Top 7 Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars

One of the most interesting and probably most efficient way of doing pull ups is on a free standing pull up bar. These devices are usually not the most popular choice, though. 

They are bulky, take a lot of space, but at the same time offer the best and safest environment for doing pull ups. Today we’ll show you our picks for the top 7 best free standing pull up bars on the market. 

Some of them are arguably among the best pull up bars you can get right now. Later, we’ll discuss what benefits these type of bars offer.

Top 7 Best Free Standing Pull Up Bars:

At the very top of our list we have a simple yet robust power tower setup. This one is fairly different compared to your usual model. Instead of everything being on the same side, they have put the dip and leg raise station on one side of the device while the pull up bar and pushup station are on the other.

Whether or not this approach brings any specific benefits to how you do your workouts is up for discussion. One clear benefit that we can name right away is the H pattern base. This is going to be the most stable platform because all of your weight is at the center of the frame instead of being all the way front as it is usually the case. One thing that we appreciate about this tower is the fact that it comes with plenty of padding in all the right places.

The back panel and forearm pads are there, they are comfortable and will reduce fatigue to a great level. The pull up bar features grip padding for chin ups and pull ups. Overall, this is one of the most cost effective and stable free standing platforms available out there.

One of the most unique things you will see in the free standing section are portable pull up bars. Gravity Fitness offers this one and it is by far one of the best you can get. The idea behind models like this is to give you the freedom of performing pull ups and other exercises anywhere you go.

Power towers are awesome but they are hardly portable in any real sense. This on the other hand, can be collapsed and packed inside a small duffel bag. The system is made out of quality materials which offer plenty of stability. Best of all, you don’t need any tools to put this thing together. One thing to keep in mind with free standing models such as this one is the that some wobble is perfectly normal.

These are not the best option for violent, fast paced pull up bursts but they are perfect for slow and steady session. The model we are looking at here can be transformed into a dip station by simply removing two of the tubes from the equation. At this price, you are looking at a proven and reliable system you can bring wherever you decide to go.

Power towers may seem like bulky machines which take up too much space but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If done right, you can easily find towers which are about as compact as it gets. One such model comes from Ainfox and offers a lot of bang for not a lot of buck.

One of the best things about this model is its simplicity. It doesn’t break off from the standardized design in any way, except for maybe being a bit more compact than usual. Compared to our first pick for this list, Ainfox takes half as much space. Even though H frames are more stable inherently, the one on this power tower is every bit as stable too.

The key is in its construction and materials used. Ainfox didn’t cheap out on the tubing used. Instead, they went with robust high gauge steel which has been properly welded at all joints. Because of that, you can put 550 lbs of weight on this machine before it start to give way. As for the workout stations, you get the pull up bar, triceps dip station and a leg raise station. In other words a pretty usual setup.

Weider’s power tower is definitely one of the more cost effective solutions you can find on the market right now. This brand is generally known as one of the more consistent manufacturers of basic fitness equipment. Their stuff may not be as flashy as some, but no one can claim that Weider doesn’t get you your money’s worth of whatever fitness equipment you are looking to get.

Same applies to this power tower. It utilizes that two sided design that has the pull up bar and pushup station on one side, while the dip station and the leg raises station are on the other side. What really surprised us about this model is how robust the tubing is. Not only did they use heavy duty steel components on this build but they have also added reinforcements in all the right places.

As a result you have a power tower that is affordable, extremely stable thanks to that H pattern frame, and extremely durable. The padding is also fairly good. The back panel pad at the leg raiser station is simple yet comfortable enough. Same can be said about the forearm pads. Overall, this is one of the better options available.

Our next model represents just how diverse this segment of the market is. With that said, it is hard to argue that CAP’s barbell power rack isn’t simply the next logical evolution of the pull up bar. On paper, this rig is a part of a bench press system, only without a bench.

If you think about it, a bench press rack is nothing more than a free standing pull up bar that is made out of durable steel and has the necessary hooks which you use to hold the bar. CAP has just made the entire rack tall enough and wide enough where you can easily do pull ups on it. The main benefit of this design is the fact that you can use it for its main purpose as well as pull ups. If you are planning on building a home gym in the future, this is a great choice for you.

