Top 7 Best Weightlifting Knee Sleeves

Weightlifting is one of the best ways to stay in shape and get the body you want. However, when you reach a point where you are constantly pushing your body to its limits, there is a small yet very real risk of injury. This is especially true for your knees as knee injuries are by far the most common ones in weightlifting.

One way to address these risks is to invest in a knee sleeve. Today we are going to show you our picks for the top 7 best weightlifting knee sleeves and talk about how these can help you.

Top 7 Best Weightlifting Knee Sleeves:​

At the very top of the list sits one of the best, if not literally the best knee sleeve you can get today. It comes from Stoic and is pretty much taking the entire idea of a knee sleeve to a new level. They’ve invested a lot of time in research and development with the goal of ensuring best possible fit, plenty of support and most importantly, significant reduction of knee pain.

Naturally, if you aren’t experiencing knee pain Stoic’s Knee sleeves will greatly reduce your chances of ever experiencing said pain. The materials and build quality are on point. Stoic has used high quality neoprene fabrics which can withstand whatever abuse and wear you’re capable of throwing at them. This is the type of sleeve that really really inspires confidence in terms of durability.

Aside from the materials, the stitching is also top notch. You wont see loose threads or anything coming undone no matter how tight of a fit you like. Speaking of fit, you need to precisely measure your knee area and select the size that best matches those measurements. This is by far one of the most important aspects of shopping for knee sleeves in general.

Bear KompleX compression knee sleeves represent another higher end solution that covers all of the necessary bases. One of the things we particularly like about these sleeves is the fact that they come in 5mm and 7mm versions. That allows you to fine tune the rigidity of the sleeve depending on your needs and requirements. On top of that, you can get these in 5 different sizes and 11 styles.

Different styles include solid colors as well as graphics such as urban camo and more. As far as build quality goes, Bear KompleX deserves only praise. Everything seems well made and durable, especially the stitching which will easily withstand frequent use even if you go for a really tight fit. These sleeves have been tested by pros who have used them in with rather heavy loads.

As usual it is pretty important to measure your knee area in order to find the right fit. The difference with these sleeves is that you should also account for the thickness of the neoprene fabric. If you’re a person who likes to express themselves through their gear, these are probably your best option right now. They have the looks but also the performance.

Iron Bull Strength’s selection of knee sleeves is quite decent. You can find all kinds of great models, all of which offer great bang for the buck value. The ones we are showing you today are pretty much the best option at that particular price. Compared to our previous picks, these do come across as a little plain. There are no intricate color choices, cammo patters or other graphical solutions. Then again, aesthetics shouldn’t be the main factor when choosing your weightlifting accessories.

Even so, you can choose the color of the logo on these and have up to 6 options to choose from. The sleeves are made of high quality neoprene that definitely feels and looks the part. These sport a 7mm construction, meaning that you are getting extra rigidity and better blood flow.

One feature that kinda sets these apart from the competition are the two silicone gel strips. The idea behind these is to lock the sleeve down and prevent it from moving when you’re working out with heavy loads. All things considered that is a pretty nifty feature to have if you’re planing on pushing that limit and working with heavy loads on a regular basis.

Our next pair of knee sleeves comes from Gymreapers and represents a cool little bundle, likes of which you don’t see that often on the market. The bundle includes a pair of knee sleeves and a nifty little gym bag that can fit a whole lot more than just these sleeves. Speaking of which, the sleeves look fairly robust although rather simple. If you are a purist when it comes to aesthetics, chances are that you’ll love what Gymreapers have done with these.

They come in three different color options, including an olive drab version. The materials used are quite good. These are neoprene sleeves much like most other on the market. Gymreapers have chosen to go with the 7mm thickness, which means that these sleeves offer good rigidity and support. Another awesome little feature is the 1 year warranty.

That tells us that these are not only made to be relatively affordable, but also quite durable in the long run. Sizes include anything from Small to XXL. With that said, we can’t stress enough how important it is to closely follow their sizing charts. Otherwise you’re risking a bad fit or just a sleeve that won’t give you 100%.

Nordic Lifting is one of those brands that are slowly becoming rather popular due to their cost effective solutions. When it comes to knee sleeves, Nordic Lifting offers a fairly standard package. You could say that these were made with function being the key focus. So much so that they come across as rather boring aesthetics wise.

