Top 10 Best Smart Scales - Properly Track Your Fitness Progress

There are countless ways to develop healthier habits and countless ways to counter your bad ones. However, not everyone is content with keeping up with a strict diet regime or working out six days a week.

A good alternative for fatiguing and demanding changes is using a smart scale. These offer reliable and accurate data on your physical condition so you can start making changes that matter at once. Here are some of the finest models we’ve come across.

Top 10 Best Smart Scales:

Let’s open up with InBody’s H20N smart scale. Basically, this is the most expensive high-end model in this review, so if you’re looking for quality and don’t mind paying top dollar, you should definitely check it out.

First of all, this is the most inclusive, most versatile smart scale you could find on the market. It provides a full-body assessment in mere seconds, delivering accurate and highly consistent data at all times.

The reason why this scale is different from other (less expensive) models is mainly because it packs advanced BIA technology. Countless small calculations and readings are executed in a rapid fashion, as opposed to traditional ‘estimation’ method which takes significantly more time while not being as consistent.

Even though so far you might get a notion that the InBody’s H20N smart scale is a futuristic gadget that you couldn’t wrap your head around, it’s actually very easy to set up and use. It’s Bluetooth friendly, so all you need to do is simply pair it up to your smart device and use the app to set your height. You will then receive your BFP (body-fat percentage), your muscle mass, as well as your actual weight instantly.

There’s just one small problem that some people have reported of having. Namely, the on-screen tooltips and instructions come in a variety of languages, so an accidental miss-click can cause a lot of trouble. However, using the app you can easily solve this problem.

Overall, this is certainly one of the finest boutique level smart scale models on the market, so if you’re on a tighter budget, we recommend you start saving up.

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  • Consistent, highly accurate analysis
  • Full body assessment
  • App and Bluetooth friendly
  • Easy setup, remarkably easy to use
  • Ultra fast results
  • Bioelectrical impedance technology


  • A bit pricey

Since InBody’s H20N is our number-one pick, Garmin’s Index smart scale is easily the most adequate runner-up. This particular model was made by a brand that’s earned a huge reputation for exceptionally reliable smart watches and fitness trackers, so it goes without saying – they possess the technology and the know-how required to produce top-tier smart scales as well.

Firstly, the Garmin’s Index is a big, highly durable scale. It measures in-depth metrics, including the BMI (body-mass index), body, fat, water percentage, skeletal-muscle mass, bone mass, as well as weight in kilograms and pounds.

It also boasts a user-friendly approach when it comes to the setup, as you can bring it online using a smart phone in mere minutes. Moreover, it supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modes of connection.

The big display is the second most important feature of the Garmin’s Index scale. It displays the results with ultra large numbers, backed by a high-brightness backlight, so you can easily read them even during the night.

To top it all, this scale is super smart, even for a ‘smart’ scale – it can recognize up to sixteen different users by bringing up the previously collected data on them. You can even set up an account on the Garmin Connect platform. The metrics are automatically updated there after you set it up via Wi-Fi.

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  • The scale recognizes up to sixteen different people
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Reliable data analysis
  • Metrics shown in all traditional ways (kilograms, pounds, etc.)


  • Price isn’t exactly cheap

Fitbit’s Aria 2 is the last boutique level smart scale in our review. It’s slightly less expensive than our previous picks, and it offers a different set of benefits.

First of all, the Aria 2 is a very plain scale that boasts a very simple method of operation. In fact, it’s so straightforward that even children can use it. It measures body-fat percentage, body-mass index, weight, and lean mass.

Moreover, the collected data is synchronized automatically to your Aria Dashboard by using reliable Wi-Fi encryption. It tracks the progress with plain, easy to read graphs. Additionally, the Aria is capable of recognizing eight different users, collecting the data and storing them in individual banks.

It’s app friendly and it can be set up via Bluetooth in mere minutes. On top of that, it rocks a polished glass construction which is surprisingly durable for this type of material.

Even though it does bring a wide array of benefits to the table, some people have complained about the app not being as reliable in terms of login consistency. Namely, the app will bug out and simply refuse to accept your login credentials a times.

This can be somewhat frustrating, but it’s certainly not a huge downfall. There are no (other) actual physical flaws regarding the construction, hardware, or software though.

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  • Simple metrics analysis, including weight, body-fat percentage, BMI, lean mass
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Easy setup
  • Recognizes eight different profiles
  • Durable polished glass construction


  • Potential issues with login credentials

Moving down the price point categories, we have the Withings’ Body+ smart scale. It’s a mid-priced model that offers huge accuracy, reliability, and a firm construction, although it’s perhaps not as versatile as the ones we’ve reviewed so far.

First things first, the full-body metric tracking is not as common in the middle price point category, but this model is capable of it. It monitors water percentage, muscle and bone mass, and weight in kilograms, pounds, and stones. The reliability and accuracy of this scale can be seen in its ability to provide detailed results down to grams and ounces.

