The 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Swimming

Most modern fitness trackers have a form of water resistance, but many people don’t know that there’s a huge difference in ‘water resistance’ and ‘waterproof’ qualities. If you’re an active swimmer, you need the latter to avoid your device getting destroyed by water and your money being wasted.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the best fitness trackers for both active and casual swimmers. Let’s jump straight to the reviews.

Top 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Swimming:

Let’s begin with Skygrand’s HR Fitness tracker. Atop of being one of the best fitness trackers with HRM, it’s also among the finest smart watches you could get for swimming as well.

The reason why it’s perfect for pool parties, summer vacations and swimmers in general is because it’s completely waterproof. On top of that, it supports fourteen exercise modes, including walk, run, cycling, dance, hike, treadmill, tennis, yoga, football, badminton, and more.

It also packs a HR sensor and automatic sleep monitoring features. Being outfitted with the Nordic51832 Chip, you can rest assured that the accuracy of the tracked parameters is as high as can possibly be.

To top it all, this fitness tracker also packs a built-in battery which can survive up to two weeks at a time. It only requires some two hours to charge back to full as well.

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  • High waterproof rating
  • HR sensor and automatic sleep tracking features
  • Battery can last for up to two weeks
  • Fourteen supported modes
  • Available in several color variations


  • Small display

In essence, MorePro tracker is a specialized watch design for use in a watery ambient. It’s perfect for swimming, obviously, but since it packs IP68 waterproof rating it could also be used in practically any environment, as it’s capable of resisting rain, sweat, and even snow.

Moreover, there are three supported modes for professional swimming designed to monitor the vital parameters in various situations (pool swimming, energy consumption, timed swimming). Speaking of which, this tracker will monitor seven types of data as you swim, including laps, time, strokes, average pace, distance, and such.

It also comes supplied with a premium quality HR sensor which monitors your warm-up time, burnt fat, calories, but it also supports several tracking modes, like the regular, aerobic, anaerobic, and extreme.

Suffice to say, this is a highly versatile fitness tracker, although it’s best used by professional swimmers.

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  • Exceptional level of versatility
  • High waterproof rating
  • Numerous tracking features and modes
  • Accurate Heart-rate monitor
  • Clearly visible touch-screen display


  • Slightly more expensive than average, although still within the bounds of the budget price point category

Here we’re looking at Carshin’s fitness tracker model. It’s not as complex as our previous pick, although it packs a similar versatility rating.

The first notable difference between similarly priced models and this smart watch is that CatShin’s fitness tracker is slightly more comfortable to wear. It features a gentle, yet highly durable wristband that boasts excellent breathability and quick-drying properties.

This fitness tracker also comes supplied with a GPS tracker, as well as an onboard message storage which can allow you to review your latest messages at your convenience. There are seven integrated sport modes for you to switch between, as well as automatic HR and sleep tracking features.

Overall, the performance of CatShin’s fitness tracker is exceptional if we take the fact that it’s highly affordable into account. As a matter of fact, it just might be the best budget fitness tracker for swimmers.

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  • Very versatile fitness tracker
  • Highly affordable
  • Numerous built-in modes and tracking settings
  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • Replaceable wristband (the stock one is made of fabric, you’ll also get a metal one)


  • Can’t be used for diving (won’t resist water beyond 2 meters of depth)
  • Small display

We’re looking at ANGGO’s HR Fitness tracker. In essence, this beautiful smart watch combines the benefits of heart-rate trackers and waterproof models, making it absolutely ideal for active swimmers.

The main feature of this tracker is the automatic heart-rate monitoring setting. It will keep track of your heart-rate and blood pressure throughout the day and all you need to do is simply select the ‘mode’ of your current activity. Speaking of which, this model supports fourteen exercise and sports modes.

Now, as for the reason why it’s so perfect for swimmers, the ANGGO’s HR fitness tracker packs the IP68 waterproof rating. This means that you can swim all day without having to fear that it will malfunction underwater. Of course, since this is the third-best waterproof rating, you should still avoid submerging it under 2 meters.

What’s more, this tracker model supports the Bluetooth version 5.0 technology. You can wire it to your smart phone and receive calls or messages from your social media. Its long-lasting battery makes it all the more valuable, as it can withstand full 10 days on a single charge. Moreover, it only needs 2.5 hours to get its juices back up.

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  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Fourteen supported sports modes
  • Bluetooth version 5.0 technology
  • Long-lasting and quick-charging battery


  • Moderately comfortable to wear
  • Small display

If you don’t want an overly complex fitness tracker, we suggest that you try Mgaolo’s model out. It does come supplied with multiple tracking functions and modes, but its method of operation is substantially simpler in comparison to our previous picks.

In terms of the tracking features, the covered parameters are travelled distance, steps, burnt calories, sleep quality, as well as total active minutes.

Mgaolo’s tracker also rocks a huge battery lifetime with a week’s worth of power. Additionally, this little gadget is Bluetooth powered, so you can monitor all of the tracked data from your phone remotely. Overall, it’s a nice budget fitness tracker that delivers on the promise of quality – it’s reliable, it doesn’t cost much, and it does the job great.

