Top 7 Treadmills You Can Get Under $1000 ­- The Mid Range Segment

Investing more in your fitness equipment can only be a good thing in the long run. Especially with devices such as treadmills. However, figuring out where the mid range segment starts and ends can be fairly hard. 

Today we selected 8 treadmills we think offer the best bang for your buck in this price range. Some of them are great all­ around solutions while some are simply among the best treadmills you can find, period. 

Let’s start with the rundown of our top picks and then we will discuss certain things to keep in mind when shopping for a $1000 treadmill.

Top 7 Best Treadmills Under $1000

Compared to most other models on our list and in this price range in general, 3G Cardio Lite is comes across as very odd. It doesn’t feature advanced LCD displays nor does it have touch buttons. However, in our opinion it offers something that is far more valuable than that.

It offers rock solid performance in a fairly compact package. You are looking at a pretty strong motor that can push you up to 12 mph. That is paired with motorized inclinecontrol that puts not 10%, nor 12% but 15% of incline at your disposal. Looking at the control module, we see a simple and basic design. Underneath that exterior hides a well thought out package of pre­set programs, and other awesome features. Last but not least, we have to mention 3G Cardio Lite’s frame.

It is one of the most stable treadmills we’ve seen so far. Not only is the vertical tubing about as thick as it gets, but they have used that same tube profile for the bottom segment of the frame. Combine that with a fairly compact running deck and you get a platform that simply doesn’t move. 3G Cardio Lite isdefinitely worth your time.

Higher end treadmills make a difference, especially if you are a seasoned runner. Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 proves that very nicely. The really interesting thing about this treadmill is just how deceptive it can be. On the outside, it doesn’t look all that special. You have a pretty familiar design, neutral colors and a fairly average control module.

However, when you scratch the surface, Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 tells a different story. First thing first, you have a very powerful motor that can push you up to 12 mph. Next we have 12% of motorized incline combined with a 55″ by 20″ running deck. Where most other treadmills in this category come with exposed cushioning system, Adventure 3 tends to keep those features hidden.

Don’t be fooled though, the cushioning on this treadmill is one of the best. Horizon Fitness spiced things up even more by introducing advanced features such as ViaFit tracking and Passport software. Former allows you to keep an eye on your fitness progress while the latter takes you on a run anywhere in the world. In our opinion, this is one of the most capable treadmills in the mid to upper mid range, that’s for sure.

Nautilus enters the mid range market with what is easily one of the best designed treadmills out there. They took all the important features, packed them in a very robust package and made it all so easy to use. Nautilus T614 comes with a 2.75 hp motor that drives a fairly large running belt.

With motorized incline that goes up to 12%, T614 promises to be a very challenging treadmill no matter how fit you are. What we like even more is the fact that itcomes loaded with all kinds of features. Nautilus offers over 20 fitness programs with this model, as well as the ability to track your progress. The LCD display, although relatively small, is still more than enough to monitor all the vital stats as you work out.

When it comes to secondary features, we found that the integrated speakers in this thing actually work quite well. Unfortunately, that isn’t something we can say for most other treadmills in this price range. More often than not those built in speakers aren’t good enough for enjoying music. These ones are. Lastly, this thing folds quite nicely thus taking very little space in your designated storage area.

Known mostly for their fitness clothing and footwear, Reebok has proven that they have much more to offer than that. Reebok Jet 100 is a fairly unique treadmill in a sense that it stands out from its competition in a number of ways. First of all, it is a breath of fresh air in terms of aesthetics. You have a sleek black and white design that features bright red details all over the place.

One thing we definitely liked about Jet 100 is its rather bulky frame. Reebok went with thicker tubing than usual which extends to both the vertical and horizontal portions of the frame. This alone makes it a fairly stable platform to run on. In terms of specs, we have a 51″ by 17″ running deck paired with a 2 hp motor and motorized incline.

Now, these specs are not the most impressive out there, but they paint a good picture about what this treadmills was designed for. It is a compact, very sturdy piece of fitness equipment that is streamlined for performance. Its control module, although versatile, carries the same highly optimized nature. All in all, this treadmill is definitely one of the best out there.

Less is sometimes more, at least in the world of treadmills. LifeSpan TR1200i has taken that adage to perfection. When you first see it, you will probably think that it doesn’t look like much. Especially considering that the whole thing features that bland black plastic and pretty unimpressive aesthetics.

However, as you get closer and you start looking at various components, that picture quickly begins to change. What LifeSpan did was design a very practical treadmill that brings all the right features with the usual fuss. You have a 2.5 hp motor that is paired with a 56″ by 20″ running belt and motorized incline control with 15 levels available. The motor is very quite, which is another thing we definitely appreciate. Control module is pretty humble as well, but it essentially offers the same functionality as some of those flashy models do.

You have a decently large, perfectly legible LCD display that is capable of showing various metrics simultaneously. Controls come in form of simple buttons, of which only the important ones are color coded. With 21 different programs, Bluetooth connectivity and built in speakers, you are pretty much set to go. Oh, and there’s lifetime warranty too.

If you were to walk into a fitness store that sells treadmills, you would most likely spot IUBU Fitness Folding Treadmill from the doors. To say that it is different would be an understatement. Aside from its modern black, white and blue aesthetic, you get a 2 hp motor powering a decently sized running belt.

