Top 7 Best Home Gyms Under $1000

Investing into a higher end home gym is a great way to ensure a good, challenging workout experience every day. However, it appears that finding the right home gym in the $1000 segment tends to be a bit harder than it is with lower priced models. 

There are numerous reasons for that, some of which we will discuss later on in the guide. Before we get to that, we will show you our picks for the top 7 best home gyms under $1000. As expected, some of these are among best home gyms on the market right now. Let’s start.

Top 7 Best Home Gyms Under $1000:

The whole idea behind home gyms is to have a machine that can allow you to workout your entire body in the comfort of your own home. Because of that, at the very top of our list we find a home gym that is really pushing the limits of all-in-one fitness equipment. Made by Marcy, Diamond Smith Cage home gym system is really something special.

They went and included some of the most efficient workstations on top of the already established design. In order to do so, Marcy had to tweak the standard design a little bit. Instead of making the bench an integral part of the frame, they’ve built it as an independent unit. The reason for this is that the frame itself houses both a controlled incline bench press machine and a squat rack.

On top of that, you get the pull station, an independent leg developer that requires free weights and a cable crossover station. In terms of build quality, Marcy really hit the nail on the head with this one. They have used very robust tubing and good hardware. Additionally, they have done a good job with the padding on both the bench and curl station.

Our next pick comes from Body Solid and it represents one of the most interesting home gyms you can get right now. It is so different from anything else out there that many may not even recognize it as a home gym to begin with. The reason for this is because Body Solid went above and beyond to create something that is compact, efficient and generally reliable.

The very first thing they had to do in order to accomplish those goals is to dump the bench. Because of that, you won’t see a standard leg developer in there. But worry not, Body Solid did include a solution for leg workouts. Even though this machine relies on cables, there are no weight stacks to be found. Instead, Body Solid adapted the entire system to work with Olympic weights.

That means that you can use any plate out there with a 2″ hole. In terms of what exercises you do, Body Solid GLGS100 allows you to do shrugs, dead lifts, squats, biceps curls and just about anything else you can think of. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that Body Solid has used some pretty robust tubing for this model.

Aside from making unorthodox models like the one we have just seen, Body Solid also offers a line of regular home gyms which are shipped under their Powerline brand. The model we are looking at today represents one such model, which may look pretty standard but isn’t really. BSG10X may look like your ordinary home gym with its familiar construction and layout.

Powerline, or Body Solid if you will, did add their own spin to the entire design. They have beefed up the overhead pulley system to give you a more reliable and consistent platform. they have also added a very dynamic weight stack which really makes for a challenging workout. With all that said, the biggest benefit to this particular model is the build quality.

To say that it is a robust package would be an understatement of a century. If you were to go and take a close look at every component and element, you’d find out that just about any portion of this home gym looks over engineered. The tubing they have used is really strong and massive for the required purpose. Overall, this is definitely the type of machine you could rely on a daily basis.

Whether or not you are a fan of Bowflex commercials, you have to admit that this brand has taken a whole new approach to home gyms. Their machines are simply different and not for the sake of just being different. No, this entire system has tangible benefits compared to the more traditional weighted stack home gyms.

By adding flexible rods to the equation, Bowflex has opened up a few new doors to their users. For starters, you are given much more flexibility, no pun intended, when it comes to exercises you can do. By simply utilizing a well thought out pulley system, they have managed to increase the functionality of their machines quite a bit compared to a standard home gym design.

Bowflex Blaze is one of their higher end models which features a very robust frame, a good selection of flexible rods and so much more. When it comes to which exercises you can do on this machine, you have plenty of options. Bowflex was kind enough to visually represent every exercise on a small panel bolted onto the main support of the frame. Sure, the whole flexible rod design takes some getting used to, but it’s worth it.

Marcy’s MKM-81010 belongs to their higher mid range segment and is truly one of the best home gyms on the market right now. Its overall design is pretty similar to most other models, but that can be said for just about any traditional home gym. What truly sets it apart from others is the weight stack, the overall build quality and to some extent its awesome aesthetics.

Looks shouldn’t really be a factor when you choose fitness machines. However we all know that a piece of fitness equipment you enjoy looking at is the one you keep coming back to. Marcy’s dark gray color theme with red accents definitely gets the job done in that regard. When it comes to workout stations, you get the standard four.

