The 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Cycling

Cycling is one of the healthiest hobbies a person could possibly have, but what if we told you that you can make it even healthier? Simply put, by having a fitness tracker, you can keep a record of your (changing) physical condition, stamina, and endurance.

There are models that will automatically track the data on their own, some require a bit of know-how, but it’s safe to say that in this way you will gradually improve your physical condition and erase most, if not all of the bad habits you’ve accumulated so far.

We’ve picked out the seven best fitness trackers for cycling for your convenience, so let’s dig in the reviews.

Top 7 Best Fitness Trackers For Cycling:

The first item on our list is Goopow’s Fitness tracker. This guy’s main tracking features include steps, calories burned, total active minutes, and overall distance. In simple terms, it’s equally good for walking, jogging, and running; however, what makes it great for cycling is the built-in automatic heart rate monitor feature.

The device comes in four color options, including black, blue, pink, and purple, and though it looks pretty basic it’s very comfortable to wear. This fitness tracker is compatible with most modern smart phones, and you can connect your phone with it via the JYouPro application.

In a nutshell, this is a relatively simple tracker with a very basic set of features. Rocking a decently big display and a great deal of utility features, we’re pretty confident that every cyclist will find it as valuable for the cash.

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  • Very easy to use
  • Simple tracking features
  • Available in four color variations
  • Automatic heart rate and sleep monitoring functions
  • Compatible with all modern smart phones


  • Potential problems with blood pressure tracking feature’s accuracy

Next up is Cratec’s W5 fitness tracker. There are plenty of things that make this tracker different from most similarly priced models.

First of all, it features a big 1.3-inch LCD display with neatly organized tracking counters. You’ll be able to see the battery lifespan and up to three additional tracking parameters. Furthermore, its HR sensor is incredibly accurate, providing precise data on the blood pressure and your general health status in real time.

It’s rated IP67 waterproof, which means that it’s completely impervious to sweat. What’s more, it’s also pretty durable, so it will be able to endure even the harshest cycling routines quite easily.
Lastly, Cratec’s W5 can last up to twenty days on a single charge while requiring only two to fully recharge back up.

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  • Big LCD display
  • Accurate HR readings
  • Easy to use
  • Incredible battery lifespan
  • Quick recharge


  • Not compatible with smart phones via apps or Bluetooth

Here we are looking at Tepoinn’s fitness tracker. It rocks a 0.96-inch LCD display outfitted with a light sensor and five selectable brightness levels. On top of that, it comes supplied with a multitude of settings, such as the pedometer, a sleep monitor, heart-rate monitor, and a bunch of utility settings like GPS, SMS alerts, sedentary reminder, and such.

Furthermore, the Tepoinn’s model supports fourteen training modes, including several types of cycling. Three of the aforementioned modes are pre-set, you’ll have to download and set the rest of them by using the proprietary application.

This fitness tracker rocks a slim profile, it’s practically weightless and it feels exceptionally comfortable to wear. Best of all, due to its very attractive price, it’s also one of the best budget fitness trackers.

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  • Slim profile, lightweight
  • LCD display with adjustable brightness levels
  • Plenty of features and supported activity modes
  • Automatic HR sensor


  • You’ll only get three activity modes out of the box, as you’ll need to install the rest of them with the application

Here we have Basecamp’s HR Fitness tracker. In essence, it’s a budget model, but it’s also one of the finest HRM fitness trackers as it rocks a reliable, accurate heart-rate sensor which provides real-time 24-hour automatic monitoring of your physical condition.

Now, as for the reason why it’s so great for cyclists, it supports several sports modes, tracks all the basic activities like steps and calories (depending on the selected mode), and sports the IP67 waterproof rating. It’s completely resistant to rain and sweat, so you can freely cycle even in the harshest conditions if you ever want to.

Though the display of this fitness tracker is relatively small, it boasts OLED technology which makes it more visible and easier to navigate through. To top it all, it comes supplied with an incredibly comfortable band. Overall, it’s a budget fitness tracker with a phenomenal, well rounded performance.

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  • Real-time automatic heart rate and sleep monitoring
  • Basic tracking features
  • IP67 Waterproof rating
  • Supported by VeryFitPro application
  • Very easy to use


  • Small display

In a nutshell, Beaulyn’s fitness tracker features state-of-the-art Nordic 52832 heart monitor chip which is currently one of the most reliable technologies in terms of HR tracking. Its battery is also superior to most similarly priced models, it’s able to withstand almost three weeks of usage per charge. Speaking of which, it needs only two hours for a full recharge.

In terms of tracking features, the Beaulyn’s tracker model monitors steps, distance, burned calories, sleep status, overall active minutes, and supports eight exercise modes, cycling included.

This little smart gadget is also powered by Bluetooth, so you can easily connect it with your phone for easier navigation through the settings. Of course, by using the app you can also sift through the collected data faster and more easily.

The only problem with this fitness tracker is that it’s not as comfortable due to its all-plastic construction. However, its all-around performance and the attractive price are more than enough to compensate for this little flaw.

