Top 10 Best Pull Up Bars

Pull ups are easily one of the hardest and most gratifying body weight exercises you can do. The compound motion of pull one self up engages a whole variety of upper body muscles, which is why this exercise is still at the core of modern physical fitness. 

However, in order to do pull ups you will need a good pull up bar. Today we’re going to show you our top picks for the top 10 best pull up bars. Afterward, we’ll go deeper into different kinds of pull up bars, how to find the right one for you and more

Top 10 Best Pull Up Bars:

Body Champ VKR1010 is one of those power towers which are capable of taking on any kind of routine or workout regimen. This type of equipment doesn’t fail. One of the main reasons why VKR1010 is at the very top of our list is because it is a commercial grade product.

In other words, this power tower was meant to be used in high traffic environments where numerous users would be on it for extended periods of time. Having such a piece of equipment at your home really redefines the meaning of the word reliable. One thing to consider about this unit is its frame. Most power towers have all of the workout stations on one side of the device. This one has the pull up bar on one side while the dip station and leg raise station are on the other.

On a first glance it makes it take more space than necessary, but it also brings in that H pattern bottom frame which translates into increased stability. Overall, the build quality, materials and quality control on these are all pretty impressive. If you’re after a rock solid pull up solution, this is it. This is at the top.

Free standing pull up bars are a very interesting segment of the market. Not so much for the fact that these designs require very little permanent work in your home. Rather, it is some of the designs that definitely come across as unusual. One that really fits this narrative are the portable pull up racks.

Today we are looking at a model from Gravity Fitness and it is by far one of the best out there. Having a safe and stable pull up platform on the go is something not many thought is possible just recently. However, Gravity Fitness Portable Bodyweight Pull Up Rack proves otherwise. Built from lightweight modular tubing, this entire package weighs only 40 lbs and fits into a pretty small duffel bag. Assembly requires no tools or hardware.

All you have to do is put the tubes together and you are good to go. One thing to add is that although stable, this type of pull up bar will always have some wobble to it. That is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Additionally, this model can be reconfigured to serve as a triceps dip station, incline pull up station and more. It’s pretty awesome.

If you are looking for just a standard power tower that doesn’t offer any special features, this one made by Ainfox might just be what you are looking for. The reason why it is so popular is simple. They’ve taken the most basic tower design, the one that has been tried and tested so many times by now, made it almost unbreakable and priced it very competitively.

Seriously, Ainfox has nailed it when it comes to build quality. They didn’t pay too much attention to aesthetics but the ruggedness of this here piece of equipment is simply indisputable. You are looking at heavy gauge steel construction that features heavy duty welds in all the right places. The pull up bar is in a perfect position and offers optimal length of travel.

On the other hand the triceps dip and leg raise stations are height adjustable. In a very odd way, this type of power towers can be considered compact. With everything being on one side of the tower, you are getting a limited footprint. That means that you could technically use this device in smaller rooms too. If you want the best bang for the buck setup, this is it.

Power towers can be quite expensive at times, however if you look hard enough you will find a model that is quite affordable. At this point you are probably wondering whether or not affordable is a good trait to have in such a piece of fitness equipment? The answer is maybe.

If its built right, then definitely yes. One model that fits this description and offers all of the benefits of a power tower at a competitive price is the Weider’s Power Tower. This brand is well known for their affordable designs spanning across the entire fitness industry. When it comes to power towers and pull up bars, they offer a variety of awesome rigs. The one we are looking at here is probably among their very best. They went with an H patter frame which means two things.

First, you are getting a very stable platform which doesn’t wobble nor move as you exercise. Secondly, the stations are divided between the two sides of the tower. On one side you have the pull up bar and pushup station, while on the other there is the triceps dip station and a leg raise station. At this price, it’s a steal.

Wall mounted pull up bars are by far the best thing to get if you don’t have enough room for a free standing power tower. These bridge the gap between doorway bars and full sized models like the previous ones we have discussed. Gronk Fitness wall mounted pull up bar is pure quality no matter how you look at it. It may not be the most complex or advanced piece of fitness equipment out there, but it sure is robust.

