The 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Kids

The little ones are constantly active! Whether they’re at the court playing sports, jumping after the ball, or playing hide and seek, there’s no stopping until they run out of fumes. So having a fitness tracker around their hand will allow your kids to have all the fun they intended in the first place while setting goals for their exercises in the meantime.

We went through the most popular fitness trackers for kids on the market and have come up with a top 7 list for you. Let’s check them out.

Top 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Kids:

Let’s start with YoYoFit’s fitness tracker. Often hailed as the top pick in the ‘fitness tracker for girls’ category, the device since it comes in five color variants, hence it’s safe to say that it’s quite well suited for little boys as well.

Focusing on the features, the device comes supplied with a couple of ‘grown-ups’ features, such as call reminders, message notifications, and sedentary alarm settings, but it also packs several kid-based options, such as selectable interface modes for example.

The YoYoFit supports five sport modes, such as basketball, football, running, cycling, and sit-ups, counting the steps and calories differently while in each mode. One of the best things about this fitness tracker is that it packs a slim profile and feels very comfortable to wear. It’s not too expensive either, and it boasts a huge value for the money based on its superb performance.

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  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Slim profile, very comfortable to wear
  • Five basic sport modes tracking
  • Selectable interface styles
  • High compatibility with all modern smart phone models (Androids, iPhones, and such)


  • Although the tracker itself is great, the application which you can use to connect it with your smart phone is pretty inaccurate

Next up is Fitbit’s Ace 2 kids fitness tracker. It is slightly more expensive than your average fitness watch, but it’s still within the bounds of the budget price point category.

First of all, the Ace 2 was designed to work in a very plain and straightforward fashion. Your kid will be able to track steps and active minutes, although calorie-based monitoring is not included.

This fitness tracker is absolutely perfect for pool parties and beach activities, as it’s completely waterproof. Even when submerged it will remain fully functional and resist all the potential damage.

Among the most interesting features of the Ace 2 fitness tracker we could include the ‘badge’. Kids can earn make-believe badges as a sort of achievement for reaching the goals. Different ‘faces’ will appear based on how active the child has been throughout the day. Kids love achievement-driven games, and this will actually stimulate them to get phyisically active.

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  • Completely waterproof, immune to damage even while submerged
  • Small, slim profile
  • ‘Badge’ achievement system meant to motivate your children to be more active
  • Huge battery lifetime
  • Basic tracking features, easy to use


  • A bit more expensive than an average kids fitness tracker
  • Doesn’t monitor calories

Apart from being an amazing kid’s fitness tracker, the BingoFit’s tracker is also one of the best budget fitness trackers. It’s basically a miniature smart phone due to its exceptional versatility.

Even though it boasts a well-rounded performance, it’s still pretty easy to use it, even by the smallest of youngsters. All of the icons on the display are very self-explanatory, and swithing between modes is as simple as can be. Speaking of which, this tracker can monitor the travelled distance, daily steps, burnt calories, and the overall activity time.

Best of all, the tracking is executed automatically, and all your little one needs to do is simply turn the watch on and select the mode he or she wants. There’s even a convenient sleep monitor feature, which is also automatic. It analyzes the quality of your kid’s sleep.

Last, but certainly not least, this fitness tracker packs a slim profile and weighs only 18 grams. Additionally, the BingoFit tracker is one of the more affordable options in our selection.

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  • Decently affordable
  • Available in several color variations, suitable for both boys and girls
  • Sleep monitor feature
  • Slim profile and weightless construction
  • Fairly easy to use


  • Slightly less durable than average

Here we are looking at Trendy Pro’s kid’s fitness tracker, which is actually more of a bundle than anything else. Basically, this package is comprised of three ultra slim fitness trackers, making it ideal for larger families.

Each band packs an OLED high-definition display, which is fairly visible even though it’s incredibly petite in size. You’ll be able to track your steps and travelled distance with this fitness tracker, but that’s pretty much it as no additional tracking options are available.

In fact, the thing which most people loved about this particular model is its sheer simplicity. It’s very easy to use it, and it could even be used as toddlers if you teach them how to turn it on.

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  • A package of three fitness trackers
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Very easy to use
  • Lightweight and very compact


  • Modest set of features
  • Flimsy build

Morefit’s tracker might look like your average fitness tracker, but the truth is that it’s a bit more versatile while still being super easy to use. The tracking features include heart rate, blood pressure, burnt calories, a stopwatch, message reminder, and such. Basically, it’s not a kid’s tracker per se simply because there are so many features onboard, but the basics are very plain and straightforward in all respects.

This model is rated IP67 waterproof, so if you’re taking your kids out for a summer holiday, this is one of the best fitness trackers for swimming.

