Top 7 Best Dumbbells For Women

Even though weightlifting and strength routines are becoming more and more popular with women, there are still distinctive differences between how men and women approach weights. Especially dumbbells.

Because of that, today we are going to show you our picks for top 7 best dumbbells/weights for women. Some of these are among the best dumbbells out there.

At the end of our quick rundown, we will talk a little about what makes certain dumbbells suitable for ladies and why that is the case. We will cover both strength oriented applications as well as cardio oriented workouts that involve dumbbells.

Top 7 Best Dumbbells For Women:

A good set of neoprene dumbbells can go a long way, especially if you are using them mainly for aerobic exercises. The set we have here comes from Unipac and represents a higher end offering from this segment of the market. Neoprene coated dumbbells aren’t generally expensive but it is absolutely worth investing a bit more in a good brand that takes things above the bare minimum. 

This particular set is a bit unorthodox compared to most of the others on the market. For one it features a 6lb, 8lb and 10lb sizes. If you are looking for lighter weights than that, Unipack offers those as well. The core is a cast iron piece that is well balanced and feels good in your hand. Speaking of which, the best thing about these dumbbells is the texture. 

Neoprene alone is pretty decent in terms of grip, but these take it a bit further. Being color coded means that you can easily figure out which one is which although using relatively dark blue and purple may not have been the best course of action. Either way, you really can’t go wrong with Unipack if you are after a durable yet simple set.

Our next pick represents a compromise solution for those who want to start out slow and them move into more concrete muscle building. Adjustable dumbbells have always been the go to choice for home use. The system is quite simple, reliable and efficient. A single bar with a few different sets of plates can replace pounds and pounds of solid weights. The ones we have chosen for this list, the Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells, offer a good balance of price, performance and quality.

These come in a variety of options ranging anywhere from 40lbs in total to 200lbs if that’s more your thing. As far as design itself goes, Yes4All didn’t do anything too innovative with these. With that in mind, they did do a great job with the mounting setup and retention system. Each side for the bar is threaded to accept a collar screw which keeps the plates in place.

Here’s the thing, both the collar nut and the bar itself have rubber inserts where these components come into contact with plates. Those rubber inserts ensure that you won’t have any unwanted travel when you tighten everything up. They also ensure that collars won’t come loose during your workout.

Gold’s Gym is one of those names in the fitness industry that brings a fair share of weight, no pun intended. Their stuff has always been revered as good bang for the buck gear that delivers when necessary. What they did with this particular set of weights is interesting to say the least. Neoprene weights have been pretty streamlined to a point where every brand uses what is essentially the same design. 

Gold’s took a good look at said design and promptly tossed it into the trash. No, they had to design something different – something that will stand out and still be every bit as good as the competition. The result? Dumbbells which feature a very curvy design, great texture and attractive finish. On top of that, Gold’s Gym gave up on a standard weights rack that most of their competition uses for sets like these. 

Instead, they offer a tray. The benefit of this approach is lower profile that is arguably easier to store. The weights that come with the set include pairs of 8lb, 5lb and 3lb dumbbells. With a very good grip, Gold’s Gym  Neoprene Hand Weights are an awesome choice for those who want something different.

As we move down the line, we walk into the more affordable territory. GoFit all purpose dumbbells are far from being the worst set of weights you can get. On the contrary, they are easily among the best within their category. Here is the thing you need to pay attention to, BalanceFrom isn’t all that big on aesthetics. This entire set looks fairly rudimentary with its waxy colors, clear but boring labels and a bare bones rack. 

However, you aren’t investing in dumbbells so you could look at them. The build quality and overall finish are what matters the most in the end. In this regard, BalanceFrom did a great job overall. These belong to the neoprene category of dumbbells which makes them rather durable overall. The cast iron core is well balanced with equal weight distribution between the two heads. 

The kit includes an 8lb pair, a 5lb pair and a 3lb pair. One thing to note is that BalanceFrom has rated these as good to go for outside use, which definitely makes sense considering that they offer sufficient grip. Additionally, you can get more pairs from the same family of weights once you are done with these loads.

There as an argument to be made about neoprene dumbbells and whether or not there is much difference between the more expensive and affordable models. We won’t really get into that discussion but the fact is that you can get perfectly good dumbbells for not a lot of money. One such set comes from j/fit and it represents a great set for beginners as well as women who don’t want to deal with lots of muscle mass. 

