Best Budget Home Gym Under $300

Staying fit is getting harder and harder in our fast paced world. It’s pretty tricky to make time in your schedule to go to the gym. Especially if your nearest gym is still some ways out. One thing you can do is make the gym come to you.

Home gyms have always been around in one capacity or another. Today we’re going to show you our picks for top 7 best budget home gyms under $300. Some of these are among the best home gyms on the market. Once we go over our picks, we’ll talk about what these offer.

Top 7 Best Budget Home Gyms Under $300:

At the very top of our list we find an awesome home gym made by XtremepowerUS. This is probably the perfect example of what you can expect to find in this price range. XtremepowerUS has found a way to put together three of the most popular workout stations, install them all on a robust chassis and implement a reliable weights system to provide resistance.

On top of it all, the glossy black finish gives the entire machine a rather refined look. Since the center of mass of the entire machine is right around the back portion of the seat, XtremepowerUS didn’t have to go too wild with lateral supports. This makes their multifunctional home gym that much more practical as it takes very little space.

When it comes to workout stations it offers, you are looking at a lat machine combined with a pull down station and a leg developer. One thing worth mentioning is that you have access to 100 lbs of weights which you can select using a simple pin mechanism. Last but not the least, the padding on this machine is pretty decent. They’ve found a perfect amount that reduces fatigue all while not being too cushy.

Marcy is easily one of the largest names in the fitness industry when it comes to affordable equipment. They have made their name by designing products which not only bring you good performance on a budget, but are also quite reliable. Reliability just so happens to be one of the most important conditions a home gym needs to meet, no matter its price.

Marcy is really big on reliability which shows when you take a closer look at their machines. Speaking of taking a closer look, one glance at this free weight strength training home gym reveals that one pretty important component is missing. That’s right, Marcy ships these without weights. Although it might come across as strange, this practice isn’t something Marcy has invented.

Many brands do this and there’s a good reason for it too. Instead of forcing a weight system on you, Marcy allows you to mount any Olympic plates you want. Sure, that increases the price of the entire investment but not by much. When you get into more demanding workout routines, chances are that you will appreciate this feature. The machine offers a lat station, a pulldown station and a leg developer. The usual stuff.

Gold’s Gym is one of those brands that you see here and there, often in the budget segments of the market. Their XRS 50 home gym reveals just why this brand is so popular. It is a minimalist but functional home gym that packs all you could need at a very affordable price.

Gold’s Gym went a step further and designed the whole thing to be as compact as possible. By doing so, they have found a way to reduce the footprint of this machine quite a bit. In some cases a smaller footprint tends to mean a compromised frame. That is not the case with XRS 50. They have found a way to keep the center of mass low and to the back, thus allowing the frame to be pretty compact all things considered.

Speaking of weight, you are looking at 112 lbs of vinyl weights in a stack form. That is a bit more than an average home gym in this price range usually offers. As for the workouts available, you get the standard package. That means a chest press, a fly station and a roll type leg developer. All in all this is one robust home gym.

Weider’s 2980 series home gym is definitely one of the best options you have if you are running on a tight budget. These home gyms pretty much offer all the features you would want at a price that is more than reasonable. Weider didn’t try to invent something new with this machine. It brings that same design and layout as we are used to seeing in this segment of the market.

The key to this particular model is that they have figured out a way to offer the standard package of features, good build quality and more than acceptable performance at a highly competitive price. All that without cutting any serious corners which could jeopardize your experience. There are some trade offs, however. For starers this home gym features 81 pound Durastack weight stack.

That is about 20-30 lbs lower than most of its competition. Even though that shouldn’t be a deal breaker, it is something to keep in mind when shopping for a budget home gym. As far as different workout stations go, you have the chest press, a high pulley with a lat bar and a standard roller leg developer. Overall, it’s a very attractive package for sure.

Once your budget pushes you well below our price point, you are hardly going to find a decent weighted home gym. Don’t worry though, because you are still able to get a good home fitness setup that will get you in shape. The only thing that changes is the type of weight you will be lifting.

Right around $200 is where we have to step from weighted machines to body weight setups. These are what we call power towers. Ader Adjustable Muti-Function VKR Power Tower shows you just what kind of layout you can expect at this price. In many ways power towers tend to be much more functional and practical than home gyms.