Nordic Lifting offers them only in black so if you’re a visual person who likes a more flashy design, you might need to look elsewhere. One area where they do offer more compared to most of their competitors is sizing. These sleeves come in sizes which range from XSmall to XXL. This makes them practically one of the most versatile unisex models on the market.The build quality is pretty good all things considered. You are looking at 7mm neoprene design with reenforced stitching all around.

Nordic Lifting also offers a 1 year no hassle warranty on these, which tells us that they can take a beating with little to no problems. That is definitely the type of performance you want if you are serious about heavy weightlifting. Nordic Lifting has proven to be a reliable choice in this price range for sure.

If you are looking for something on the affordable side of the spectrum, Jupiter’s knee sleeves are among the most promising options. Unlike a good portion of their competition it actually feels like Jupiter has invested a bit of thought into the overall aesthetics of their knee sleeves. These come in some sort of urban digital camo as well as two pretty amazing versions that sport more detailed graphic designs.

The interesting thing about Jupiter’s knee sleeves is the fact that these don’t feel significantly worse than models that cost nearly twice as much. They’ve used fairly high quality neoprene, the 7mm type as well. The stitching looks fairly good and doesn’t feel like it will fall apart if you put the sleeves through the paces. In terms of sizing, you are looking at options that range from Small to XXL.

In other words pretty standard stuff. The only thing we recommend that you pay attention to is finding the right size. These are somewhat forgiving if you go a bit over or under your proper fit, but they will ear out quicker if you order a set that is significantly smaller than what you require. Otherwise they are great.

Our last pick for the day comes from Fitnessery and represents a rather affordable way to get that improved blood flow and additional stability during your gym session. Pretty much everything about these knee sleeves is simple. Fitnessery has opted to go with a black and red color scheme and that is the only option you have in terms of aesthetics.

The fit is true to their chart and we definitely suggest you look at the sizing chart before making a decision. These aren’t very forgiving if you ball park it. Fitnessery went with the standard 7mm neoprene which feels decent enough. The stitching is good all around but the thread does leave a bit to be desired. From what we can tell, as long as you’re not using a size too small for you, the whole thing should be able to take on reasonable wear.

Here’s the kicker, tho. Fitnessery offers a lifetime warranty on their knee sleeves. That’s a pretty rare thing find in general, let alone this segment of the market. If you need something that is simple, affordable and fairly durable for the money, these are by far one of the best sleeves you can get.

Why Weightlifting Knee Sleeves Deserve To Be In Your Kit

As we have mentioned at the beginning of this guide, weightlifting is one of those activities where you are exposed to a slight risk of injury. This goes no matter what type of weightlifting exercise you are doing. When it comes to squats, deadlifts or anything that involves the use of knees, a set of knee sleeves can definitely help out. Here’s the thing. Different weightlifting accessories are more or less popular. For example, the community is rather divided when it comes to weightlifting gloves. That is not the case with knee sleeves. Everyone is on the same page here.

Doing squats with progressively increasing weights will cause wear on your kneecap. By wearing a knee sleeve, you are reducing that wear by a significant amount. Another thing you need to understand is that knee sleeves are a preventive measure but can also be used as a support device if you are treating an injury. However, knee braces might be a much better solution in that case. Either way, you should always consult with your physician before working out with an existing injury.

Are Knee Sleeves Important for Beginners?

This is one of the more frequently asked questions out there. The answer is ‘it depends’. General rule of thumb for knee sleeves is to use them only when you start working with heavy weights. In other words, they are an awesome tool to have at your side if you are going into the unknown territory and pushing your body to its limits.

When you are just starting out, there isn’t that much load on your knees for it to warrant the use of knee sleeves. But, there’s always a but, there is more to knee sleeves than just that additional support. There is also the compression factor. Compression does one very important thing which can be beneficial to both pros and beginners alike. It stimulates blood flow.

By using a knee sleeve you are getting better blood circulation in your knees which can reduce the pain during and after your workout. In that sense beginners can definitely benefit from knee sleeves.

The Verdict

Knee sleeves an awesome piece of kit to have if you are serious about weightlifting. The models we have selected for this list include sleeves from all price ranges. We wanted to show you what’s available and give you a great option no matter what your budget limitations are.

Some of these are better than others, but generally speaking they all get the job done and then some. Once again, be very vigilant with sizing. Measure your knee properly and always follow manufacturer recommendations and guidelines. Failing to do so can result in you getting a wrong sized knee sleeve.

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