The 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Running

Although running is without a doubt a healthy activity, it’s not uncommon for some to perceive it as a chore. But have no fear, as you can still make this activity more enjoyable and efficient at the same time.

The secret ingredient is – a quality fitness tracker. We took the liberty of sifting through today’s market in pursuit of the best fitness trackers for running to take your experience to a new level. Without any ado, let’s dig in to the reviews.

Top 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Running:

Let’s open up our review of the best fitness trackers for running with Garmin’s Forerunner 35. In a nutshell, this is an expensive tracker, but it does bring a plethora of ultra useful benefits to the table in turn.

First of all, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear, but what makes it the best tracker for runners is the fact that it comes supplied with runner-exclusive tracking metrics. The tracking modes include run, sprint, race, spin, bike, and numerous other sports types. This model also tracks your average resting time, so you can easily mark down your daily running pace.

Its display is also absolutely amazing. The screen is decently big and broad, and it’s clearly visible even in sunlight. There are various vibration alerts and smart notifications that aim to further improve your running experience.

Last but not least, this fitness tracker packs smart connectivity which automatically uploads your tracked data and gives you a real-time feedback on the world’s average in the given metric.

So, in short, Garmin’s Forerunner 35 is a fitness tracker for professional runners, but it’s equally good for Olympic runners as it is for people who’ve taken running up as a hobby. It is quite expensive, but it’s one of the most valuable trackers you could find for the price.

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  • A wide array of exceptionally versatile features
  • Big display with several modes
  • Real-time heart-rate monitoring system
  • Smart connectivity
  • Various running modes


  • A bit expensive
  • Best suited for professional runners

Here we are looking at the H4 fitness tracker. Just like the Forerunner 35, this model packs a big screen and a very useful heart rate monitor.

The HD display is 1.3-inch big in diameter and it’s ‘smart’ in all aspects. It powers on as soon as you start wearing it, and since it’s a touch-screen type, you can scroll through the features by simply sliding through them and clicking on the one you want to use at the moment.

Though it’s one of the easiest fitness trackers to use, the H4 packs quite a few modes and settings. It tracks calories consumption, heart rate, steps, and distance in real time and shows you all the tracking details (including time and date) at once. There are also several utility features onboard, such as the phone finder, remote camera control, stopwatch, and timer.

Finally, the H4 is fully compatible with the vast majority of smart phones, including iOS-based phones, iPhones, Apple phones, LGs, Samsungs, and such. It’s pricey, but it’s certainly not as expensive as the Forerunner 35.

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  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Elegant design, available in several color variations
  • Very easy to navigate through the features
  • Numerous tracking modes and utility features


  • Pricey, although not overly expensive

Apart from being absolutely perfect for runners, TagoBee’s TB10 is also one of the best fitness trackers for swimming too. It packs the IP67 waterproof rating which makes it perfect for all-weather running, cycling, or swimming.

There are several tracking features, including the pedometer, sedentary reminders, heart-rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and various sports modes (running, cycling, swimming, and such). Additional utility features number the alarm clock, phone finder, remote music control, message reminder, brightness adjustments, and such.

With this in mind, it’s easy to conclude that this is a highly versatile, highly customizable fitness tracker. Though such a huge number of features make it very useful in a variety of ways, it also makes it a bit harder to use, as you’ll have to invest extra attention when navigating through the features.

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  • Exceptionally versatile
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Suitable for swimmers, runners, and cyclists
  • App supported
  • Huge customization potential


  • Slightly harder to use than most fitness trackers

The FITVII’s fitness tracker is a representative of quality in the middle price point category. It does provide a certain amount of benefits of higher end models, but it also ‘borrowed’ certain drawbacks from cheaper ones.

First of all, it packs the IP68 waterproof rating making it ideal for swimming, as well as running or jogging during rainy days. On top of that, it packs a HD touch-screen which is decently big and provides a great overview of the tracking features.

It supports several sport modes and tracks burnt calories, travelled steps, time, date, and actual heart rate, but it also sports a couple of utility tracking features, such as the stopwatch, timer, pedometer, and such.

Furthermore, its battery lifetime is formidable, allowing you to use it for a full week before it runs out of fumes. On top of that, charging it for two hours will replenish the battery in full.

The only bad thing about TIVII’s smart fitness tracker is that it’s slightly less comfortable to wear due to its plastic build. However, it is quite durable, and it isn’t particularly expensive. In our humble opinion, it does quite a punch for the buck.

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  • Durable build
  • App supported
  • Full week of battery lifetime, two-hour recharge time
  • Numerous tracking features and modes
  • Brightly lit, clearly visible HD display
  • IP68 waterproof rating


  • Slightly less comfortable to wear than average

The CanMix’s CM11 is a beautiful smart watch, and that’s the first thing you’ll notice about it. Apart from being fashionable in terms of design, it rocks a 1.3-inch HD screen made from tempered glass and offers five themes for you to choose between.

