Top 7 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

Pull up bars have always been a great way to get the upper body workout done with very little complexity involved. When most thing about pull up bars, they’re thinking about one of those doorway models which you mount when you want to exercise. 

However, those are only going to get you so far. The next best thing are the wall mounted pull up bars. Today we’re going to show you our picks for the top 7 best wall mounted pull up bars on the market. Some of these are definitely among the best pull up bars you can find.

Top 7 Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars:

One of the first models we want to show you comes from Gronk Fitness. This particular model represents what your average wall mounted pull up bar should look and be like. Gronk Fitness went all out in terms of construction and materials. There are no corners cut on this bad boy, nor does it feature compromises of any kind.

What you get are two, very robust wall mounted brackets which are made out of heavy duty steel. Each of the brackets bolts into the wall with three bolts. The cross member element, which is the actual pull up bar, is quite ingenious. It is actually a double bar that spans between the mounting brackets. It is also arched which allows you to choose the orientation that best fits your needs.

Grip options are numerous as well. You can do inverted grips, alternate grips or just about anything that you can think off. The pull up bar itself is well removed from the wall, which leaves plenty of clearance for any exercise you could think off. The only thing that is missing here is some padding. However, considering that this is a commercial grade pull up bar, we will forgive it.

By now you would think that pull up bars have been done to death, that we have figured out every conceivable of making them more efficient and functional. However, then you run into models such as the Bar2Fit Multi Functional Pull Up bar. This thing is something completely different.

It is a wall mounted unit but with a very interesting twist. If you take a closer look at its configuration, you will notice a whole bunch of different grip surfaces and padding in places where they don’t make much sense. Then you are going to spot that the entire thing isn’t exactly bolted into the wall but rather sits comfortably on a set of smaller mounts which are. Here is why all of this looks the way it does.

Bar2Fit has decided to include a bit more than just a pull up bar with this model. Instead you get an almost complete power tower. When you are done doing pull ups or chin ups, all you have to do is dismount the frame from the wall, turn it 90 degrees and all of a sudden you have a triceps dip platform as well as leg raiser station. It’s quite genius.

Sometimes less is more. Sometimes taking a simple approach to a problem yields best results. Wall mounted pull up bars are a great way to get that workout in, safely and with a good amount of consistency. However, what if you don’t have a suitable wall? In that case, you would need something like the Stud Bar Ceiling Pull Up Bar.

Designed to be bolted into the ceiling, this pull up bar eliminates the problem of having to find an adequate wall altogether. Stud Bar ships these in three different versions. You can get it in small, standard and large. Contrary to popular belief, these sizes have nothing to do with the bar itself, but rather with the height of the mounting bracket. Small size refers to an 8 foot ceiling, standard is for 9 foot ceilings while large is for 10 foot ceilings. Overall, the build quality is quite impressive.

Although there isn’t really much to mess up in this design, it is good to know that Stud Bar used good materials and heavy duty hardware. Another awesome thing to note about this bar is that it can be also mounted to a wall. There is plenty of clearance.

Our next model comes from CFF Fit and it represents what is arguably the best bang for the buck piece of hardware on this entire list. You are looking at a very simplistic pull up bar that utilizes simple geometry to deliver pretty awesome functionality. When it comes to its design, it is as basic as it gets.

You essentially have two triangular, 90 degrees load bearing structures which are bridged by a simple pull up bar. Load bearing elements of this build feature four holes for bolts and are made out of proper steel. Tough build quality and good welds guarantee smooth sailing until you load it with more than 300 lbs. At that point you are entering the gray zone of reliability, and honestly, safety.

The cool thing about going with such a simple design is that you can use this bar as a wall mounted unit, or a ceiling mounted one depending on what you prefer or what your space dictates. That right triangle layout ensures that you are getting a more or less same offset whether you mount it on wall or the ceiling. At this price, you probably won’t find many better options out there.

Our next model is very similar to the previous one we have discussed in terms of design. However, it is not the same. One of the inherent drawbacks to wall or ceiling mounted pull up bars is their price. These devices are usually made out of robust tubing, come with heavy duty hardware and are expected to last you a very long time.

If you are aiming for the commercial models, you can easily expect to drop a pretty penny on one, as it’s evident from our list. Here is the thing, though. You don’t really have to spend too much money. There are models such as the Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar out there which are very affordable yet quite versatile.