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  • Great battery lifetime, fast recharge
  • Plenty of supported modes, basic tracking features
  • Exceptionally reliable HR sensor
  • Bluetooth friendly
  • Very easy to use


  • Not as sturdy as some of our earlier picks

Even though it’s slightly more affordable than most of our picks so far, Willful’s SW331 fitness tracker is actually our top pick for the cycling category. It supports multiple tracking modes which include various sport and exercise types such as sit-ups, jumping jacks, treadmill, jumping rope, cycling, and such.

It comes outfitted with a premium quality heart rate sensor, although you’ll need to set it up manually. The lack of automatic HR tracking is covered by a plethora of other features, such as the automatic sleep monitor, smart notifications, and SW331’s huge compatibility.

Basically, this gadget features an onboard memory, so you can program your sleep times. Afterward, the system will automatically analyze the quality of your sleep throughout all stages (light sleep, deep sleep, etc).

There are also a couple of utility features, such as a vibrating (silent) alarm, sedentary alert, remote camera and music control, and the ‘phone finder’, which is certainly one of the most useful side features.

In terms of comfort, it promises a snug fit, but its plastic construction isn’t really plushy per se. Last, but not least, the SW331 looks very modern and fashionable. It comes in six color options, including several variations of black, blue, and purple.

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  • Automatic sleep monitor
  • Numerous unique tracking modes and features
  • Responsive and easy to use proprietary application
  • Wide compatibility
  • Looks great and comes available in several color options


  • Moderately comfortable to wear
  • Manual HR tracking

The last, as well as the cheapest cycling fitness tracker on our list is Sobotoo’s fitness tracker. In short, it rocks a slim design, a brightly lit display, plenty of supported fitness modes, a decent waterproof rating, and a solid battery lifespan.

This fitness tracker comes supplied with a decently reliable HR sensor, although it’s not as accurate as for example, Cratec’s W5. Furthermore, Sobotoo’s tracker is highly versatile. It supports fourteen sport modes, including walking, running, hiking, fitness, cycling, treadmill, badminton, tennis, mountaineering, yoga, and more.

There are other utility features onboard, such as the Message reminder, sedentary reminder, GPS, goal achievement system, camera control, and brightness control. Even though there are so many settings and features it could make your head spin, this gadget is incredibly easy to use. In fact, most of the aforementioned features can be pre-set and pre-programmed before you set off on your bike.

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  • Decent water resistance rating
  • Plenty of utility settings
  • Very easy to use
  • Big battery lifetime
  • Fourteen supported sport modes


  • Moderately reliable HR sensor

What To Look For In Fitness Trackers For Cycling

Special Features/Supported Modes

It’s imperative that you find a tracker which can track your ‘travelled distance’ instead of simply ‘steps’ and ‘time’. The main reason for this is because a regular tracker will count your ‘steps’ as you cycle, but in a very unreliable way. Find a tracker that supports cycling modes, or cycling in general if you want to make use of it as a monitoring tool at all.

Battery Lifespan

Most fitness trackers for cyclists come outfitted with a GPS on which people usually rely on when cycling through unfamiliar territories. Even if the GPS feature itself isn’t exactly accurate, you’ll need a solid battery if you don’t really want to get lost.

More importantly, a tracker with a low battery lifespan is basically useless. If you go out for a cycling trip, as soon as the battery dies out, all the collected data goes away with it. In a nutshell, low battery spells ‘unreliable’ in this scenario.

Water Resistance

Regardless of whether you like offroad cycling or plain concrete, you’ll need some form of water protection for your fitness tracker if you want to keep it functional. There are all kinds of possible bad scenarios – it might fall into a puddle of water, you might get splashed by an incoming car as it passes by, and, of course, rain could start pouring down at any point in time.

While you don’t need a tracker with a high waterproof rating, ‘splash-proof’ and ‘water-resistant’ trackers should be enough to keep your mind at ease.

Easy To Use

It’s safe to say you’ll literally have your hands full as you cycle, so it would be pretty great if the tracker rocked a simple method of operation. You don’t need anything too complex as you’ll basically review the collected data at home (or when you’re taking a pause).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is a Fitness Tracker For Cycling Different From a Regular Fitness Tracker?

In essence, the most basic tracker models monitor steps, burnt calories, and active time. That’s quite alright, but the bad thing about it is that it’s not exactly practical for cyclists. Namely, you can’t (reliably) track the distance you’ve covered with ‘steps’, as you’ll need the ‘travelled distance’ feature.

Luckily enough, this particular setting (mode) isn’t so rare, a great number of fitness trackers support it.

Do I Need a Waterproof Tracker For Cycling? My Old One Malfunctioned When I Took It Out For A Trip While It Was Raining

In truth, you don’t need a waterproof tracker, but you do need at least a water-resistant one. The rating of IP67 should suffice, however if you like a watch with a higher rating, by all means go for it.

The Verdict!

Our top pick is Willful’s SW331 fitness tracker. Even though there are more expensive models in our review, this particular one has everything a cyclist needs.

It supports a dedicated cycling mode, it tracks both steps and travelled distance, it has a decently reliable HR sensor, and packs a plethora of utility features, such as GPS, remote camera and music control, phone finder, and such. Best of all, it’s pretty affordable, even for by budget price point category standards. All things considered, the SW331 does a huge bang for the buck.