Additionally, you can control this tracker remotely by installing the JYouPro application. It can be downloaded for free straight from the Google Play or Apple Store and it’s compatible with Androids 5.1 version and iOS 8.0 (and higher versions, of course).

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  • Available in five color variations
  • Exceptionally versatile tracker
  • Best suited to adolescents and teenagers, smaller kids also love its basic features
  • High compatibility
  • Easy and fast recharge


  • Your child might need some time to adjust to all of the features since there are plenty of them

Next up is Sikadeer’s fitness tracker. Essentially, it’s as versatile as our previous pick, although it’s substantially easier to use. It does pack a whole lot of tracking features, but the basics (such as burnt calories and travelled distance) are good to go straight out of the box.

This tracker is rated IP68 waterproof and packs a long-lasting battery which can withstand up to 10 full days of (light) use. If the tracker is being used 24-7, the battery should be fine for about 5 days straight. Additionally, it’s very comfortable to use and rocks a slim profile.

Sikadeer’s fitness tracker also packs a HR sensor, making it one of the finest fitness trackers with HR in the budget section.

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  • Long lasting battery
  • Equipped with a HR sensor
  • Fairly easy and comfortable to use
  • Very affordable


  • Small display

Let’s wrap the review up with Toobur’s activity tracker. There are a couple of things that make this tracker different from all our previous picks. First and foremost, this is the only tracker which features a vertical display. That means that there’s just a bit more room for the icons on the display, but that also means that all of the features are slightly smaller in turn.

This fitness tracker weighs only 18 grams and it’s perfect even for toddlers due to its simple design. One of the best things about it is that all of the features are fully automatic, which means that all of the tracking parameters, such as travelled distance, steps, burnt calories, as well as sleep quality tracking are all executed automatically.

Moreover, you can remotely monitor the tracking features by downloading a proprietary app from your phone.

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  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • Available in several color variants
  • Automatic tracking features
  • The most affordable fitness tracker in our review


  • Petite display
  • Not waterproof

What To Look For In Fitness Trackers For Kids

Features/Easiness Of Use

The main difference between adult’s and kid’s tracker is that the latter should be as simple as possible. Most kids won’t have any interest in sleep tracking and call features unlike their parents.

This means that you’ll need a tracker with a plain method of operation, such as Tobur’s activity tracker for example. It doesn’t have a lot of settings and all of its onboard features are completely automatic.


The way a tracker is designed determines a great deal of things. First of all, if it’s uncomfortable, your kid will reluctantly wear it in the best possible scenario. Secondly, if it’s too big it will simply fall off from your child’s wrist, and if it’s too small, it might even hurt your child.

Checking out the size should be a relatively simple matter, as you could always inquire about the dimensions.


Most fitness trackers for kids can be paired up to an application via Bluetooth which gives you the convenience to remotely access the data contained there. However, there are cases where such applications are thoroughly useless – if they’re incompatible with the phone you have.

That’s the reason why you should always check which tracker’s app is compatible with your (type or version of) phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Child Be Able To Use The Fitness Tracker On Its Own?

Basically, the method of operation varies from model to model, but practically all fitness trackers for kids come equipped with automatic features. This means that for as long as your child is wearing the tracker (and keeps it powered on, of course), there’s no need for anyone to use it per se.

The automatic tracking mechanism collects the data which you and your child can monitor at any given time. What’s more, some of the better models also feature special smart phone applications which you can use to remotely monitor the collected data.

Most Of The Fitness Trackers We Bought For Our Child Were Too Big, Are There Any Smaller Models?

In essence, the vast majority of fitness trackers are made with an average’s person wrist size in mind. This is also the reason why you’ll see labels such as ‘fitness tracker for women, men, and kids’ all in one place.

It should also be mentioned that there are very few models that are suited for toddlers and children under the age of five. If that’s your situation, we advise you to check out the models such as the Trendy Pro fitness tracker bundle which offers a tighter grip and is smaller in size.

The Verdict!

Even though there are many great fitness trackers for kids on the market, Fitbit’s Ace 2 sticks out from the rest with superior all-around performance. Before we get to the actual verdict, we should mention that this particular model is slightly more expensive than an average kid’s fitness tracker, so if you really want the best for your children, be prepared to pay top dollar for it.

The first reason why this model is the best you could possibly get for the money is because it’s also very educational. It features a ‘badge achievement system’, which means that a certain smiley face will appear on screen as soon as your child reaches the set goal.

Furthermore, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear and is practically weightless. On top of that, it packs a phenomenal waterproof rating which makes the tracker completely impervious to water damage, even if completely submerged. As for the tracking features themselves, they’re relatively simple and straightforward – this model tracks steps and active minutes exclusively, which means that your children can use it without your help.