This pull up bar consists of two right triangle wall mounts which are bolted into the wall using four bolts. The main difference between this particular model and our previous pick is the thickness of the tubing. Truth be told, as long as you don’t go too crazy on this bar, you won’t feel the lack of tubing diameter or any of that. At this price, it’s practically a steal no matter how you take it.

Innovation tends to come in all kinds of formats. That rings true even for wall mounted pull up bars. If there’s one segment of the market that is full of standardized models, this has got to be the one. However, there are some very welcome exceptions to this ‘rule’.

One that we wanted to show you comes in the form of Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Doorway Pull Up Bar. One quick glance will tell you that it really looks like a doorway bar, but it isn’t. However, it isn’t really a standard wall mounted model either. Instead, Ultimate Body Press has designed this bar to be mounted right above a doorway. This does two things. For starter it may add that additional height you have been needing. On the other hand, it represents a much more stable platform for working out.

The bar itself is very simple in nature and features a somewhat ergonomic shape. On each side there are mounting plates with bolt slots which allow you to adjust for the width of the frame anywhere from 24″ to 30″. That pretty much makes this model compatible with just about any door you can think of right now.

Last model on our list comes from Yes4All and represents the most affordable piece of equipment we are comfortable sharing with you in this segment of the market. The bar itself looks a lot like your normal doorway mounted pull up bar. It has that same grip configuration, padded surfaces, the whole nine yards. However, this one doesn’t utilize the leverage against a door frame.

Instead, it comes with two mounting plates which bolt into the wall quite nicely. Each load bearing plate comes with three holes which is plenty enough to keep this bad boy in place. As far as offset goes, Yes4All did a very decent job at finding that sweet spot. Everything is made out of quality steel where the lad bearing elements feature thicker tubing than the bar itself.

The padding we have just talked about is pretty decent all things considered. Best of all, this thing is really affordable especially when you compare it to some of the more robust models on our list. It get’s the job done quite nicely and is a great chose for absolute beginners. The maximum weight capacity you can load it with is 300 lbs, which is pretty competitive.

The Main Benefits Of Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

Pull up bars come in a variety of shapes and formats. Due to their simple nature, you will see an array of purpose built designs but also those that were meant to serve a completely different role. When we say pull up bar, most people will think of a doorway mounted bar

These are definitely some of the most common ones on the market, and the most affordable ones too. However, a doorway pull up bar design has its limitations. It is a design that utilizes nothing more than simple leverage against the door frame to provide stability. 

Although the principle tends to work well on paper and in most cases, you can’t really go full tilt at a doorway bar. One of the popular alternatives is a free standing pull up bar, however those require quite a bit of space. The only other option is a wall mounted setup, which is exactly what we are going to talk about today. 

Wall mounted pull up bars offer a number of tangible benefits. Sure, they definitely take a bit more space, but they pros outweigh the cons tenfold. Here are some of the main benefits to choosing this type of a pull up bar.

Reliability and Safety

Rarely is there anything more important than safety and reliability of the equipment you are using. Especially if said equipment is supposed to carry the entire weight of your body. In all honesty, that is one of the major flaws of the doorway bar design. 

It’s been evolving more and more over the years, but it still suffers from the issue of stability. With wall mounted pull up bars you simply don’t have to worry about that at all. 

Instead of using leverage, these are bolted into either your wall or your ceiling. Just make sure to find proper anchor points on the wall itself, otherwise you will have a bad day.


Larger size is a big plus when it comes to pull up bars. Having more of the bar to grip allows you to do a wider array of exercises. Most of the models on our list will get you that. 

Some ceiling mounted units really make life easy as you don’t have to watch for clearance from the walls and similar things.


Last but not the least, there is the matter of accessories. Wall mounted pull up bars are a bit more advanced in both design and features than any other type. 

This means that you will see anything from a straight up naked bar to a well padded system which might incorporate a few other fitness devices.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, wall mounted pull up bars are a perfect choice for anyone who is serious bout pull ups or chin ups. These may be slightly more expensive than your average doorway model, but you are getting your money’s worth in terms of performance and reliability. 

In essence, wall or ceiling mounted bars won’t let you down, ever. Models on our list are by far some of the best you can find right now. We did our best to choose models that will allow you to find something that works for your needs, preferences and style.

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