Top 6 Best Weighted Vests For Crossfit

Crossfit is by far one of the largest fitness movements in the world, and it keeps on growing. Its unorthodox approach to sculpting a healthy body and its low entry bar are attracting more and more people every year. 

However, even such a diverse activity tends to become monotone at some point. The best way to spice things up is to get yourself a weighted vest. 

Today we’re going to show you our picks for top 6 best weighted vests for crossfit on the market. Needless to say, some of these are among the best weighted vests you can find.

Top 6 Best Weighted Vests For Crossfit:

Weighted vests come in all shapes and sizes but rarely are they designed to be overly ergonomic. Hyperwear Hyper Vest PRO does exactly that. Instead of following the established trend of loading large weights into bulky front pockets, Hyperwear went with a much more elegant solution. This vest is pretty minimalist all things considered. 

So much so that you could wear it under a t-shirt and it wouldn’t print at all. The system Hyperwear went with is a series of small weights which are inserted into sewn in pockets which line the front and the back of the vest. This way you can be very precise when it comes to how much weights you want to use on any given day. On a similar note adding and removing weights is super easy and takes no time at all. 

As far as adjusting the west goes, this is a one size fits all type of deal that is suitable for both men and women. The sides of the west are laced, which allows you to dial in a good fit at all times. Last but not least, the vest comes with 10lbs of weights although it has capacity to carry more.

Titan’s adjustable weighted vest is a more traditional design that is all about raw bang for the buck. With that said, it’s ruggedness shows when you try to use for activities that require some level of finesse. For example, you can’t really comfortably run longer distances with this belt but then again it wasn’t designed to offer that kind of performance. 

What Titan has done is put together a very robust vest made out of strong nylon fabric. We are talking high denier material which can survive just about any abuse you are capable of delivering. the weights are laid out over the front and the back of the vest in three different rows of four. Titan has used cast iron ingots for this build, which are custom formed to fit the pocket design. 

Speaking of which, every row of pockets is secured using a large velcro flap. Titan adjustable weighted vest is a unisex piece of kit. Once you put it on, there is a large waistband that will accommodate users of all sizes and shapes. AT this price, you are looking at one of the most valuable bang for the buck options on the market at this moment.

The general weighted vest design hasn’t really changed much but different brands do apply different design features. One of the best examples is the RUNFast/Max Pro weighted vest. On the outside you’re looking at a fairly standard deal where the front and the back of the vest are fitted with ingot pockets. This is another unisex design which can be adjusted to fit any size and shape.

With that said, there’s one thing that RUNFast/Max did differently which is definitely worth mentioning. They have used a set of velcro straps instead of a standard belt. This has two important effects. For one, using a wide overlapping flap at the front is a good way to ensure stability of the entire rig as you run. That is one thing we know is true thanks to the proliferation and use of plate carriers which generally use the same design.

The other good thing is the much better fit. Those large straps make it easier to conform the vest to your body in a way that ensures good comfort. When it comes to weights, they are shipping this vest with 40lbs of ingots. That puts it in within the average bracket.

ZFOsports’ weighted vest is another design that draws a lot of its design features from combat plate carriers. One thing that ZFOsports did right is that they’ve borrowed all of the cool features from their life saving cousins. Starting from the top down, we first run into shoulder straps. ZFOsports did the right thing and added sufficient padding on the shoulder straps which is something you don’t see all that often these days. 

It’s worth noting that they have also added a pair of handles. These come in handy when you’re handling the vest during the down time. This particular model comes with 40lbs of ingots although there are heavier options available. Weights are distributed between the front and back of the vest, in velcro secured pockets. The waist straps are another detail that was borrowed from the plate carrier design. 

You are looking at wide, velcro secured flaps that overlap and offer snug fit. One cool feature of this vest is the water bottle holder and a pocket for small electronics such as phones or music playback devices. As you can probably tell, all of these features make this vest a perfect choice for crossfit and other outdoor activities.

In a community that is actively using combat plate carriers as weighted vests, it is only normal to see models such as the CROSS101 Adjustable Camouflage Weighted Vest. In a nutshell it doesn’t really differ all that much from the models we have previously shown you but there are a few differences worth mentioning. The most obvious one is the camo pattern.

You can get this vest in what appears to be Universal Camouflage Pattern and a polar pattern of sorts. The aesthetics definitely make it attractive. Looks aside, CROSS101 has designed a very comfortable rig that holds the same weight you can find elsewhere in a package that just feels so much more streamlined overall. Build quality is impressive to say the least. They’ve used good quality, high denier nylon fabric that can take a beating.

The vest comes with 10 4lbs iron ore ingots although there is room for 80lbs overall. The vest is a unisex design and features a secure fit system that relies on overlapping velcro flaps. Just like the model we have talked about previously, this one comes with a utility pouch for your phone and other accessories you might need during your crossfit routine.

The last entry on our list belongs to a budget option which offers more than meets the eye. On a first glance you are looking at a simple weighted vest, just like any other out there. However Cap Barbell adjustable weighted vest offers more than similar budget options. What sets this bad boy apart from the pack is the padding. 

You will find padding everywhere. On the straps, on the front of the vest, back of the vest, you name it. The whole thing is padded which really does make a difference. Since this is a minimalist rig, they have used a simple nylon waist strap instead of more robust flaps. The fit is quite alright. It won’t be too snug due to the slim belt design, but it keeps things in place. 

Weight wise, you can get iron adding up anywhere from 40lbs to 150lbs. It’s a unisex design and one size fits all type of deal. If you are on a budget and want something that will get the job done for sure, this is the vest for you. If you want something that you can use with progressive weights, this is the vest for you for sure.

Basics of Weighted Vests For Crossfit

One of the main postulates of crossfit is the freedom of motion. You are performing exercises which often time are dependent on you being able to move completely freely. Hence, it is only logical to look for vests that allow that. 

The models we have shown you above are all meeting this basic requirement. Keep in mind that these don’t need to be as minimalist and comfort oriented as weighted vests designed for running, but they do need to be pretty streamlined. The feature we were mostly focused on was the distribution of weights, the way the vest is secured to your body and how much weight you can add. 

Also, you will notice that every vest on our list is unisex and one size fits all type of deal. With that said, if you are looking for weighted vests designed for women specifically, there are a many awesome models on the market.

Plate Carriers

Before we finish up with this guide, we need to address the ever more popular use of combat plate carriers as weighted vests. As cool as these rigs are, they were not designed to increase resistance during your workout. They were designed to carry ballistic plates and stop bullets. 

Sure, you can load a plate carrier with weights, but they will never fit as snugly as they will in a weighted vest which was purpose made for this application. Plate carriers have one massive compartment at the front and the back that accepts ESAPI plates. 

Unless you can find weights of that particular shape, chances are that you will have to deal with a shifting center of mass. In other words, just get a weighted vest. They make life so much easier.

The Verdict

Weighted vests are a great tool to add a bit more spice in your daily routine. If you’re doing a lot of bodyweight oriented crossfit, a weighted vest is a must. The models we have shown you are by far some of the most interesting and best bang for the buck options we could find. 

There are several different designs out there, all of which have their pros and cons. We did our best to give a cross section of the market and show you what’s available in different price points. Pretty much any of these will work just fine.

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