Top 7 Best Treadmills For Seniors

Treadmills are a pretty competitive market. Modern athletes, even the casual ones, are looking for more and more demanding features as well as performance. But what if you’re not a modern athlete at your prime? What if you are a senior? 

Today we’re going to show you our top 7 best treadmills for seniors and talk what features you’d want to get if this is what you’re after. Some of these are pretty simple but some are among the best treadmills on the market

As you’ll find out staying active in your golden years doesn’t have to be a chore.

Top 7 Best Treadmills For Seniors:​

Even though the needs of senior users aren’t the same or as strict as those of younger athletes, that doesn’t mean that fully decked out treadmills aren’t something seniors would be interested in. LifeSpan’s TR1200i is a great machine which offers two things we are looking for in this category and that is plenty of incline and good shock absorption. This bad boy is driven by a 2.5 HP motor that runs a massive, 20″ by 56″ belt. 

The suspension is hidden behind the plastic housing but it works quite well all things considered. What props up this entire package is a quality frame. They have used very aggressive tubing which ensures good stability and plenty of support during use. Another reason why this device is at the top of our list is the interface. 

What we have here isn’t some space age looking console, but rather a pretty simple setup that relies on a few buttons and a very legible, simple LCD display. The white letters over blue back light offers plenty of contrast making it legible even for those with less than perfect eyesight. Last but not least, you’re also getting a large media shelf to boot.

ProForm Performance 600i comes in the close second place and offers a whole lot of awesome features for not a lot of money. In fact, it’s by far one of the best bang for the buck values you can get right now. The reason we say this is because this treadmill has it all. We are talking good shock absorption, good incline control, decently sized belt and so much more. 

It’s perfect for seniors as well as those who like more room on their treadmills. Starting from the basics, we see a well designed frame which adds a sense of uncompromising stability and support to this model. The suspension system that is bolted directly onto the frame is by far one of the best in this price range. It allows for a decent amount of flex, thus saving your joints from unnecessary wear. 

The incline control in this treadmill gets you up to 12 degrees to work with and is controlled by a single button on the interface. Speaking of which, the display on this unit features very large digits as well as an LED Circle that allows you to keep track of your progress. Oh, and its foldable too.

Our next pick also comes from ProForm and goes under the name of 505 CST. Compared to the model we have just talked about, this one features a slightly smaller running surface and a smaller maximum incline angle. The belt is a 20″ by 55″ unit while the incline goes up to 12 degrees. 

Aside from that, you are looking a very formidable treadmill. It sits on a bulky frame that is reinforced in all the right places. In terms of suspension, 505 CST packs a decent offering that comes in form of their ProShox cushioning. It’s a proven system that does a lot towards eliminating or at least minimizing any strain on your joints. 

The treadmill features a massive console that incorporates a somewhat smaller display than we would like, but also a pretty easy to use buttons layout. On top of that, you are getting two large speakers on each side of the console, a set of bottle holders and cardio sensors on the handles. When it comes to entertainment, ProForm has fitted this unit out with a media shelf which is great for smart phones but maybe not the best choice for tablets as it turns out.

Gold’s Gym is a household name when it comes to fitness equipment that offers good performance at affordable prices. Their Trainer 720 treadmills reflects this quite nicely. From our point of view and the standpoint of this guide, it offers every feature we want to see in a treadmill seniors would use. 

That includes a proper cushioning system, a decently large belt and some sort of incline control. The 55″ x 20″ belt is a good option for those who like some room in their stride. The motor is a powerful unit that will get you up to decent walking speeds even at maximum incline. Speaking of which, the max incline on this model is 10%. The cushioning system belongs to their AirStide platform and does a good job overall. 

The belt doesn’t feel too tight nor too loose that’s for sure. Moving up to the console, we see a large unit that features a few awesome details we think make this model a great deal. You have the large, simple display with large digits, a very clean controls cluster, two large speakers and a workout fan all integrated into the console. Overall, this is a great choice for anyone.

Moving down the price range, we run into a few awesome treadmills for which you could say are minimalist. ProGear’s HSCXL 4000 fits that description. These treadmills don’t necessarily have a dedicated cushioning system. That doesn’t mean that they are a terrible choice. It just means that you are sacrificing a few features for the sake of a lower price tag. 

Additionally, the lack of a suspension system also makes these quite compact all things considered. The frame is fairly skinny but every bit as stable as you would want it to be. ProGear has chosen a 20″ wide belt and paired it with a 1.5 HP motor. This means that you will still be able to break into a light jog should you want to. 