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  • Available in several color options
  • Basic, easy to use tracking features
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Utility features, including message notifications, sedentary reminder, countdown, and stopwatch


  • The data ‘disappears’ a bit too fast with manual tracking mode

Fitfort’s tracker is one of the Amazon’s choices in the ‘waterproof fitness tracker’ category, so we thought of giving it a go. It’s incredibly versatile with fourteen supported sports modes, but the real reason why it’s so great is because it packs a wonderful, brightly lit display.

The screen of this tracker is only 0.96 inches big, but its visibility is complemented with five brightness levels. You can finely tune the brightness and contrast of the display, allowing you to see all the icons at all times.

Furthermore, its battery is outstanding mainly because it can withstand two weeks of usage before it needs a recharge. Speaking of which, it only requires two hours to get back online. This tracker is rated IP68 waterproof, which means that it’s great for all sorts of sports, swimming in particular.

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  • High waterproof rating
  • Long lasting battery
  • Quick recharge
  • Supports up to fourteen sports modes
  • Adjustable brightness levels


  • Small display

We’re pulling the curtains down with Fitpolo’s H706 fitness tracker. In short, this is our most affordable pick and we highly recommend it to people who’ve always wanted a fitness tracker and who also thought that such gadgets aren’t worth the money.

Basically, this model is very plain and straightforward in terms of how it works. It tracks all the basic activities, such as travelled steps, burnt calories, distance, and active time. Additionally, it automatically monitors the heart rate throughout the day so you can analyze your condition at any given point.

It also features a big 1.33-inch OLED display with clearly visible icons. Furthermore, it rocks a high waterproof rating and a decent battery lifespan. Of course, it may not be as comfortable or durable as some of our previous picks, but it brings plenty of benefits to the table while not costing much.

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  • Available in four color options
  • Multiple supported sports modes
  • Automatic all-day heart monitor
  • Basic tracking features
  • Long battery lifetime
  • Big OLED display


  • Quite flimsy
  • Moderately comfortable to wear

What to look for in fitness trackers for swimming?

High waterproof rating

The most important thing you need to look out for is the waterproof rating of your fitness tracker. Basically, there are so many models out there that are either water ‘resistant’ or ‘splash-proof’. That won’t cut it if you’re going to use your tracker while swimming.

Basically, a waterproof rating of IP68 and up will allow you to continuously use your tracker while it’s exposed to water. Whether you’re playing around in a pool where you could dip in the water at any given time or if you intended to swim for the entire day, a high waterproof rating is a must. With a low waterproof (resistant) rating your tracker will malfunction in hours or days at best.

Comfort rating

You don’t really need a good looking fitness watch if you’re an active swimmer, but you do need a comfortable one. In essence, while swimming your skin gets a bit more sensitive, so if you’re wearing an uncomfortable fitness tracker you might even hurt your wrists.

Try avoiding fitness tracker models that have a metal buckle if you’re an active swimmer, the best substitution might be models that have a plastic one (or boutique models that have Velcro straps).


There are many fitness trackers that trace steps and travelled distance, but that doesn’t really count while you’re in water. Try finding a model that comes supplied with advanced features, such as for example MorePro’s tracker. It supports several exercise and sport modes, swimming included. Such specialized modes will adjust the tracking parameters to the current type of activity you’re partaking in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the most important feature of a fitness tracker for swimming?

Essentially, without a proper waterproof rating your fitness tracker won’t be suited for swimming, period. You don’t want to risk your $50 investment by ‘testing it out for a swim’, but you also shouldn’t keep it at home simply because you’re afraid it will malfunction if it gets splashed by a couple of water drops.

The standard waterproof rating you should be looking for is IP68 or higher. Everything below relates to ‘water resistance’ and ‘splash-proof’ properties.

Is there a difference between fitness trackers for swimming and diving?

Of course there is, and in fact these are two totally different categories. Most waterproof fitness trackers won’t survive after being submerged beyond two meters in depth. Of course, everything is going to be totally fine if you spend an entire day in a 1.9-meter pool with your tracker on.

That being said, you shouldn’t dive with a waterproof fitness tracker, even for a minute. The pressure gets higher the deeper you go, so even a completely waterproof tracker won’t be able to keep intact for long.

Are fitness trackers for swimming expensive?

In essence, the ‘waterproof layer’ isn’t some bleeding-edge technology, so it’s not really reserved for boutique level models. There are plenty of budget trackers that have sufficient waterproof rating, such as Fitpolo’s H706 or Fitfort’s tracker model.

The Verdict!

The most versatile and valuable fitness tracker a swimmer could possibly have is MorePro’s GPS Smart Watch. In fact, it’s also one of the best fitness trackers for cycling as well, as it features the GPS feature.

This model packs a big, clearly visible display and supports both automatic and manual tracking modes. Better yet, it differentiates warm-up routines from extremely fatiguing exercises.

What speaks volumes about its versatility is the fact that it supports seventeen sport modes, so you can freely jog, run, sprint, swim, hike, or even climb a mountain and it will still provide reliable, accurate data. It’s a bit more expensive than your average budget fitness tracker, but it’s highly affordable by all means.