There’s also 15 levels of incline available. Where this treadmill really stands out is the control module.Instead of the standard tiny LCD display, you get a full blown 10.1″ TFT touchscreen. IUBU Fitness has packed this thing with a whole array of cool apps and features, all of which can be accessed through the control module. With all that said, the best thing about this treadmill is its functionality and versatility. It is fully decked out with the latest and greatest gadgets, but it’s neither too large nor too heavy.

When folded, you can pretty much put in a standard closet and forget about it. It is the kind of treadmill you would want to get if you are dealing with limited space. In all honesty, we haven’t found too many other tech oriented treadmills out there, especially not in this price range.

Last but not least, we have the ProForm 705 CST. This treadmill is single­handedly responsible for blurring the line between lower mid range and affordable segments. For this kind of money you would expect to get a smaller, less powerful treadmill that maybe has some of the advanced features.

That’s not the case. Instead, we have a 2.75 hp motor pushing one of the largest running belts in this market segment. It is a 60″ by 20″ deck which you can use to reach the max speed of 12 mph. On top of that, there are also 12 levels of motorized incline. The control module is pretty interesting as well. While it comes with a simple LCD display, all of the controls are intuitive and easy to figure out on the go.

Despite its simplicity, you still get iFit integration, built in speakers and so much more. When you really put everything down on paper, ProForm 705CST comes out ahead of a large number of pricier treadmills out there. At the very least it is a great way for budget users to get a competitive machine. Additionally, despite its large running deck, it folds up into a compact package.

Shopping For $1000 Treadmills

Treadmills come in a variety of different shapes and forms. You can get anything from a most basic thing to what is essentially a next level machine. Figuring out where you fit in that wide spectrum can be really hard. 

Especially since the lines are often very blurred. This mainly applies to features beyond the core elements of a treadmill. Before we get into what makes $1000 treadmills better than say $500 treadmills, lets talk about how you should approach purchasing one of these machines.

Defining Your Budget

The very first step to finding the right treadmill is to define your budget. If you take a look at our list, you will notice that prices vary considerably within the $1000 spectrum. 

The good thing is that you finances aren’t necessarily limiting when it comes to what you can or can’t expect to get in your treadmill. Some treadmills are cheaper but offer a multitude of advanced features while some expensive treadmills don’t. 

Either way, when you have a properly defined budget, every next step is much easier to figure out.

Core Components

We have just talked about how different treadmills come with different features. However, what every treadmill in this price range should offer are proper core components. 

That means a powerful motor, at least 2 hp if not higher, motorized incline control and a proper frame. These are the most important to look for when shopping for a treadmill. 

We specified the power of the motor on purpose, because there is just no room for anything weaker than 2 hp in this particular price range. If we were looking at affordable treadmills, 1 hp would be more appropriate naturally. However, we are not.

Belt Size

Belt size is one of those things that really matter. Naturally, the belt size you go with will depend on how much space you can dedicate to a treadmill and so on. 

However, going for a bigger belt really makes a difference on a daily basis. Most of these treadmills have really large belts. 

That means that you can focus completely on your workout and not worry about how closer you are to the side rails. Large belts are liberating in a sense that they give you more freedom.

Secondary Features

Secondary features are where most users tend to define their choice. When you are spending this kind of money on a treadmill, it is only normal to expect certain a convenience factor. Fortunately, almost every treadmill brand out there offers an extensive suite of advanced features you can use. Lets start with displays.

With displays, you should ask yourself whether you need to monitor your stats only, or do you expect that display to cover your entertainment needs as well? 

If latter is the case, you will be somewhat limited because such treadmills are most often found in the $2000 price range or higher. With that said, there are plenty of awesome features to choose from in this particular segment of the market.

For the most part, every treadmill is going to come with a set of pretty challenging running programs. On top of those, it is almost standard to have a couple of user presets as well. Going into things like Bluetooth support, built in speakers and even coolers is where things get interesting. 

While all of these increase convenience and comfort, the may not always work as many think they will. For example, built in speakers can in theory play music, but the quality of sound won’t come anywhere near that of a proper sound system. 

Then again built in speakers are meant to be more of a tool that allows youanswer calls. Naturally, there are always outliers and treadmills that have some pretty decent speakers.


If there is one thing that most treadmill users find annoying, it is the noise that a treadmill makes. The source of that noise can almost always be tracked back to the motor. 

Cheaper motors tend to be noisy because they are designed to be pushed to their very limit. As you go up the price, you will start running into more powerful and thus quieter motors. 

Almost every model on our list will bring you that piece and quite during your workout. That allows you to enjoy your favorite music, watch a movie or a TV show without having to blast the volume at maximum.

The Verdict!

At the end of the day we have found out that most of the treadmills in this price range share similar core performance. The biggest differences are almost always reduced to secondary features. 

Choosing the best on from the models listed above was pretty hard because of this. Even so, 3G Cardio Lite comes out as a fairly obvious choice. In our opinion, it delivers the best combination of performance, design and features. 

Truth is that you can’t really go wrong with first 5 of our choices. The rest are still pretty good but are more oriented toward budget users.

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