Atlas Lean Mass Review

atlas lean mass

This product is a protein powder that you can get in a 5 KG container called lean mass by Atlas. I paid about £45.

It is easy to mix, and has a 36g protein intake on a 40g serving. I liked the fact it is anti-catabolic to prevent muscle breakdown. Great price and it's better than average for its great protein intake and price.

Out of a possible 5, I give this protein supplement a 3

- Adam

*Editors Note*

I'm not really sure who makes this product. I've tried finding out if there is a company called "Atlas" that manufacturers this supplement but I can't find a thing. This product can be classified as a meal replacement drink since it contains more than just protein. Anyways, according to the label, each 80 gram serving contains:

• 242 calories
• 48 grams of protein
• 2.9 grams of fat - 1.5 grams saturated
• 24 grams of carbohydrates - 9 grams from sugar

There are two types of protein used in this formula, whey isolate and casien. These are good protein sources. As for the carbohydrates, it seems that this product uses complex carbs, which is great since it contains a fair amount of fibre, per serving.

As for cost effectiveness, it's not bad. The smaller size is 1 KG and it goes for about £15.00 ($24 USD and 26 CAD). You get about 13 servings and each serving will cost you about £1.15 ($1.96 CAD and $1.87 USD). For the 5 KG container, the cost is £45 ($73 USD and $77 CAD), and you get about 63 servings. Each serving will cost you about £.71 ($1.21 CAD and $1.15 USD) for the 5 KG container.

Overall, this is a pretty good meal replacement powder that uses higher end ingredients. In terms of cost effectiveness, it's also very good.


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