The 7 Best Heart Rate Monitors - Fitness Tracking On Another Level

Fitness trackers used to be very plain and simple – people used them for fun to monitor how much steps they’ve travelled in a day, others used it to develop healthier habits. Nowadays, fitness trackers are becoming more and more advanced, and some of the latest upgrades include the HR sensors.

Basically, a tracker with a HR sensor allows you to keep track of your quality of sleep and heart-rate throughout the day. If you’ve caught onto this trend, we have a couple of recommendations for you.

Top 7 Best Hearth Rate Monitors

Garmin’s a huge brand, and their VivoSmart activity tracker is certainly one of the best models on the entire market. We’ve decided to open up with the VivoSmart mainly because it offers the highest amount of options and possibly the best performance you could get for the money.

It features a sleek design and looks absolutely remarkable. What’s more, it’s available in three color options, including black, midnight blue, and imperial purple. Apart from aesthetics, it excels in pretty much every sphere of performance possible – it’s super versatile, durable, and it packs one of the most accurate HR sensors available.

Its tracking features include burnt calories, travelled distance, steps, and the overall intensity of your workouts. Other utility features number remote camera control, music control, and smart notification reminders.

The VivoSmart fitness tracker is also very comfortable to wear since it’s made from gentle silicone material. All things considered, the only bad thing about it is that it costs quite a bit, other than that it’s quite close to being a perfect fitness tracker.

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  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Compatible with most smart-phones
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Very accurate HR sensor


  • Quite expensive

Next up is Ceilein’s fitness tracker. It looks fashionable, but it’s really plain and easy to use. This fitness tracker keeps track of your blood pressure, travelled distance, burnt calories, steps taken, but it also records you sleep quality and heart rate.

Speaking of which, the accuracy of the data Ceilein’s fitness tracker collects is exceptionally high. You’ll receive real-time feedback so that you can adjust (or break) certain habits that affect your style of living.

Furthermore, this fitness tracker is also one of the best fitness trackers for swimming because it rocks the IP68 waterproof rating. You can wear it out while it’s raining and it’s more than capable of resisting sweat, although you shouldn’t dive beyond two meters with it.

Its battery lifespan is pretty great, it can hold up to a full week on a single charge, and it needs only two hours to get back online. In summary, it’s a great tracker for the buck, although it could welcome a couple more utility features.

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  • Decently versatile
  • Accurate HR sensor
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Good battery lifespan, quick recharge


  • Small amount of utility features
  • Small display

Yamay’s Fitness tracker is one of the most versatile models in its price point category, as well as one of the best budget fitness trackers. It’s waterproof, packs a variety of tracking sports modes, and comes supplied with a premium-quality heart rate sensor.

First things first, this model features the IP68 waterproof rating, so it’s perfect for all-weather usage. Additionally, it supports fourteen sports modes, and it accurately tracks the overall distance you’ve travelled, the amount of calories you’ve burnt, total activity time, steps taken, and such.

It comes equipped with a highly accurate HR sensor which monitors the quality of your sleep and heart rate in real time. Its battery is pretty decent, as it can withstand some five to seven days per charge. There are also a couple of utility features, most of which are based around on messaging and social media.

Overall, Yamay’s fitness tracker is pretty durable, quite comfortable to wear, and it’s incredibly versatile. To top it all, it’s also very affordable. The only potential problem you might have with it is the fact that the screen is fairly small, but other than that everything else checks out.

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  • Huge level of versatility
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Highly accurate HR sensor
  • Long-lasting battery, quick recharge
  • Social media-based utility features


  • Smallish screen
  • A bit harder to use due to the plethora of available sports modes

Akasma’s fitness tracker is a budget one, but it brings plenty of benefits you’d find in high-end models to the table. It sports an advanced heart-rate sensor which accurately records the pace of your heartbeats in real time. You can use the application to take a look at the collected data anytime.

Furthermore, there’s the automatic sleep tracking feature as well. This gadget monitors deep and light sleep, but it also records all the necessary data as you start waking up for a detailed report. One of the few utility features onboard is the ‘silent’ alarm which would wake you up via vibrations so as to not bother your housemates.

Its battery is slightly weaker in comparison to the models we’ve reviewed so far, as it can only last for about five days. That’s still pretty good considering the price, not to mention that it only needs two hours of charging before you can use it again. Overall, it holds quite a value for the price due to its easiness of use and HR sensor’s accuracy.

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  • Very accurate HR and sleep tracking
  • Exceptionally easy to use
  • App supported tracker
  • Wide compatibility


  • Small amount of utility features
  • Only moderately comfortable to wear

Next up is Glymnis’ fitness tracker. It bears much semblance to our previous two picks, although it’s slightly more affordable and offers a different set of benefits.

First of all, this is a stylish tracker that comes in five color options, including black, purple, red, blue, and green. Simply because it excels in aesthetics so much it’s also one of the best fitness trackers for women.

