, focused and challenging machine aimed at serious users.

What Defines a Good Weighted Vest for Women?

This is one of those subjects that can be pretty controversial depending on who you talk to. The gist of it is this. There are companies who push weighted vests for women which are considered too light by many of the women. This has spiked the use of unisex vests but also the evolution of the standard unisex design. 

These days brands are much more conscious about the needs of women and their bodies when it comes to comfort, range of motion and other important factors. So much so that some of the best running vests on both sides of the gender spectrum can be considered suitable for women simply due to the fact that unimpeded movement of arms is a must. Same goes for weighted vests used for calisthenics

Here’s a small disclaimer. Those lightweight vests many are badmouthing actually have a pretty good application. Not everyone is looking to build muscle and emulate fully loaded plate carries which is slowly becoming a widespread trend at least in US. 

This leads us to our first factor to look for when choosing weighted vest, knowing your intended application.

Rule No.1 of Choosing the Best Weighted Vest for Women - Intended Use

Before you go ahead and invest in a weighted vest, you definitely need to know what kind of applications you have in mind for it. This simple piece of information can have quite a significant impact on the model you choose. Here’s how it works. 

Some women are looking for a bit of a challenge, something to help them tone their muscles while performing low intensity aerobics. On the other hand, if you are a looking to spice up your crossfit experience or get some real mass going, you might need something significantly heavier than what most brands offer. 

We have shown you some of the models which will give you both the light weight and heavy weight approach. With that said, going with a unisex design is always an option as well.

Comfort and Size

No matter which option you go with from the ones we have just mentioned, you need to figure out the size you need and what kind of design works best with your specific body shape. For example, if you have larger chest, you might find the X pattern vests to be much more comfortable than the standard design. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have this issue, a unisex model might be a better solution.

The Verdict

Despite all the commotion that surrounds women specific weighted vests, you can easily find what you are looking for as long as you follow a few simple steps. All that being said, the models we have shown you today will most likely be more than suitable for your intended use, size and overall preference. 

We have taken the best model from a range of different categories, all of which have one thing in common and that is to work well with a woman’s figure. As far as weighted vests from this particular niche go, these are among the very best.

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