A Complete Review Of Anthony
Ellis' Gaining Mass Program

Is It Possible To Gain 32 Pounds Of Muscle Mass In 12 Weeks?

I'm not one for hype, so when I see claims from advertisers or webmaster's claiming to gain 30, 40 or even 50 pounds in three months, I need to check that information out. You see, I've been around the "muscle block" a few times and I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't.

I've tried just about every muscle building program out there - from cybergenics to pre-exhausting and everything in between so when I see a big claim like gaining 30 pounds of muscle mass in 12 weeks, I have to see for myself.

In this case, I spotted a claim that immediately caught my attention. That claim was "How Anthony Ellis gained 32 pounds of muscle mass in 12 weeks" .

Not only that, it claimed how he built muscle and lost fat within that 12 weeks. So, I decided to look further into this claim and see what all the commotion was about.

Now, for those of you who don't know who Anthony Ellis is, he is touted as being the "original skinny guy". He's been online since 1998 and sells his product called "Gaining Mass".

The "Gaining Mass" program is basically a product that shows you how Mr. Ellis went from a 132 pound weakling to a solid 170 pounds in 12 weeks and how you can do it too.

His web page pushes all the right buttons and is clearly aimed at the skinny guys (and gals) out there. He knows exactly who's reading his web pages and caters directly to them.

That is, he uses his personal experience as the prime example of how he overcame being an underweight weakling to a scuplted "model" like body.

This sounded alot like the old Charles Atlas ads in the old muscle books of long ago. You know, the ads about how a skinny, underweight weak guy is always being pushed around at the beach by the local meathead.

After a few months of using Mr. Atlas's course, the weak, underweight skinny guy magically turns into a mass monster and clobbers the meathead in front of all the attractive woman.

"32 Pounds Of Muscle In 12 Weeks?"

Now, gaining that kind of muscle mass in 12 weeks is definitely possible but a difficult task nonetheless. When I say a difficult task, I mean it's hard for a beginner or an intermediate weight trainer to put on that kind of muscle mass without having an understanding of the fundamentals of building muscle.

Without the proper knowledge, it can be next to impossible for someone to gain quality muscle mass- Especially 30 pounds of muscle mass in 3 months.

Just going to the gym to pump iron for 3 hours a day simply will not build any quality muscle gains without proper planning, nutrition and rest. Intelligent training, smart nutrition/supplementation, and quality rest are the fundamentals to building muscle. I've been in the muscle game long enough to know that without these 3 elements, your gains will come very slow - If they come at all.

However, gaining 10, 30, or even 50 pounds is possible if you fully commit yourself - With the right information. This is the only way a person is going to gain quality muscle mass. If you have the commitment in place and are willing to go the distance to gaining quality muscle mass, than you need the right information.

This can be a difficult task in itself. Trying to understand the vast amount of information about building muscle can easily result in information overload. I think alot of beginners and intermediate weight trainers who want to build muscle have alot of the same concerns. At this stage in an aspiring weight trainers program, it's only natural to have alot of questions because it can be very confusing. I've been there and believe me, I know what it's like to have such a strong desire to train and build muscle but simply no direct information on training.

With so many views and advertisements about building muscle, there's just no way that a beginner or an intermediate weight trainer can feel confident that what their doing in their weight training program is the right thing.

How does a beginner know what their eating is what they should be eating, or whether or not their weight training program is the kind of routine they need to build muscle? So, does the "Gaining Mass" program have the answers? "The Skinny Guy And Gaining Quality Muscular Weight" I have to admit, when I got the package from Mr. Ellis, I was very skeptical.

I've been burned (many times) in the past so I was keeping my guard up. I wanted to take this course apart, bit by bit and see what kind of back up Mr. Ellis had to offer. The package was nice and tidy and took about 4 days to reach my apartment (I live in Toronto, Canada). I have to admit, the course was a straight forward read with no bull.

The thing that I instantly liked about the course was the lack of pre-sales talk. There was no hard line sales copy and it instantly dove into the material. The package contained the "Gaining Mass" program, the mass workbook, fat loss workbook, Accu-measure skin calipers, and a measuring tape.

The actual guide is about 230 pages long while the mass workbook contains about 26 weeks worth of worksheets. The fat loss guide also has about 26 weeks of worksheets that are cut into three phases. So, what did the "Gaining Mass" guide have to offer? Without getting crazy in the sales talk, Mr. Ellis offers information.

Nothing fancy, just straight forward information. He's offering skinny guys a real life guide that shows you:

- What and when to eat;
- How to eat to build muscle;
- What to train;
- When to train;
- How to train;
- What supplements are needed to build muscle;
- How to take those supplements;
- The best time to take supplements for max growth;
- How to burn fat.

The information in the guide is very systematic and details a solid schedule for you to follow. A Simple yet effective guide that cuts right to the information. The thing I liked about this guide was that it didn't generalize like so many other publications out there do.