It’s highly compatible with most smart devices and gadgets, including Apple Watches (and other smart fitness trackers). All you need to do is simply download the application and connect to it. Further at that note, it’s Wi-Fi compatible, which means that it can be used anywhere in the immediate vicinity of the signal.

Additionally, this smart scale recognizes up to eight different users and keeps individual tabs on each profile. There’s another really interesting feature onboard called the ‘nutrition tracking’. It’s sort of a milestone-based feature which allows you to set weight goals, benefiting you the ability to manage your calorie intake on daily and weekly levels.

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  • Highly accurate smart scale
  • Compatible with most smart gadgets
  • Durable construction
  • Multi-user profile tabs
  • Nutrition tracking feature


  • The app can be a bit difficult to use for some

If you’re looking for a quality scale but don’t want to settle for budget models, we recommend the Yunmai’s smart scale model. It’s highly accurate and incredibly versatile for a mid-priced scale, plus it packs a variety of utility features as well.

It packs ten body measuring metrics, such as body fat, muscle, body mass index, hydration level, bone mass, protein, visceral fat, BMR, and body age. Arguably, the ‘body age’ measurements can sometimes be off, depending on various factors, but all the other features are on point.

There are a couple of milestone-based utility features which allow you to set your desired weight goals. However, this particular feature can only be used via the special app.

The Yunmai’s smart scale is as easy to use as it’s easy to setup. In fact, you’ll only need five seconds to wire it up to your smart phone and you’re set to use it. On the flip side, there are sixteen (optional, you don’t need to use them all) user profiles, all of which are automatically updated and can be accessed even without the application.

Considering that this model is closer to costing as much as a budget one than it is to being expensive, the amount and quality of benefits it brings to the table are substantial.

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  • Highly accurate smart scale
  • Sixteen user profiles
  • Ten body measurement types
  • App friendly
  • Quick and easy setup


  • Certain features only work if you use the app

Next up is Etekcity’s Wi-Fi Smart Scale. As the name suggests, it packs a Wi-Fi mode of connection, allowing you to use it virtually anywhere in the house. It’s also available at a very attractive price, although it’s not exactly ‘cheap’ per se.

One of the first differences between Etekcity’s model and similarly priced smart scales is that this one boasts a huge level of versatility. It packs 12 measurement modes, including body fat, muscle mass, body water, bone mass, BMR, visceral fat, Metabolic age, BMI, and more.

It’s also perfectly suited for people of all weights as it can support up to 400 pounds (roughly 18 kilograms). Furthermore, it rocks four exceptionally accurate sensors and BIA technology, which means that it’s also capable of providing a full-body analysis quite fast.

Additionally, this smart scale features a rechargeable base and it does not use batteries at all. A single 2-hour charge will give it up to six months worth of energy. One of the things that people love the most about it is the clearly visible display. All of the analyzed data is showed in the simplest way possible.

Even though there are so many things you’d like about it, there’s a negative side to it as well. Namely, it is highly versatile, but it supports a single user. There are no onboard storage banks that will recognize and keep individual records of different users.

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  • Huge versatility
  • Tracks 12 essential metrics
  • Four ultra accurate sensors complemented with the BIA technology
  • Large display, very easy to use
  • Six months worth of energy before it needs a recharge


  • Supports a single user only

Innotech’s smart Bluetooth scale is decently affordable, highly accurate, and it packs a wide variety of premium quality features.

It’s app-friendly and covers nine essential measurements, including body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, protein, bone mass, BMI, BMR, weight, and water percentage. Moreover, it’s app supported and it recognizes 10 different user profiles, making it perfect for larger households.

Additionally, this smart scale comes supplied with the BMI technology which provides it with the ability to perform full-body assessment tasks. It packs a huge LCD screen, it’s fairly durable, and most importantly, it’s remarkably easy to use.

There are no real drawbacks to its name aside from the fact that some people don’t find the application too user-friendly per se. However, it’s a very affordable smart scale with plenty of highly versatile features, so it’s hugely valuable for the money.

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  • Nine essential measuring categories
  • Four accurate built-in sensors
  • BIA technology for full-body assessment tasks
  • Includes 10 user profiles, perfect for larger families


  • The application isn’t too user-friendly

Inevifit’s body-analyzer is a stylish scale which boasts a plain method of operation, a huge 3.6-inch LCD display, and 10 integrated user banks which store all the basic composition values, including body fat, body water percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, and BMR.

It’s not as versatile as some of our earlier picks and it doesn’t come supplied with any utility or milestone-based settings. On another hand, it’s very affordable and you can toggle the automatic sensors on and off as you please in order to preserve the battery life.