Gronk Fitness went all out in terms of materials and build quality. that much is apparent right off the bat. The entire thing comes down to three main elements. First we have the two massive mounts which are bolted into the wall using four bolts on each side. One thing to note about this type of bars is that you really need to find those anchor points. It’s absolutely imperative.

However, when you do, these become rock solid. The last element is the arcing double stacked pull up bar that features a variety of interconnecting cross members. Those are not there for structural integrity either. They are there to offer a bunch of alternative grip options. Overall a great choice.

If you thought that wall mounted pull up bars were too simple or boring, take a look at Bar2Fit’s multi functional pull up bar. This thing definitely bends the rules in terms of what is possible in this particular segment of the market. What Bar2Fit has done is truly impressive.

They’ve combined design features from the power tower layout with the wall mounted framework and then took it all to a whole different level. Here is what makes the whole thing so awesome. Where most other wall mounted pull up bars have massive brackets that are bolted into the wall, this one doesn’t. Instead, you have a set of smaller anchor plates with hooks on them.

One look at the design of this rig reveals exactly what these are for. Bar2Fit have designed this entire setup to be multifunctional. In one configuration you have the pull up bar. However, flip this thing around and you have a triceps dip station and a leg raiser. It is technically a wall mounted power tower and that makes it so much more awesome. Best of all, it comes at a very reasonable price. As far as wall mounted models go, this one’s amazing.

One of the often overlooked aspects of most wall mounted pull up bars is the fact that they can be bolted into the ceiling as well. You’re probably wondering why you would want to do that? The answer is quite simple. Even though wall mounted models are still very much within the compact category, they do require a good square footage of walls if you want to use them correctly.

For some that is not an issue, but others might find it hard to give up any wall space. In that case, you always look up for the solution, quite literally. Bolting a wall mounted pull up bar to a ceiling allows you two things. First is unlimited offset from a wall. Depending on how you’re built and what kind of exercises you plan on doing, this alone can be a very valuable feature.

The other thing is the ability to put the bar in the most convenient place in your home. Stud’s model which we are looking at here is a purpose built ceiling unit that can also be mounted on the wall. The purpose built part relates to the fact that these come configured for different ceiling heights.

Doorway mounted pull up bars are by far the most affordable way to get into pull ups. They are also the simplest ones to use as there is rarely any installation or assembly required. Oteksport’s pull up bar is a perfect representative of this entire category even though it is quite unorthodox by most standards.

What Oteksport did was to maximize the use of all of the major components. The portion of the bar that hooks on the inside part of the frame is very strong as you would expect it to be, and is linked to a very beefy leverage bar on the outside. The actual pull up bar sits above the leverage bar and is approximately the same width. One cool thing about this entire setup is the padding.

Where most other brands apply padding on specific points along the bar, Oteksport went all out and covered the entire thing with good padding. This not only makes it more comfortable to work out, but it also opens you up to a world of alternative grip combinations. At this price, you are looking at a piece of fitness equipment that is hard to beat. It’s really among the best.

Even though doorway pull up bars are pretty much all standardized these days, you can still run into some quite innovative designs. Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar is one such model. This particular pull up bar solves one issue that has been plaguing this entire segment of the market for years.

It is a simple fix too. One of the main things that people might have issues with when doing pull ups on doorway bars is offset. Some of these are simply forcing you to be too close to the door as you work out. That can lead to restricted movement, lack of range and sometimes even injury in extreme cases.

Ultimate Body Press solved that issue by simply adding more tubing between the actual pull up bar and the leverage system that mounts on the inside of the door. When it comes to quality, you are looking at a very robust frame that is put together using quality hardware. On top of that, the padding is really good and placed in all the right positions. You can try a variety of different grips and still enjoy the comfort of a padded surface. Also, it’s quite affordable.

One of the biggest advantages of using a doorway pull up bar is the fact that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get one. However, even among these highly attainable devices you can still find truly affordable models. Mind you, ones that are both affordable and very efficient.

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar is one such doorway pull up system. Compared to most on our list, this one is as basic as they come. That is probably its best trait. Despite being simple, there are some redeeming features on it which you won’t often find on equally affordable models. For one, this one comes with plenty of quality padding.