This one from Ader is pretty advanced too. It features a number of workout stations which facilitate pull ups, all kinds of raises, triceps dips, situps, push ups and so much more. All in all you can do 20 targeted exercises without ever leaving your home. Build quality is impressive as well. This is a very stable rig that doesn’t move nor does it wobble during use. It is very easy to put together thanks to simple instructions and a very straight forward design all around.

Our next pick on this list comes from Lx Free and represents a fairly minimalist power tower home gym that brings you core elements, good build quality and overall generous performance. In terms of bang for the buck value, this is about as good as it gets right now.

Lx Free offers a very competitive package at a price that many simply can’t match. Sure, the whole thing is pretty much as basic as they get. That means no specific finish on any of the metal parts, a very minimal use of padding and so on. However, from a purely functional point of view, you are getting all you could need for a good quality exercise. That much is guaranteed.

The layout of this power tower is as follows. You have a pull up bar, a knee raise station, triceps dip station and a push up station. Naturally, you can adapt these stations to a whole variety of other exercises and build a very impressive body weight workout routine. Putting this tower together is super easy and pretty straight forward. Best of all, it requires very little space thanks to its basic layout and small footprint. It simply works great.

Last home gym setup we have chosen for this list comes from Weider. Their power tower represents the absolute cheapest setup you can get and still have a safe and challenging workout station at home. Made out of tubular pipes, this power tower is fairly basic in nature.

It comes with all those standard features we see in most power towers, however Weider did decide to do a few things differently. For starters they have split the workout stations so that you have a few on each side of the tower. This move means that you can’t really push this rig up against a wall since you have the triceps dip station on one side, while the pull up bar is on the other. In terms of pure build quality, things are spot on. This power tower inspires confidence even when you really get into a good pull up cadence.

Assembly is super easy. It requires you to follow very basic instructions. Compared to most other power towers, this one is designed so that you can’t mix up different components. It’s like Lego in many ways. The only drawback we can mention is a slightly basic padding in some places.

What To Expect From $300 Home Gyms?

Just like it is the case with most entry level fitness machines, you have to be pretty careful when sifting through various cheap home gyms. That isn’t to say that you won’t find something that is pure quality. You don’t have to invest in a $1000 home gym to get good core performance. 

On the contrary, there are plenty of awesome models out there. It is just that you will also run into a lot of not so good options. The models we have listed above represent the good side of this segment. What do all of them have in common? Well, for starters they are well balanced. 

Remember, if something looks too good to be true, it most likely is. There are numerous affordable home gyms who overextend trying to give you all kinds of workout stations on a budget. Unfortunately, doing so often times means that the materials used aren’t the best or that the build quality itself is going to be questionable at best. 

Being realistic with your expectations can save you a whole lot of trouble down the road. With that said, lets take a look at some features you can expect to see in this segment.

Core Workout Stations

Home gyms come in a variety of shapes and forms. The whole purpose of these machines is to give you all the necessary tools to develop your body into a lean, athletic unit. It is a widely spread misconception that you can’t get that out of affordable home gyms. 

You absolutely can. The only thing to keep in mind is that most of these will offer the core workout stations and not much more. By that we mean a lat station, top pulley station and some sort of leg developer. 

Of course there are exceptions out there as you can see by our list. If you want more than that, chances are that you will have to look into $500 home gyms at the very least.

Core Workout Stations

Materials and build quality are definitely something that is worth looking into in detail. No one wants to spend money on a fitness machine that isn’t stable or that is just shoddy all over. Fortunately, there aren’t too many such cases on the market these days. 

Even so, we have done our best to find models which have a proven track record and a good performance sheet. Frames on these machines will most often be just fine. The are which you should pay some extra attention to are cables and padding.

The Verdict

As you can see by glancing over our list, budget home gyms are not only possible but pretty much viable as long as you are realistic with your expectations. The models we have chosen for our list here are by far some of the best. 

Some are at the very edge of our intended price range while others are closer to the middle. That way you are guaranteed to find something that fits your budget and your needs respectively. 

These machines are a great way to get into weight lifting in general and maintain your fitness levels at all times.

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