The 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Women - Working Out With Style

If you’re going on a late summer vacation, gearing up with a fitness tracker is the thing to do before heading out. This little gadget will allow you to monitor your heart rate, how much you’ve walked, and will provide all the information regarding your physical condition.

If you’re looking for a top model for ladies, we have prepared 7 best fitness trackers for women for your convenience. Let’s get straight to it!

Top 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Women:

We’ll start with the HuaWise Fitness Tracker, a neat little smart watch loaded with a variety of very convenient features. It looks fashionable and fairly discrete, and comes in six color options, including Blue Band, Green, Light Pink, Lilac, Silver, and Blue.

The HuaWise fitness tracker packs a premium quality notification system which allows you to receive calls and personal messages both from physical devices and social media platforms. The device is also supplied with various smaller applications: Time, Calendar, and all the other essentials.

The HuaWise is also rather sturdy and eqipped with waterproof features, making it perfectly functional even if it’s drenched in sweat or rain. With a long-lasting built-in battery – also offering a very short charging time – we can safely guarantee that you’ll grow to love the Huawise tracker in no time.

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  • Great in terms of aesthetics
  • Conveniently displays all the necessary data (Bluetooth on or off, calendar, time, current heart rate)
  • Good battery lifespan and fast charging time
  • Compatible with most iPhones and Androids
  • Waterproof design


  • Potential problems with the ‘step tracking’ feature

Next up is Newbeing’s Fitness Tracker. In truth, this item is pretty similar to our previous pick; however, this particular model rocks several extra features that HuaWise’s model doesn’t.

First and foremost, the Newbeing model superior in terms of water resistance given that it comes with a rating of IP67, which essentially means that it’s fully capable of surviving submersion for as long as a couple of minutes.

The device can track a variety of elements, including distance, burnt calories, while also receiving calls and messages, notifications from your social media and such. The only reason why it’s slightly inferior to our previous choice is that the display is just a bit smaller. Be it as it may, it still delivers a major bang for the buck.

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  • Top-level waterproof features
  • Strong bateries
  • High compatibility
  • Variety of features


  • Slightly smaller screen than some other models

Lintelek’s Fitness Trainer is, in a nutshell, a smartwatch witch you should at least take in consideration if you’re looking for a quality tracker. It doesn’t cost much, and is aimed at female users with a very stylish design.

Though it does come in a variety of color options, each one looks very feminine. Basically, the smooth texture of the band looks attractive in every possible color. Speaking of which, the Lintelek’s fitness trainer is available in black, blue, gray, purple, and red color variants.

Furthermore, this fitness smart watch is one of the most versatile trackers on the market. It packs fourteen sports mode tracking, including active minutes, sleep status, steps travelled, distance travelled, burnt calories, and such. Simply put, you can customize your training regime and organize yourself better with as much as a click of a button.

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  • One of the most versatile fitness trackers on the market
  • Huge value for the money
  • Built-in notification system
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Long lasting battery
  • Sweet design


  • Only three default modes

The Akaso’s H-band 3 is a wonderful fitness tracker which excels in various fields of performance. It allows you to automatically track the walked distance, steps, burnt calories, active minutes while running, walking, or swimming, and such.

It features a built-in heart and sleep monitor which, also automatically, track details of your heart activity during your active and sleeping hours. A great addition to the features is the Akaso’s menstrual period cycle monitor, ovulation period tracking feature, and such.

While Lintelek’s model boasts a huge level of versatility, Akaso’s H-Band 3 is a tracker that packs one of the strongest batteries you’ll find. If you use it non-stop, the battery will be able to hold up for up to 5 days straight. If, on another hand, you use it just for your trainings and exercises, it can survive up to 7 days.

This fitness tracker is rated IP68 waterproof, meaning it’s practically impervious to water and sweat. The only thing you might not like so much about it is the fact that it has quite a tight grip, which is not necessarily a bad thing (depending on your wrist’s size).

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  • Huge battery lifetime
  • Women exclusive features, such as ovulation days tracking and menstrual period cycle tracking
  • Regular sports tracking, including distance travelled, calories burnt, active minutes, and such
  • Integrated notification system


  • Very tight fit; some people might find it uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time

Fefuns’ fitness tracker is one of the latest models on the market. It comes outfitted with a wide array of premium quality features, and it would be a huge understatement to say that it’s very versatile.

Namely, it packs three different interface styles and eight sports tracking modes. You’ll be able to switch between burnt calories, distance travelled, step count, heart rate, and other modes, but you’ll also be able to receive calls, private messages, take a look at the time, the calendar, blood pressure, and such.

Furthermore, this fitness tracker features an IP67 waterproof rating atop a durable construction. Due to its high waterproof rating, it’s also one of the best fitness trackers for swimming.

