What Is AAKG?

what is aakg

It is quite a mouthful to say, but arginine alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG) is generating quite a stir among gyms across North America.

Also call N.O, it is a salt formed by combining two molecules of the amino acid arginine and one molecule of alpha ketoglutarate.

It is getting so much talk because AAKG is involved in amino acid synthesis and protein availability so it is thought to increase muscle mass and strength.

In 1998, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for the discovery of the functions of nitric oxide and the fact that without nitric oxide, human life would be impossible. This discovery provided indisputable evidence that L-arginine is the body's chief source for creating nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is the chemical secreted by the lining of human blood vessels, causing the blood vessels to dilate and thereby determining what parts of the body receive extra blood flow, and what parts will receive less in response to other biological signals.

Ed Byrd, who brought you the sport supplement, creatine in 1993, has now created the new revolution in muscle builders - AAKG. He recognized the power of nitric oxide and created N.O (nitric oxide), which induces hemodilation (increased blood flow), which creates dramatic increases in muscle size, strength, endurance, load capacity and power output.

When you take arginine alpha ketoglutarate, it generates a continuous surge of blood that pumps through your muscles. The muscles remain engorged throughout the day.

When nitric oxide is present in your muscles, it activates the body's muscle building mechanism, otherwise known as protein synthesis. It also stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the body, which acts as your body's ‘cell signaling' molecule, directing and ordering a complex array of functions. AAKG regulates your blood flow, nerve signaling, muscle growth and muscle contraction.

By creating increased nitric oxide in the body through an AAKG supplement, you will widen the diameter of your blood vessels, which increases blood flow, without increasing blood pressure.

With wider blood vessels, you can carry more blood to muscles and tissues, which deliver increased amounts of protein, carbohydrate and growth hormones and testosterone. All of these are required for muscle growth. So,

you can see why AAKG is receiving such positive comments from body builders of all ages and sizes.

When nitric oxide is present in the muscles, it activates "gene-expression" and "turns on" the body's muscle-building mechanism (commonly called protein synthesis).

When a weight lifter uses AAKG, they receive a drug free way to increase muscle mass. Let's review some of the benefits of AAKG:

• Creating a continuous muscle pump so that your muscles look as defined as they do when you are in the middle of a workout.

• Increases strength and stamina.

• Signals your body to grow muscle and speeds your recover between workouts.

Apart from these muscle related benefits, there are some health benefits as well. These health benefits are similar to those of arginine, due to the increased nitric oxide production activated by using the supplement, which increases blood flow.

Taking supplements with arginine, like AAKG can reduce your possibility of getting cardiovascular disease because it may decrease the occurrence of plaque from fatty deposits forming in the arteries. Arginine is also thought to reduce cholesterol levels.

Research also demonstrates arginine's wound healing properties, because of its growth hormone releasing properties as well as the increased blood flowing speeding nutrients to the wound site.

In an informal survey of bodybuilders I know that use AAKG, they report that their muscles feel fuller and tighter and seem to stay pumped all day. Their muscles looked bigger. Apart from the appearance benefits of AAKG, it also helps you to generate new muscle growth and accelerate your recovery of all muscles. Researchers are still trying to determine exactly why nitric oxide encourages protein synthesis in the muscle, however those that use it just know it works.

If you are ready to take your training to the next level, talk to your doctor about starting on AAKG. You may begin to reap the benefits of bigger arms, broader shoulders, a thicker chest and more powerful looking legs.

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