The set features 2lb, 3lb and 5lb pairs, which makes it lighter across the board compared to most other sets of this type. There’s a reasonable explanation for this reduction in weight and it has to do with aerobic exercises. With aerobic exercises weight isn’t really something you want to go overboard with. Especially when you are just starting out. 

A 5lb pair of dumbbells is more than enough to enjoy a truly challenging HIIT workout session. The set we are looking at today comes with a triangular rack which is very easy to set up once it arrives. The grip these offer is great and so is the balance. Neoprene coating used inspires plenty of confidence and ensures good service life

Speaking of affordable entry level dumbbells for women, Amazon has their own line of neoprene sets which really push the limit of what value for your money. These are extremely affordable all while retaining a good amount of quality and durability. Amazon ships these with a small rack as well, which only adds value to an already great deal. As you can probably imagine, this set is as basic as they come. 

Amazon went with standard color coding, sizes which include a 5lb pair, a 3lb pair and a 2lb pair. In this regard they have taken a slightly different approach to most others players on the market. What really took us by surprise is just how well made these dumbbells are. We are talking premium neoprene coating, no chipping or any defects after prolonged periods of use. 

Are these good enough to be used in a commercial grade gym? Probably not. However, they are more than sufficient for home use aerobic and light anaerobic exercises for sure. The only real thing that stands out is their color coding scheme. They went with two shades of pink which may be confusing for some users until they get used to it.

Last place on our list belongs to a pair of dumbbells from Crown Sporting Goods. AS you can tell, these are about as simple as they get. We have chosen a pair as our last pick because this is what everyone starts with when they are just getting into weighted aerobics. A simple 3lb dumbbell will serve you well for a while until you figure out just how far you want to take things in terms of muscle building, accumulating mass in your upper body and so on. 

These neoprene weights feature good texture, good build quality overall and most importantly, good grip. All that being said, there are two main reasons why everyone should have these in their arsenal. First reason is that these are dirt cheap. So much so that there is really no excuse to not have a pair of 3lb dumbbells around the house, office or wherever. 

Secondly, you can take these with you wherever you go. Although 3lb may not sound like much, even such a low weight can prove to be quite a challenge when you compensate for lack of mass with extended exercise times, repetitions and sets. These are a great starter option.

What Makes Dumbbell Weights Suitable For Women?

This is a somewhat controversial topic as dumbbells for women might come across wrong without context. There are plenty of women out there doing hardcore strength workouts with heavy weights and dumbbells. However, it is also true that most women aren’t looking to increase mass. 

This is where it all converges to a single argument. If you want mass, you will need heavier weights. In that case, check out our guide on the best adjustable weights and you will find awesome options for this application. If you don’t want to bulk up but rather tone your existing muscles or maybe just add a bit of lean mass in certain muscle groups, the weights we are discussing today are a perfect fit. 

Many will say that dumbbells suitable for beginners are also great for this application and that would be on point. We are talking small sizes, low weights and durable build quality.

Materials, Designs and Features

With all of that said, there are some features you might want to keep in mind when shopping for dumbbells. For example, a good neoprene coated set will do you wonders, but only if the coating provides sufficient grip. Since most of the workout routines aimed at toning muscles involve high repetitions with lower weights, you are definitely going to enter the cardio territory. 

One of the byproducts of cardio is sweating. If you can’t establish a solid purchase on that dumbbell as you exercise, it won’t do you much good. Because of that it is imperative that you get something that won’t slip and turn into a hazard. 

As for materials, you are looking at the standard options. Your average low eight sets are going to be consisted of a cast iron core treated with one or more neoprene or vinyl coats. Alternatively, you will run into adjustable sets which are often just plain iron plates on iron bars. 

With these, you want to pay attention to collars, fit and finish of the plates as well as the texture of the grip surface. None of this is exact science but sufficed to say, it is easy to tell if weights are decent enough for serious use.

The Convenience of Women Oriented Dumbbells

One of the awesome things about these weights is the fact that they often come in sets. Not only that, but the entire set usually weighs around 30lbs. 

That means that should you need to, you can easily take your entire set of dumbbells with you on a road trip, a short vacation or similar. That mobility is definitely something we have to appreciate.

The Verdict

The fact that dumbbells listed on our top list aren’t too heavy can be quite deceiving. Even with these light sets, you can easily build up a decent mass. So much so that you have to pay attention to your routine unless you are fine with adding bulk to your muscles. 

The models we have listed above are by far some of the best we could find that fit our set of requirements for this guide. We went with trusted brands, good materials and overall bulletproof build quality above anything else. This makes any of them a truly great choice.

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