Top 7 Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps/Straps

Weightlifting is one of those activities that is fairly straight forward. Even so, there is a number of accessories which are known to help with achieving better technique, cleaner performance and overall efficiency. 

Today we are going to talk about one such accessory. This are the top 7 best weightlifting wrist wraps/straps you can find on the market right now. 

As you are about to find out, some of these are pretty affordable yet so effective. More on that later on in the guide. Lets start with the rundown of our top picks and we will move from there.

Top 7 Best Weightlifting Wrist Wraps/Straps:​

There are very little rules when it comes to what makes a good wrist wrap. Every brand has their own unique take on this, but they generally follow a familiar concept. WOD Wear Wrist Wraps are one of the few that are really pushing the performance above anything else. The wraps feature a bulky design which makes them pretty sizable. These are the type of wraps that will cover some real estate should you need them to. 

One thing we have noticed is just how light these actually are. WOD Wear did a decent job at finding that perfect boundary between durable materials and light mass. Being 3″ wide, these wraps are fairly agile. You can use them for anything from weightlifting to yoga. WOD Wear has intended these to be put into use where you need to reinforce you wrists or where you need that extra confidence when lifting heavy weights. 

Needless to say these are pretty much unisex both by their size, design and graphical solutions. The thing that got us interested in these wraps is their responsive nature. Loosing up or tightening them is an effortless task. No matter what activity you’re doing, that counts for sure.

If you are into weightlifting and know your way around different accessories, you have probably heard of Nordic Lifting. These guys are offering some of the most interesting and most effective solutions on the market right now. Their Wrist Wraps & Lifting Straps Bundle goes to prove that point. Instead of designing a set of wraps which can serve as lifting straps, Nordic has simply added a pair of each into this bundle. The logic behind such a decision is pretty sound. 

Why compromise when you can have dedicated solutions for all your needs? If you’re wondering just how good such a deal can be, the answer is very. Starting with the straps, Nordic has used heavy duty cotton that can withstand some abuse. The entire thing is tightly woven but you can see how beefy the fabric is. You absolutely don’t have to worry about these straps failing you. 

Same goes for their wrist wraps. The materials are different and consist of a much smoother and finer fabric. Wrist wraps are locked into place using simple hook and loop patch and are fitted with thumb holes. Overall, this is by far the best bang for the buck option out there.

These wrist wrap, lifting straps combos are becoming more and more popular. Another awesome model comes from Iron Bull Strength. and represents a very similar yet different package. Iron Bull Strength has also invested in top of the line fabrics. We are talking high density cotton that feels strong and generally inspires confidence. The straps feature that bulky weave which provides enough strength and support, especially in a 3″ wide strap. 

Wrist wraps are made out of the same type of fabric and same denier. In that sense they are quite different from the Nordic Lifting in a sense that the latter used a much finer fabric for the wrist wraps. The overall functionality of these is impressive. You can definitely rely on them to fix in that wrist during heavy lifts as well as keep your weight secured at all times. 

In case you are adamant about keeping your gear clean and tidy, these come in a nice PVC carrying bag. The real question here is whether or not these are the optimal choice for the price. In our opinion, they are right behind Nordic in that regard. These two sets are similar although Iron’s is slightly more robust.

Next in line is a set of rather impressive wrist wraps which are all about getting you the best possible performance all while giving you the highest amount of control you could have over everything. Unlike our previous two picks, this one doesn’t include free straps. Hustle Athletics has obviously decided to focus mainly on one part of the equation and that would be strong wrist support.

The way they have set out to achieve this is pretty simple yet quite effective. The straps themselves are made out of extremely durable fabric. We’re talking high denier cotton that is interlaced with an elastic type of synthetic material. This gives it two attributes we can appreciate. For one it is stretchy which means that you can really conform it to your wrist.

The other is that it’s comfortable. Some of these wraps can be really harsh on your skin, especially if they are straight up cotton or even worse, nylon fabric. These don’t have that issue. On top of making a pretty great set of straps, Hustle Athletics offers these in 12″ and 18″ versions. That way you can find a perfect fit for your needs no matter what they are.

Harbinger’s Red Line wrist wraps are a somewhere in between everything we have shown you so far. These are great for what they offer, but you can definitely tell that function had the precedence over form when this thing was on the sketch board. Does that make it bad? Definitely not, but it is a tool and not much more. The wraps are made out of what can only be described ad mildly coarse cotton fabric. 