This smart fitness tracker monitors your sleep quality and heart rate in real time and comes supplied with a highly accurate sensor, so you can rest assured that the data it collects is as precise as can be.

Due to its high waterproof rating (IP68) and robust build, it’s one of the best fitness trackers for cycling atop of being great for runners, swimmers, and pretty much everyone who’s into sports and fitness.

There are also several utility features you can use, such as the automatic pedometer, alarm, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, and a wide variety of social media-based settings, such as message reminder for example.

It’s compatible with all newer smart phones and Bluetooth-based software, so any iPhone or Apple-owning runners would really enjoy their favourite hobbies with this model. It’s slightly less expensive than our earlier picks and it’s the first tracker in the budget section in our review, so if you’re low on cash, this might be a perfect choice.

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  • Highly versatile fitness tracker
  • Wide-screen HD display
  • Durable construction
  • Looks amazingly well
  • Available in two color variations


  • Moderately comfortable to wear

Basically, moreFit’s Halo fitness tracker is plain, simple, and very straightforward in terms of performance. It’s remarkably easy to use and it packs a basic set of tracking efeatures, such as heart-rate, steps, and the quality of sleep.

It also rocks IP68 waterproof rating, which makes it great for morning runs around the beach, or alternatively, if you’re into running in the rain, this is a perfect budget tracker. Speaking of which, this model is among the best budget fitness trackers simply because it performs great while being available at a very attractive price.

The round screen is fairly visible, and there are five ‘face styles’ for you to choose from. The utility settings supplied to this model include the clock alarm, the stopwatch, brightness adjustments, sedentary reminder, phone finder, stopwatch, and a couple of milestone-based settings, such as the sport goal or sleep goal, for example.

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  • Very easy to use
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Heart rate and sleep tracking
  • Five switchable display types
  • Plenty of utility features
  • Accurate tracking


  • A bit flimsy

The last item on our list of the best fitness trackers for running is InnKoo’s fitness tracker. It’s a small and plain tracker that’s compatible with most, if not all Bluetooth-based smart phones.

It packs a week of battery lifespan and boasts quick recharge time, accurate heart-rate monitor sensor, sleep tracking, but it doesn’t feature any utility settings. Be it as it may, this makes it even easier to use, since the only tracking features are the distance travelled, calories burnt, steps, and date. InnKoo’s tracker is very affordable and it’s a perfect gift for hobbyists and casual runners.

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  • Long battery lifespan
  • Wide compatibility
  • Accurate tracking
  • App friendly
  • Decently comfortable to wear


  • Small display
  • No utility features

What To Look For In Fitness Trackers For Running

Comfort Rating

A good fitness tracker for running is a comfortable one, and there should be no compromise in this respect. Even though the vast majority of models are made from plastic materials, a good portion of them actually feel quite good to wear.


Even though running is mostly considered as a casual, risk-free hobby, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of you simply tripping over something and falling to the ground. Since fitness trackers are generally made from relatively flimsy materials (especially the display), it’s imperative that you find a durable model that can withstand a couple of accidental falls.

Even if we completely neglect the fact that you could fall at any given time as you sprint, for example, fitness trackers wear off with time. That’s all the more reason why a plain, yet durable tracker is more valuable than one with plenty of features that ends up breaking down after a couple of months.

Features (Main and Utility)

There are no particular features you should be looking out for, although there are some models with special tracking running modes, such as the Forerunner 35 for example. This is one of the few advanced models which can actually track your pace as you jog, run, or sprint.

Some of the usual features these trackers come supplied with are GPS, a heart-rate monitor, and they’re capable of tracking the amount of calories you’ve burnt, the amount of steps you’ve travelled, and the overall distance you have covered.

Heart-rate Monitor

This feature is entirely optional, and a fitness tracker can still pass on as a good one for running even if it doesn’t come supplied with it. However, this particular tracking feature is very good for runners who want to keep track of how their running day went off. With it you’ll know when you’ve strained yourself so that you can push the limits (bit by bit) the next day, and the following day, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Most Important Thing A Fitness Tracker For Runners Must Have?

You simply need to feel comfortable while wearing it. It doesn’t need to be too complex (or too simple) for you to use, but it needs to feel good simply because running will fatigue you and you don’t need another hindrance on your wrist to complement that particular feeling.

Are Fitness Trackers For Running Expensive?

Unlike fitness trackers for swimming, trackers for running aren’t equipped with special features (such as a big waterproof rating, for example). Obviously, there are expensive and budget models, but in general, fitness trackers for running aren’t that expensive.

The Verdict!

Every model in our review is great in its own right, but from an objective standpoint, Garmin’s Forerunner 35 stands on top of the pedestal of the best fitness trackers for running. It rocks a built-in GPS system, accurate HR sensor, it sports a big, clearly visible display, and a variety of tracking and utility features. It does cost quite a bit, but it’s the best you’ll find for the money.