The information is very direct and is aimed at people who have a hard time gaining quality mass. Whether you need to gain weight for football, hockey, rugby, or simply want to look cool in a pair of shorts, this guide will show you how, step by step.

You don't have to be a body builder or powerlifter to understand the information in this program. Anyone can look through this program once and understand immediately the concepts involved. "Who's It For?" The "Gaining Mass" program is great for those of you who simply don't know where to begin.

If you are having a hard time gaining any kind of muscle, this program will work for you, it doesn't matter whether your a complete novice or a seasoned trainer.

"What's In It?"

The main part of the course is the "Gaining Mass" book. The program is about 230 pages and contains the necessary information you need in order to gain quality muscle mass.

The program will show you what to eat as well as how to eat to build quality muscle mass. I have to admit, Anthony does a good job in outlining what you need to eat in order to build muscle. The nutritional section guides you through the basics of food and dieting as well as showing you step by step how to figure out your optimal nutritional intake.

As the author of Building Muscle 101, I get a ton of emails from people who simply don't know what to eat and in what quantities. I'm not going to lie to you, nutrition can be a very complicated area and to make matters worse, there are way too many theories on dieting nutrition.

It can boggle the mind! I think this program has all the bases covered when it comes to mass building nutrition. It takes all the guess work out of a very complicated subject: Mass Building Nutrition. The most important aspect to gaining quality muscle mass is going to be your diet.

There is simply no way of getting around this fact. You need to eat alot of quality protein, fat, and carbohydrates that is optimal for your body requirements in order to sustain hard and heavy workouts that's needed to build muscle. You simply cannot grow your body if you don't feed it the proper amount of nutrients.

That is the bottom line. The good thing about Mr. Ellis' program is that it will show you how to figure out your optimal nutritional percentages, tell you what foods you need, and when to eat them. The program has sample eating schedules for you to follow as well as showing you how to create your own schedule since most people have different daily routines.

The guide also has some very tasty recipes. Basically, the nutritional section is divided into 2 parts. The first part shows you how to build up muscle mass and the second part shows you how to burn off the body fat. The weight training section will show you mass building exercises, techniques and programs to gaining quality muscle mass.

The weight training program comes with complete explanations and exercise descriptions/photographs. You certainly won't be left on your own trying to figure out how to perform each exercise. The program is laid out plain and simple - It will show you the actual exercises, what days to perform them on, and how often to perform the program.

The supplement schedule is well thought out and will compliment the diet that is laid out. If you are somewhat confused as to the kinds of supplements you need to build muscle and when to take them, this guide completely lays it all out for you. It will show you what time of the day you need to take certain supplements and in what quantities.

A great guide to help those of you who don't know a whole lot about supplements. The program also includes the Accu-measure Body Fat Calipers and a measuring tape. These are two important body indicators that go hand in hand with the "Gaining Mass" program.

In order to build quality muscle mass, you need to measure and monitor which most people neglect to do. Why measure and monitor? Simple, you need to find out how much muscle mass you are adding to your body as opposed to body fat.

The only way to do this is with a measuring tape and body fat calipers. Anthony shows you how to do this from start to finish. Here's what I liked about Anthony's approach. He understands that in order to build quality muscle, you need to have the fundamentals of building muscle in place. That is, in order to build muscle you need:

1- A quality nutritional and supplementation program;

2- An intelligent training system conducive to building muscle; And

3- A proper rest schedule.

Although this is one guys approach to building muscle, it gives you, the hard gainer an idea of the fundamentals of building muscle. Like I said before, if you have the will to succeed, the right information can certainly help you get there alot faster - Which this program can do.

"Is It Worth It?"

The "Gaining Mass" program is not your standard body building or fitness book. The program is laid out in such a fashion as to guide a complete beginner from the starting stages of building muscle to the more advanced stages.

This is a 12 week "practical" program for those of you who want an outline - Sort of a step by step guide to building muscle. However, you will have to remember that this is one guy's approach to building muscle. This program will work for those of you who are underweight and in the beginning to intermediate stages of weight training.

As you get more advanced, you will come to understand the needs of your own body. Now, is it possible to gain 30 pounds of muscle mass in 12 weeks? I think's it possible but you have a solid plan in place and the desire and commitment to succeed.

The "Gaining Mass" guide will show you how to build a solid plan but you need to put in the necessary work in order to be successful. That's the bottom line. If your willing to put in the necessary work, this guide can certainly help to add 10, 20, or even 30 pounds of body mass in 12 weeks.

If you're looking to gain quality muscle mass and are looking for something that outlines exactly what you need in order to achieve this goal, than you might want to check the "Gaining Mass" program out. Overall, I think this program has all the right information for you to gain quality muscle mass. It's an no nonsense- common sense approach to building muscle.

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