This tracker packs a decently accurate HR sensor and supports up to fourteen exercise modes. Though it is very versatile, this tracker doesn’t really feature many utility features. On top of that, its display is relatively small, but clearly visible.

On a brighter note, it features the IP68 waterproof rating and has a 7-day battery lifespan complemented with quick recharge time. For a budget watch, Gylmnis’ model is more than valuable for the cash.

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  • Looks great, available in five color variations
  • Accurate sleep and heart rate tracking
  • IP68 waterproof rating
  • Fourteen supported sports modes
  • Long battery lifespan and quick recharge time


  • Only a couple of utility features such as calendar and social media notifications
  • Small display

Juboury’s Fitness Tracker is very comfortable to wear, its display is just about the right size, and it’s waterproof. What’s more to like about it? It supports four training modes which can be used (and monitored) from your smart phone via the proprietary application, so it’s super easy to use.

It packs a decently accurate HR sensor, a IP67 water-resistance rating, and a 7-day battery lifespan, so in short, it’s got everything you could want out of a fitness tracker. Moreover, it packs an integrated GPS system, which makes it perfect for runners who like to commute every once in a while.

The bad thing about it is that its display is slightly flimsier than average, so you should invest extra care while handling it. Other than that, it comes at an attractive price and performs great for the money.

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  • Integrated GPS
  • High compatibility with modern smart phones
  • Looks great, available in three color options
  • Decent battery lifespan
  • Accurate HR sensor


  • The display is slightly flimsier than average

The last model on our list of the finest fitness trackers with HR is SupSun’s model. It supports four training modes and a decent HR sensor, which isn’t something that many budget models can boast about.

Its screen is 0.96-inch big, which is just about the right size. The SupSun’s tracker also packs a 7-day battery lifespan and is compatible with most iOS and Bluetooth-based smart phones. As for the utility features, it packs GPS integration, sedentary alert, and call reminders.

Overall, it’s very easy to use, it’s comfortable, and you’ll also get a complementary band as a bonus feature.

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  • Decently comfortable to wear
  • Complementary bonus band
  • Durable and light
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Potential problems with sensor’s accuracy when using it indoors

What To Look For In Heart Rate Monitors

Comfort rating

The HR technology has evolved so much that most fitness trackers are actually incredibly accurate when it comes to collecting heart-rate and sleep quality data. Knowing this, you should prioritize finding a comfortable tracker since you’ll be wearing it for days on end.


Basically, you will be carrying your fitness tracker everywhere all the time. This means that the band will eventually start to wear off, which further means that finding a durable tracker is a good call.

The materials which define the tracker’s durability usually play a key role in determining its comfort rating as well. This means that some trackers can be very robust while being uncomfortable to wear, and vice versa.

However, one does not cross out the other. For example, Garmin’s VivoSmart is made of rugged silicone, but even though it’s incredibly robust, it still feels amazingly comfortable to wear.


Though you do not need a waterproof fitness tracker if you really want to benefit from the HR technology, a form of water resistance is highly recommended.

Basically, the HR sensor is tiny and very delicate in nature, so even though the majority of the features and settings will be able to continue operating normally if the tracker gets splashed a bit, the accuracy of the HR feature might drop substantially.


The price is usually a definitive factor when it comes to any form of product. You simply won’t consider the models you can’t afford, and alternatively, most people avoid the cheapest models out of fear that they’re poor in quality.

Now, when it comes to HR fitness trackers, avoiding the cheapest models is one of the smartest things to do. In a nutshell, the cheapest trackers don’t actually ‘track’ anything reliably. They’re equipped with barely functional sensors which do not collect accurate data.

This, however, is not a rule that’s set in stone. There are some great examples of cheap HR fitness trackers that are actually reliable and accurate, such as the SupSun’s model. Rest assured, all of the models we’ve covered in this review are supplied with fully functional, highly accurate HR sensors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HR monitor?

Basically, a HR (heart-rate) monitor is a small gadget that resembles the medical EKG (electrocardiography) machine. It basically collects the information about your pulse and via numerous calculations it’s capable of determining your pulse and actual heart rate. Strictly speaking, it’s a tiny device inside a consumer-grade fitness tracker.

How accurate are consumer-grade HR trackers?

Some of the newest models have been proven to be as accurate as medical EKG devices, so with the exception of the cheapest models on the market, HR fitness trackers are exceptionally accurate. Tests have shown that the average accuracy of a fitness tracker goes all the way up to some 98%.

The Verdict!

Garmin’s VivoSmart HR activity tracker is a cut above all other models we’ve found. It’s simply more versatile, more durable, more comfortable to wear, and the accuracy of its sensor is absolutely unparalleled.

Surely enough, this particular model costs quite a bit, but only in comparison to other models within that price range. It’s perfect for the cash, and if you want to get the most value for your buck, we recommend that you go with VivoSmart HR Fitness tracker.