Not only is it plentiful, but it really keeps the fatigue at bay. Now, the trade off is that you don’t have a separate pull up bar from the leverage bar, but Perfect Fitness found a way around that too. They’ve isolated the wide grips meant for pull ups and added a knuckle guard around them. It’s not the perfect solution but it definitely helps out with keeping the pull ups uniform and consistent without having the bar move on you. It’s a great setup.

Category Breakdown

Best Doorway Pull Up Bar

One of the oldest and most compact designs available on the market are doorway pull up bars. These have been created to fit the then evolving industry of home fitness equipment.

Houses may come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, but all of them share one thing in common and that is a doorway. Doorway bars are pretty affordable too, which is why they were and still are the most popular type of pull up bar in existence.

Best Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Wall mounted bars are a step further compared to the doorway design. These are bolted into the wall or ceiling depending on which design you go with.

There are plenty of cool benefits to having a wall mounted bar in your house, but the most important and obvious one is stability. Being literally bolted into the wall, these bars don’t wobble at all. Not only that, bu they are very robust in nature as well.

Best Free Standing Pull Up Bar

The last and most effective type of pull up bars are the free standing ones. This category is pretty wide as you will find out a bit later on. There are all kinds of awesome designs in there.

However, the key defining feature of free standing bars is that you can use them anywhere there is a floor. That is literally the only thing you need, a stable surface.

Why Everyone Should Be Doing Pull Ups

Body weight exercises are often times seen as a good way to reach and maintain physical fitness without having to go to the gym. The reason for this is the fact that most if not all body weight exercises are compound in nature. What does that mean? That means that you are never engaging just a single group of muscles. 

Instead, you are working clusters of muscles. Doing things this way may not efficiently develop every single muscle in your body but it will get your overall fitness level up much more efficiently. Pull ups, being one of the core body weight exercises, engage a whole array of muscles. 

As a matter of fact, you are engaging 20 different muscles with a single exercise. But wait, there’s more. The benefits of doing pull ups don’t end there. 

This compound exercise not only builds all of these muscles, but it also strengthens your core and enhances your freedom of movement. What most people often times overlook is the fact that one of the biggest components of a proper pull up is your grip, which also gets better over time. 

Your fingers get stronger, your joints get more flexible and stronger. The list goes on. If there was just one exercise you could do for your upper body, pull ups would be more than enough.

Why Do We Need Pull Up Bars?

Pull ups are a fairly simple exercise but they still require a few things. One such thing is a stable platform and that is exactly the one thing people overlook the most when they do pull ups. Some will try to do pull ups without being able to establish a proper grip. 

This happens when you try to do this exercise on equipment which isn’t designed for this type of use. Not only are you not enjoying all of the benefits a properly performed pull up offers, but you are needlessly putting yourself at harm. Injuries albeit rare, do happen if you are not careful. 

A simple way to bypass all of that is to just get yourself a pull up bar. As you are about to see, these come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, which means that you are guaranteed to find something that works for your needs, preferences and style. 

No matter what you go with, a pull up bar will allow you to do a proper, controlled pull up, which is the only way to tap into all of the benefits this exercise has to offer. Now that we know why pull up bars are important, lets take a look at some different designs you will run into out there.

Different Types Of Pull Up Bars

Pull up bars come in a number of different formats. The key to selecting a pull up bar that is going to best work for you is knowing the difference between these designs. That is exactly what we are going to be discussing in this part of our guide. 

Even though they all get you the same or very similar result, different pull up bar designs can often times take very different routes to get there. The first one and by far the most affordable way to do pull ups these days is with a doorway mounted pull up bar. 

The more robust and stable alternative to this is a wall mounted pull up bar while the least compact but most optimal solution would be a free standing pull up bar. Let’s take a closer look at each and discuss what they have to offer.

Doorway Mounted Pull Up Bar

Doorways are one thing everyone has in their house. This statement might seem a bit out of place and redundant, but it defines why doorway pull up bars are so popular these days. The design itself utilizes the leverage upon the door frame in order to support your weight as you go through the motion of a pull up. 