One of the biggest advantages of Inevifit’s scale is the size of its display. Apart from being brightly lit, it’s bigger than that of most models in this price point category. However, the values aren’t that easy to ‘digest’, mostly because the numbers are big, but the category indicators are written with tiny letters.

On a bit brighter side, this scale is remarkably durable. It’s made of exceptionally robust materials and it was clearly built to last. All things considered, it performs better than most similarly priced models, so we recommend it for people that are looking for bargain smart scales.

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  • Nine composition values
  • Plain, durable design
  • Ten user profiles
  • Huge display


  • Small category indicator text on the display
  • Only moderately versatile

Renpho’s Bluetooth smart scale is one of the Amazon’s choices, as well as our top picks in the budget section. Essentially, this model is decently versatile, highly accurate, app friendly, and pretty easy to use.

It measures 13 different metrics, which is substantial since we’re talking about a budget model. You can easily review these on the screen or by using the Renpho smart app. Furthermore, it rocks a huge compatibility with most modern smart gadgets, Samsung Health, Google Fit, Fitbit App, Apple Health, and such.

Additionally, the application is fairly straightforward and easy to use, as it provides a plain, yet detailed overview of all the analyzed metrics. This smart scale operates on a fully automatic basis, which means that you simply need to power it up to use it.

The only potential problem you should be worried about is the app’s ‘average metrics’ database. In essence, these ‘standards’ are not exactly realistic, as people of different heights, weights and BMI’s use it (and store their personal data on the global firmware). It might be a bit discouraging for some.

However, if we put that aside, everything about this model is pretty amazing considering how lost its cost is.

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  • App friendly
  • Decently versatile
  • Very easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • Great value for the cash


  • Confusing ‘average metrics’ system

We’re finishing up our review of the best smart scales with MATCC’s Bluetooth model. It’s the cheapest smart scale in our review, although its performance can easily match that of more highly priced models we’ve covered so far.

It comes supplied with four sensitive electrodes that are exceptionally precise and accurate. The measuring metrics include bone mass, BMR, Age, height, muscle mass, water percentage, BMI, weight, skeletal muscle mass, and BMI.

This is a fully automatic scale, which means that there’s no need to power it up (or shut it down). All you need to do is simply place your feet on it and the readings will come up on the screen. This being said, this is one of the easiest-to-use models in the budget section. Furthermore, the scale is capable of identifying the person who’s using it based on earlier readings.

Even though it’s a budget model, it packs a remarkably user-friendly application and 12 user banks. It is slightly less durable than average, and perhaps a bit smaller than most people would like, but it does a major bang for the buck simply because its performance is on par to boutique level models.

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  • Highly accurate electrodes
  • Fully automated smart scale
  • Tracks all the essential metrics
  • 12 different user profiles


  • Slightly flimsier than average

What to look for in a Smart Scale?


There’s a huge difference in terms of performance, consistency, and reliability between boutique and budget models. The cheapest smart scales ‘do the job’, whereas some of the most expensive models are so versatile and accurate that you can practically diagnose yourself from the comfort of your home if need be.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the cheaper a scale is the worse its performance rating is. A great example of a high-quality smart scale in the budget section is MATCC’s model, which is basically as versatile as a boutique one.


You should first decide on the metrics you want to monitor. Some scales are very easy to use and track only the most essential parameters, others are made for people who want to have a full overview of their current health state.

Number Of Users

Smart scales usually collect the data so that they can be able to ‘recognize’ the user. This means that normally a single person would use a particular model. However, there are scales that feature different ‘user profiles’. If more than one person intends to use it, finding a model with these user banks is recommended.

Easiness Of Use

There are scales that are genuinely easy to use, and there are models that are easy to setup. Since these are two completely different things, it’s important to take it into account if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of ‘smart’ technology.

Certain models, such as InBody’s H20N feature an automated setup process as soon as you pair the scale up to your smart phone. Simple models are also available in the boutique price range, they’re not ‘reserved’ for the budget price point category.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a smart scale different from a regular one?

Essentially, a smart scale provides a bit more input than an average scale. While the latter is meant to simply show you your weight (or a couple of additional metrics, such as your weight), ‘normal’ scales don’t go as far as to measure your BMI, weight, muscle mass, or such.

Smart scales also belong to the family of ‘smart gadgets’, so the vast majority of them is compatible with smart applications.

How do you use a smart scale?

One of the best things about smart scales is the fact that they’re normally used in the same way you would use a traditional scale model. As soon as you place your feet on it, the electrodes collect the data which pops up on the digital display.

The Verdict!

The InBody’s H20N is, hands-down, the best smart scale the market has to offer. It comes supplied with the latest technologies, it’s among the most versatile models out there, and, to top it all, it’s remarkably easy to use it. However, it’s also our most expensive pick, so you should be prepared to pay top dollar. The top-level performance combined with its huge versatility is more than capable of compensating for the higer price, though. We hope you enjoyed this little ride. Stay safe, folks!