You get all the standard bells and whistles, in this case a thumb loop and a simple yet functional adjustment system. One thing to note about these is that they will sink into your arms if you go too far with tightening them down. On the other hand, that means extra rigidity in your wrists. At the end of the day it depends on which when you’re leaning. Harbinger ships these in one size and that is 18″. 

Even though some brands have started offering trimmed versions of their wraps, Harbinger is obviously following that old adage ‘more the merrier’. Last thing we’d like to point out are the aesthetics. Simple black layout with bright red details is what you can expect to see.

As we are approaching the very end of our list, we are starting to see a number of more affordable wraps. However, this is where some people make the rookie mistake and disregard the product because of its price. The truth is that these are not that far behind the models near the top of our list. It all comes down to how the prices oscillate at any given moment. The Plate Fitness Products adjustable wrap that we are looking at here is every bit as good as any on our list. 

That much is for sure. They’ve used heavy duty cotton fabric that has that stretch to it as well. Although it may not be as ergonomic as some, this wrist wrap will get you that support and rigidity you need. Despite this being a so called affordable wrap, there is one interesting thing we have noticed. These come in 18″ versions and 21″ versions. 

This makes it one of the rare wraps for those who have thick wrists and forearms. As far as functionality goes, these use the same adjustment system and feature the same red and black aesthetics. Definitely worth checking out if you’re on a budget.

The last model of weightlifting wrist wraps we would like to introduce is the set from Rip Toned. These are by far the cheapest ones we could find that we are still comfortable recommending at the end of the day. We could be overly critical about how these were made or how much they cost, but the truth is that they’re really not all that different from the rest of the wraps out there. 

The design is pretty much the same. You are looking at an 18″ wrist wrap made out of cotton/synthetic blend which allows for some ergonomics when you find the right fit. Speaking of which, finding the fit comes down to adjusting the velcro tab. If there is one area where you should be skeptical when it comes to affordable wrist wraps it is the quality of velcro they have used. It tends to be the first to go and when it does, nothing else matters. 

As far as Rip Toned wrist wraps go, they’re fairly decent across the board. At this price you just can’t beat the performance nor the diversity of design you get. We say that because these come in various different colors.

Wrist Wraps VS Wrist Straps - What is The Difference?

Before we go any further and before you start making decisions, we need to make sure that everyone reading this guide know the difference between a wrist strap and a wrist wrap. 

Despite how often these terms get used interchangeably at your local gym, they have a very different meaning.

Wrist Wraps

Along with weightlifting shoes, wrist wraps are by far one of the most important tools you can have at your side when it comes to adding more support to your technique. An average wrist wrap is going to be 3“ wide and anywhere from 12″ to 21″ long depending on the model. 

These are most often made out of cotton fabric that incorporates a stretchy material which allows you to ensure good, snug fit. The thing you should remember here is that wrist wraps are are used around the wrist to add more support and stability. These are used during pulling or pushing exercises which is where you would definitely want that extra rigidity.

Wrist Straps

On the other side of the isle we have wrist straps. Similar in design, these come in form of 3″ straps which are looped at the end. The idea is that you put your hands through the loops and then wrap the strap around the bar before you start lifting.

Unlike wrist wraps, wrist straps are there to make it easier to lift heavier weights. Wrist straps don’t do much for your wrist stability tho.

Is Using Wrist Wraps and Straps a Smart Idea?

Absolutely. Despite a very vocal minority who see these accessories as some form of cheating, the world’s best athletes and powerlifters all agree that both the wraps and the straps have a positive impact on one’s performance and gains. 

By using these tools you aren’t cheating. You are merely helping your body achieve its fullest potential in this regard. That alone should be enough to convince you to get a pair of each

The Verdict

Weightlifting wrist wraps and wrist straps are among the most used and most praised accessories in the world of weightlifting and powerlifting. We’ve done our best to find a number of models which best represent the market at the moment. As you can tell, things are not always black and white with these things. 

Sometimes you just have to be lucky to find exactly what you’re looking for, especially in terms of pricing. No matter which model you go with, chances are that you experience all the support you could need. So just go and get what you like best.

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