You will have nothing to worry about even if you go out for a jog during the heaviest of rains. Its interface is fairly big, so you will be able to monitor all of the parameters with ease, even during the most demanding exercises and training regimes.

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  • Highly versatile overall
  • Three different interface styles
  • Big, clearly visible screen
  • Huge array of features
  • Lightweight and very comfortable


  • The readings regarding blood pressure are decent but not very accurate

Here we’re looking at Letsfit’s Fitness tracker. It looks wonderful and comes in a plethora of color variations, including navy black, navy blue, black, blue, green, pink, rose, and violet. Obviously enough, the bulk of these color options are best suited for women.

Let’s put the aesthetics aside, the Letsfit fitness tracker also performs great for the cash. It packs fourteen sports tracking modes and features the real-time heartbeat monitor function, backed by the integrated HR sensor which provides pinpoint accuracy. This feature also makes it one of the finest fitness tracker with HRM.

There’s a downloadable application called ‘Very Fit Pro’ which you can use to connect your Letsfit fitness tracker to your smart phone. This way you can receive calls, messages, notifications, and similar correspondence from your social media accounts. The best thing about this tracker is that it provides all the benefits while being available at a bargain price.

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  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Available in various color options
  • Lots of tracking modes and options
  • Real-time heartbeat monitor with HR sensor
  • Easy and fast recharge


  • Slightly less durable than some of the models we’ve reviewed

Our last pick is Kitpipi’s Fitness tracker. The reason why we included this tracker is because it possesses a slightly higher waterproof rating than most of our earlier picks. With the IP68 rating it’s substantially more resilient versus water while still having the same dust-wicking properties.

The display of this tracker is also slightly bigger, being 0.96 inches in size, which means that you’ll be able to monitor all the functions a bit more easily. Speaking of monitoring, there are four sport modes you can utilize, including walking, running, cycling, and climbing. These modes all separately track your steps, travelled distance, burnt calories, and of course, active minutes.

Lastly, this tracker has a superb battery lifespan which allows it to function for up to 10 days per charge. However, you’ll be able to use it for so long under the condition that it’s not powered on for the entire day (light duty). Due to its low cost, we could safely say that this particular model is also one of the best fitness tracker under 100 dollars.

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  • Four sport modes
  • Distance, calories burnt, steps, and active minutes tracking
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Exceptional battery lifespan


  • Small icons, despite the fact that the display is big

What to look for in fitness trackers for women


It goes without saying – fitness trackers are generally not meant to withstand plenty of physical abuse. Even so, finding a durable tracker shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you don’t mind paying a couple of bucks extra. Given that there are plenty of tiny bits and pieces that are easily broken as is, you should look for a model that features a tightly sealed circuit piece and a sturdy band.


As your budget defines the price point category you’ll start your search with, you shouldn’t neglect the price altogether. However, there are plenty of high quality fitness trackers that can be found under $100, even under $50.

Special features

One of the biggest conveniences that fitness trackers for women offer is the fact that they usually come supplied with special features. Such features could be an improved IP waterproof rating (for ladies who like to spend a lot of time in water), or generally female-based features such as menstrual and ovulation monitors.

Frequently asked questions

Fitness trackers are a relatively young product on the market, and during the last couple of years most brands have turned to making ‘unisex’ fitness trackers – a type which is equally suited for all genders and ages.

Basically, most fitness trackers are very similar in terms of features, so one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to fitness trackers for women is ‘what makes them different from trackers for men and children?’

First and foremost, let’s state the obvious. The aesthetic component of a tracker can tell us if it’s meant for men or women, boys or girls. For instance, you could easily tell that Newbeing’s fitness tracker is for women simply due to the fact that it’s pink. However, that’s not enough to declare it a ‘women exclusive fitness tracker’.

What really makes a women’s tracker suited for this gender in particular is the outfit of settings and modes that the model in question comes supplied with. For example, Akaso’s Fitness tracker packs a couple of features, such as the monitoring of the menstrual period, the safe period, the ovulation period, and basically provides an overview of the user’s physical condition.

The Verdict!

There are so many great fitness trackers for women that it’s tough to choose one. However, after rummaging through the market and discovering hundreds upon hundreds of premium quality models, we’ve decided that Akaso’s H-Band 3 is definitely one of the best trackers a lady could have.

Simply put, this is perhaps the most specialized women fitness tracker on the market due to the fact that its features are practically tailor made for the female population. First and foremost, it sports a huge waterproof rating, so you can easily dip into the pool (or sea) and not pay any attention to whether or not your tracker will malfunction (don’t submerge it though).

Additionally, there are several features that make it superior to most models within the price range – it packs menstrual and ovulation monitoring features which will allow you to precisely pinpoint the time when you should and when you shouldn’t hit the beach. Of course, we shouldn’t neglect the fact that it’s available at a bargain price too.