The other benefit to this system is the use of high end materials. Since it needs to be able to hold heavy weights, power racks are usually made out of heavy duty steel. That is exactly the case with CAP’s model. It’s stable, robust and effective.

Speaking of power racks, F2C makes one and it is pretty awesome. This is one of those little Easter eggs for anyone who is looking to put together a home gym. Usually it’s not that easy to find a good bench press setup with the rack included, which doesn’t cost a fortune. Considering how much weights alone cost, saving a bit on the rack can be very beneficial in the long run.

With models such as the F2C rack here, you are left with more funds to cover your weights, a good bench and more. This model is rock solid, though. Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean that you are getting a sup par product. On the contrary, it’s a reliable and durable build that can take up to 550 lbs of weights.

The materials used include heavy gauge steel that has been welded in places, and put together using good quality hardware. The entire system is very easy to assemble mainly due to its simple design. You are looking at a few hand tools which any home should have. As a pull up bar, this rack gives you plenty of space and flexibility to do all kinds of exercises.

Last but not the least, we have one more power tower to show you. This time around the model in question comes from Body Max and it goes under the name of PT600. Before we get any further, here is the best thing about this tower. It is affordable. Not only that, but it is the cheapest power tower that we think is still capable of delivering a good performance at the end of the day.

Body Max went with a slightly different design as well. Instead of the more classic upright setup, they have used an angled frame design which make the whole thing a bit odd to look at, but ultimately very stable. By adding that cant, they have manged to add a bit more support since the device utilizes two more load bearing components that you don’t see on other designs.

The padding on this thing is exceptional too. They have added plenty of it, which ensures low fatigue and good overall comfort during your workouts. As for the materials? They are great. The tubing is simple and robust although it isn’t as thick as we would like it to be. Nonetheless, this is a great model.

Why Are Free Standing Pull Up Bars The Optimal Choice?

This question gets asked a lot, especially by those who are coming from doorway mounted pull up bars. The answer is pretty simple. Free standing bars are generally going to offer the best support, stability and reliability simply dude to their design. 

If pull ups are something you are serious about, chances are that you will appreciate all of these features. There is a downside to this design. It takes up a lot of space. 

It isn’t something you can use in a smaller apartment or a room without taking up way too much real estate. If space is an issue and you don’t want a doorway bar, your best bet is still going to be the wall mounted pull bar

Now that we know what the main benefit of a free standing design is, it’s time to look at some secondary pros which these machines bring to the table. Some are more important than others, but they all add up to the overall success of free standing pull up bars in general.

Improved Functionality

One thing most don’t know is that power towers count as free standing pull up bars. That fact alone should be enough to seriously look into these. A power tower, for those who aren’t in the know, is a device that incorporates a wide variety of workout stations. 

A standard configuration looks something like this. You get a pull up, chin up bar, a triceps dip station and a leg raise station. Sometimes these come with pushup handles and other interesting stuff. 

That’s not why they are the best thing to have for body weight fitness. The best thing about them is the fact that they are usually made out of very thick steel tubing, which translates to a stable workout platform. Often times, all you really have to do is put them together which takes minimal tools and skill.

 Compared to wall mounted units where you need to drill the wall, know exactly where you can drill and so forth, free standing models truly are simple to assemble.


Lastly we need to mention the fact that some of these are portable. They are made out of lightweight materials which are strong enough to withstand a grownup doing pull ups, but light enough to be transported easily. 

On top of that, they are often times fairly compact too. That makes them a good choice for people who travel or those who don’t have too much room in their homes for fitness equipment.

The Verdict

Free standing pull up bars make a lot of sense if you are looking for a permanent solution. As we have seen, there are some portable models in there too. 

These may not be the most affordable pull up bars on the market, but they are surely worth every penny you invest. We have done our best to find models which will get you the best bang for the buck and the safest workout environment. 

No matter which model from our list you go with, you won’t be disappointed. The only thing left for you to do is get started.

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