Doorways are perfect for this, too. They are usually the strongest points in the wall, which is why it is recommended that you take shelter in one during an earthquake. Back when pull up bars were still just starting to be a thing, designers recognized this load bearing capability of doorways and optimized the bars to use it. 

It is important to know that there are two main types of doorway pull up bars. There are those which use leverage against the frame by hooking on the inside and resting on the outside against the doorway. 

These require no special installation and are very easy to use. The other type are the so called extending doorway pull up bars, which often times utilize some sort of mounting brackets you need to bolt into the sides of your door frame. 

These are mean to be left in place. Both are good designs but the extending type usually limits your grip to the width of the doorway itself.

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars

The next step in the evolution of pull up bars are the wall mounted models. Even though doorways offer plenty of stability, your average doorway pull up bar isn’t really the most stable solution. If you are not careful, you can accidentally dislodge it from the door frame which can lead to some discomfort at best, injuries at worst. 

Wall mounted bars don’t have those issues. With a wall mounted unit, the entire frame is bolted into the wall which means that it is going nowhere. These are generally able to bear much heavier users too. Aside from their inherent stability, there are other obvious advantages to this design. 

Offset is a big one. Most of the wall mounted models utilize heavy duty tubing for obvious reasons. This steel tubing also allows you to get the center of mass of the entire device further out from the wall. More offset means a more controlled pull up which is always a good thing. If walls simply don’t work for you, there are always ceilings. 

That is right, wall mounted pull up bars can always be mounted on ceiling as well. Some models are specifically made for this purpose too. These come in different layouts depending on how high your ceilings are. 

Either way, wall mounted bars offer the best combination of price, performance and stability. That is just the matter of fact.

Free Standing Pull Up Bar

The last segment of pull up bars are the free standing kind. These require no doorways, no walls or ceilings, just a solid, flat surface. The main benefit to free standing pull up bars is their stability and independent design. 

With that said, there are two main designs out there which are very, very different from one another. In one corner we have power towers while the other is where you will find portable free standing pull up bars.

Power Towers

Power towers have been around for a long time. Some might think that counting these as pull up bars would be cheating, but that isn’t really true. We see them more as pull up bars with extended functionality. 

An average power tower is designed to facilitate three main exercises. It features a pull up bar at the top, a triceps dip station and a leg raise station. Some even come with a pushup station at the bottom. 

The reason why power towers are at the top of the body weight exercise food chain is that most of them feature really robust frames. We are talking industrial grade heavy weight steel construction, proper welds and heavy duty hardware. The chances of you breaking one of these are slim to none. 

Truth be told, these do take a lot of space when assembled. There is nothing compact about a full sized power tower, that is for sure. Also, they aren’t the cheapest either. However, if you want the best and most stable platform you can get, this is it.

Portable Free Standing Pull Up Bars

One of the more obscure types of free standing pull up bars is the portable kind. These are the very opposite of the power towers. Where the latter are made out of heavy gauge steel, the portable kind are made out of super light weight materials. As you can probably already tell, being portable is the key. 

Most of the bars from this category can be disassembled in minutes and packed into a duffel bag. That means that you can take them with you on road trips, vacations or wherever you need to go. It also means that you can put them together, do your routine and pack them up for storage. 

Those who want a stable pull up station but have very little space to spare will definitely appreciate this little detail. Also, depending on the type of portable system you get, it might offer additional functionality. Some of these can be configured into triceps dip stations, inclined row stations and much more. 

Additionally, you are looking at a fairly affordable type of pull up bar that won’t break your bank account. Only thing to keep in mind is that these do tend to wobble a little, which is perfectly normal for this type of setup.

The Verdict

At the end of the day, pull up bars are still the safest and most efficient way to perform this exercise. We did our best to introduce you to an awesome set of bars which are going to give you the best bang for your buck. 

As you can probably tell, we have included models from a wide variety of price ranges, categories and bar types. That way you are practically guaranteed to find something that fits your needs and your personal style. 

No matter which of these designs you go with, you won’t be disappointed. They are all incredible.

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