Top 7 Best Weightlifting Gloves

Among all of the accessories which are prominent in the weightlifting community, gloves are probably among the most popular ones. There are plenty of reasons why gloves are useful when lifting heavy weights. It all comes down to finding the right pair. 

Today we’re going to show you our picks for the top 7 best weightlifting gloves on the market. After we go over each one of our picks, we will talk a bit about gloves in general and address some of the most common misconceptions, concerns and more. Lets get started with our number one pick for this category.

Top 7 Best Weightlifting Gloves:​

Godzilla Grip fitness gloves represent a rather streamlined solution for those who lift heavy and lift often. The weightlifting glove market is saturated with run of the mill models which are a decent choice for lifting but weren’t really made specifically for that. Godzilla Grip Fitness gloves are the opposite of that. These were built specifically for lifting. 

One cool thing you will notice right away is the fact that the back of your hand is completely exposed in these. Instead of a full coverage, they opted for maximum ventilation. The grip portion of the glove is held in place by a wrist strap and a series of finger straps. Despite the whole construction of the gloves looking rather odd, they are holding up pretty good under use. Speaking of which, the main reason why these are at the top of our list is the padding. 

Instead of layering massive amounts of padding material to protect the palms of your hands, Godzilla Grip went with neoprene mesh that packs silicone padding inside. Overall, this setup ensures a decent amount of comfort no matter how hard you go at the bars. At this price, these gloves are a steal for sure.

Next up is a pretty simple model that utilizes what can only be described as a more traditional design. These gloves are not specifically designed for weight lifting, Instead they fall within the general purpose workout gloves. However, RIMSports Gym gloves do offer a great performance in within this niche category. The thing that makes these so great is the fact that they are super light weight. 

The materials used are durable, light and strong enough to reduce the risk of blisters. Lack of large amounts of padding might come across as a flaw to some. However that is quite debatable. If you are among those who believe that less padding improves your grip, these gloves will fit you perfectly. Fit and sizing is great. These come in extra small as well which makes them perfect for both men and women. 

Aside from versatile sizing, you can also choose the aesthetics to an extent. RIMSports ships these in a wide array of different colors which add that little bit of personality to them. Being made primarily of leather and spandex, RIMSports Gym gloves have proven to be rather durable even when put through heavy duty use on a daily basis.

The model that comes next on our list represents a proper lifting solution for both weightlifters and powerlifters. Trideer padded weight lifting gloves are proving to be absolutely on point. This is even more true if you are into lifting heavy weights. On a first glance these don’t necessarily look all that special or different for that matter. However, a simple closer inspection reveals just how much of a misconception that is. 

As you step for a better look, you will first notice the oversized wrist straps. These are there for a good reason. Wrist stability is extremely important when doing powerlifting or heavier weightlifting. Trideer ships these in a number of different sizes which range from XXL to Small. Much like many other models on our list, these are good to go whether you are a man or a woman. 

The next thing we want to address is the padding. They’ve done an impressive job with streamlining the silica padding on the palms in such a way that gives you optimal grip and no slipping. The rest of the glove is made out of faux leather which holds its own. These are a great bang for the buck option.

We have already mentioned that wrist stability tends to be an important factor when lifting heavy weights. Harbinger Pro wrist wrap weightlifting gloves represent another model that accounts for this fact. The absolute best thing about these gloves is their simplicity. These represent a classic fingerless design, but with a few cool features. The wrist strap stands out the most so we will get it out of the way first. It’s a decent wrap although some would argue that it could have been wider. 

That is up for discussion and solely dependent on your style and preference. In our opinion, these wrist wraps are doing a good job. The gloves themselves feature an all black leather design with a stretchy top. The leather itself is pretty decent. The grip area packs a roughout texture. This improves the grip significantly without the need for dedicated padding or similar solutions. 

Since heather grips can become rather hot, they have added two rows of ventilation holes all along the grip area. As for sizes and aesthetics, these come in sizes designed for both men and women. The only thing that’s really missing are different color options. These are aesthetically limited in a way.