That includes chest press/lat machine, a pull station, a leg developer and a triceps pull station. One of the really cool facts about this home gym is that it comes with a 200 lbs weight stack. That is more than just about any model in its category has to offer. More weights means more functionality down the road. Overall, Marcy MKM 81010 offers the absolute best bang for the buck right now.

If there was ever one unconventional home gym, design that has withstood the test of time, it is Totaly Gym. Many have heard about this piece of fitness equipment thanks to Chuck Norris who used to market it on TV. Back when it first came out, most in the fitness industry thought it was just another gimmick that was going to make a few sales and then disappear.

However that wasn’t the case. Total Gym XLS is a more modern version of the original machine and it features all the good stuff that we are used to seeing. The main benefit of this design is its foot print. Or should we say, the lack there of. If you need something compact that gets the job done and doesn’t take much space, this is it.

In reality, it is the size of a bench which you can fold up and neatly tuck away somewhere when you’re done. The whole idea behind this system can be reduced to its pulley design. As you can probably tell, there are no weights here. Instead, you are pulling your own body weight. The machine comes with simple instructions which will show you all the workouts.

The last model on our list comes from Body Solid and it represents the more affordable group of machines in this price range. We have already seen two home gyms from this brand, which is not an accident. Body Solid is one of the more trusted and among the most experienced brands in this industry. This explains why their home gyms are so popular.

Body Solid Sportsman gym is features that standard, basic design. They have take out all of the unnecessary components and left you with the rock solid core that we have seen on other designs from this brand. the frame is a simple one in terms of size and footprint, but quite beefy and robust when you take a closer look. The tubing used inspires confidence while all the welds and connecting hardware ensures absolute stability and reliability.

Where Sportsman really takes the cake is the weight stack. Most home gyms of this size and particular design offer up to 100 lbs of weights. This one packs 150 lbs. That is a considerable amount that really spices up your options. The machine comes with a high pulley, chest press, leg developer and a triceps pulley as standard.

What To Expect From a $1000 Home Gym?

Higher end home gyms are just great. Much like it is the case with any other type of home fitness equipment, the more money throw at it, the more features you get in return. However, that isn’t the only reason why more expensive home gyms are better than say $500 home gyms

There are numerous other reasons, some if which we will get into in this guide. The very first, and probably the most obvious benefit of owning a machine like the ones on our list is the build quality. When you go and get a budget home gym, you are getting the bare minimum necessary to offer decent performance. 

That isn’t to say that these home gyms are bad, but being aware of their limitations is pretty much a necessity if you don’t want to end up disappointed. With higher end models like the ones we are looking at today, you are getting a much better deal in terms of materials, joints and overall build quality. Here’s the thing. 

Whenever you are dealing with machines that utilize weights, you definitely want to get the most stable and reliable platform possible. One part of getting into higher end home gyms is getting that combo of better materials, better build quality and good quality control. 

It’s a peace of mind thing as much as it is a safety thing. With that said, lets talk a bit about a few other obvious benefits to investing this kind of money into home gyms.

More Diverse Workout Stations

Investing more money into home gyms won’t just get you better build quality. It will also get you a number of additional workout stations which aren’t all that standard in cheaper models. 

In some cases those additional workout stations include a controlled incline bench press station while sometimes you are looking at a few body weight stations. This is something you will see whenever you increase your budget. 

Super high end home gyms which cost thousands of dollars are full of all kinds of workout stations. However, despite having ‘home’ as a part of their name, it’s arguable how viable those machines are in a home environment.

Diversity of Design

Having access to diverse designs is probably one of the most attractive aspects of shopping in the higher end price range of home gyms. When you are limited by your budget, you are mostly going to run into a single design that has been lightly altered depending on which brand you go with. 

However, the segment of the market we are looking at today offers so much more than that. Here you will find the standard home gym weighted design, but you will also see a number of Bowflex models which are completely different, and there will be designs such as Total Gym which again are a whole different ballgame.

The Verdict

High end home gyms are definitely a great way to meet your fitness goals and enjoy a challenging exercise when actual gyms are just not an option. The model we have shown you today represent the absolute best you can find in this price range. We did our best to find home gyms that represent different designs, shapes and formats. 

That way you are basically guaranteed to get a machine that best fits your needs, you style and you living space. No matter which one of these you go with, you will get a reliable and consistently challenging fitness tool.

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