Despite its simple appearances, this treadmill does come with incline. Granted, it is a manually controlled system that offers only two levels of incline. Even so, it will offer plenty of challenge for those who want a good workout. The console on HSCXL 4000 is a simple one. It’s quite small but features a large display unit as well as a number of large buttons. Additionally, there are speed controls on the handlebars.

Exerpeutic’s TF1000 is quite similar to our previous pick although considerably cheaper. This is another treadmill that’s designed primarily for walking. With a 1.5 HP motor, you are likely to achieve a decent jog but not much more than that. The belt is a short unit but it is 20″ wide. From that standpoint you have nothing to worry about. 

What we appreciate the most about TF1000 is its robust build quality. You’re looking at a solid frame that doesn’t wobble nor move during use. The only real downside to this treadmill is the lack of a cushioning system. However, that’s generally the case with walking treadmills. Incline comes in two levels and requires you to manually adjust the rear stand of the treadmill. 

One good thing about this design is that it’s foldable. When in its upright position, TF1000 is quite tiny. That means that you can easily store it away after use. Console and controls are great. The console features a round display that has no back light but is fairly legible. The controls themselves can be reduced to four buttons and two more on the handle bars. Overall, this is a good deal at this price.

Our last spot for this list goes to Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603. This brand is a master of packing so much performance in a package that is extremely affordable. If you’re on a tight budget, this is the treadmill to get. What you are getting for your money is a good frame, a cushioned running surface and a pretty agile console. Incline control exists but it is manual and offers two levels you can choose from. 

The belt is smaller than anything on this list. They went with a 16″ by 49″ unit which still makes it functional, just not as roomy. One of the best things about this particular models is the existence of an actual cushioning system. It isn’t as advanced as seen on some of the top models on this list, but it does work. 

The console is simplistic. It features a fairly large display that is illuminated, a number of buttons that are all easy to reach. Additionally, the safety key is front and center, just like you would want it to be. The only thing to look out for on this particular treadmill are the short handles. Other than that it’s pretty much good value.

What Makes a Good Treadmill For Seniors

As you can probably guess, there is a difference between what a young athlete at the peak of their abilities would want in a treadmill and what a senior would need. 

Truth is that treadmills are generally designed with former in mind more so than latter. However, does that mean that finding a good treadmill for seniors to use is difficult? Not really. 

All you need is to know what features matter and you’ll easily find a great set of models to choose from. That is exactly what we are going to focus on in this guide. 

Needless to say, all of the models on our list have been chosen as a result of us following the requirements we are about to talk about.


One of the main features you would want on a treadmill meant for seniors is some sort of surface cushioning. This is especially true if the person using it intends to run or jog on the treadmill. 

With that said, most a good number of seniors mainly walk on their treadmills. If you’d like to see some of the best treadmills designed for walking, check this guide. 

Cushioning is important because one of the largest issues seniors have with walking or jogging is the joint pain. Are suspension systems going to completely eliminate the risk of joint pain? 

Probably not, but they will definitely minimize it to a point where you can comfortably exercise on a daily basis.


Since there is a good amount of seniors who aren’t comfortable with running or jogging, one of the ways to introduce some challenge into the exercise is the addition of incline. 

All of the models on our list feature some sort of incline control. Whether it is manual or automatic, it doesn’t really matter. Adding incline to your daily routine is a great way to stimulate your body and burn off some calories.

Belt Size

The size of the belt is one of those things which are somewhat subjective. With that said, we feel that larger belts are a much better solution for seniors than smaller ones. 

The reason being that you don’t have to worry about stepping out of bounds. We tried to include models which feature at least a 20″ wide running surface although we did add one that goes under that number. Usually treadmills designed for running will have larger belts.

Simplistic Console

Last but not least we want a simple, easy to use and easy to read console. Seniors generally aren’t tech savvy so forcing them to deal with a fully decked out console that has all the bells and whistles probably isn’t the best idea. 

Instead we want simple controls, a simple yet large display that’s easy to read and simple features.

The Verdict!

At the end of the day seniors have a lot of great options available when it comes to treadmills. All you have to do is figure out which features you find important and which you can go without. We tried to pull together a list of treadmills most seniors would find attractive. Our picks include higher end models as well as treadmills that you could classify as affordable. The bottom line is that all of these are a good choice for seniors and will offer a challenging workout on a daily basis. This applies to every model on this list.

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