Our next pic comes from Steel Sweat and features a set of gloves which are kinda true to their brands name. Let’s expand on that a little. These are made out of leather materials all around. The only place where you won’t find it’s the wrist strap and the cushioned padding. The entire palm area tells an interesting story Instead of just slapping some foam or silica all over the place and calling it a day, Steel Sweat took their time to implement a carefully laid out padding system which provides sufficient cushioning, ensures anti slip performance during heavy weight exercises and includes details such as a thump protector. 

The only issue with these gloves is that they don’t breathe as well as we would like them to. The padding on the palm is definitely designed to account for some sort of ventilation, but just don’t expect anything too radical. Other than that Steel Sweat has used real leather which is definitely impressive. 

The wrist wrap is also a proper wrap instead of being just a velcro strap. Overall there are elements of these gloves that we just have to appreciate and some that we would love to see altered.

Trideer workout gloves may not be as advanced so to speak as their weightlifting model, but these gloves offer a good alternative if you don’t want excessive padding in your gloves. These feature two means of fit adjustment, a wrist wrap and an adjustment strap. When you dial both of them in properly, these really stay in place. The materials used to to make these are mostly leather based except for the stretchy area behind the adjustment strap. 

The palms feature a very interesting setup when it comes to materials and textures. Despite the obvious lack of abundant padding, Trideer has included a very nicely laid out grip area comprised of silica gel and anti slip mesh. If we’re being completely honest, these are not gloves designed specifically for lifting weight. Instead, these are general purpose workout gloves. However, at this price, they may just be the best value on the market right now. 

You could easily address heavy loads and super sets with these on and not feel like you are missing out on any performance. As far as colors go, these are shipped n all black, gray with white logo and gray with red logo on the wrap.

Last but not the least we have the Fenglei workout gloves. These are about as simple as they come, all while following what many describe as a modern take on a classic design. Decades ago run of the mill gloves would be just that, no extra padding, no anti slip surfaces or anything similar of that kind. These days things are different. Fenglei workout gloves arrive with a very distinct look to them. 

Instead of standard padding Fenglei has opted for non-slip silica gel palm. Doing so has put them on the map as one of the better pairs of gloves you can get right now. That reputation hasn’t really changed much. The only thing that’s going to change will be the price. If we were to find one flaw on these, it would be the lack of ventilation. 

There is plenty of flexible and breathable mesh all over the place, but they aren’t fully breathable. Or at least not as much as we would like them to be. One highlight that definitely needs to be mentioned is the wrist wrap. It’s just about the perfect width although that’s a silly thing to say considering that everyone’s wrist is different.

Weightlifting Gloves - Yea or Nay?

Before we talk about weightlifting gloves in general, we need to address what is probably the most divisive gear related argument in the community. It all comes down to this. One group of weightlifters is adamant that gloves are a good must have piece of kit in the gym. 

On the other hand you have those who think that gloves have no place in a gym. Even though a similar discussion is being led regarding weightlifting belts and weightlifting shoes, gloves market seems to be the most divisive. Our answer to this dilemma is to recognize your weak points and work on them. 

If those weak points are your wrists or palms of your hands, start out with a pair of awesome gloves. Later on as you progress, you might even ditch the gloves. 

On the other hand, if you are a professional who isn’t worried too much about their hands and how they might look after the routine is done. Both stances have merit to them.

How to Choose the Best Weightlifting Gloves?

One of the very first thing we would recommend doing is figuring out exactly what your intended application for these gloves is. Are you strictly going to be lifting in them or are you going to do some cardio on the side? Answering these questions can help you figure out the best package for your needs.

If lifting is all you long for, a good set of padded gloves with a good wrist wrap. Wrist stability is absolutely key to proper form, so don’t forget about what your wrist needs too. In case you don’t want to fully commit to lifting and plan on including some cardio to your mix, then having a lightweight set of gloves could prove to be beneficial.

The Verdict

Weightlifting gloves can be a very divisive piece of kit. However, as you can tell there are different designs available with different options and features you can get. The good thing about most of these gloves is that they are affordable. 

With that said, you are looking at pretty good quality from most of these brands. All you really need to figure out now is a what task you need the gloves for and it will become much easier. If you are not sure, there are several great models that will do it all from lifting to cycling and more.

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