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Who's it for?

All Star Trainer's Secrets can be used by anyone interested in building muscle, gaining strength and power, losing body fat or toning up. The e-book is structured in way that allows the trainer to attain his or her goals using a variety of programs. The programs have been put together by 9 top experts plus a bonus section by Dennis Weis "The Yukon Hercules" on getting huge and freaky.


When I first looked at the sales page for All Star Trainer's Secrets, I decided that I wanted to check this book out because it made three very lofty claims. The headline read as follows:

"Nine Top Fitness , Bodybuilding and Nutritional Experts , Finally Release their Insider Secrets to Achieving Maximum Fat Loss & Muscle Gain in Just 30 Days!"

"Get in the BEST SHAPE Possible! See Results in Just 30 Days! Guaranteed."

"Learn the Secrets These Experts Have Saved for Their Top Paying Clients, Discover how to Drop Body Fat and Gain Muscle Mass FAST!"

"We Give You Step by Step Instructions by NINE Top Fitness Professionals."

The three claims that I was very interested in knowing were:

1) Losing maximum body fat;
2) Building maximum amount of muscle;
3) In 30 days!

The concept that really got my attention was doing both, building maximum muscle and losing maximum fat. This I had to see since I'm a big believer in doing one or the other. Call me old school, but if you want to build muscle, you need to consume alot of quality calories and concentrate on core movements. To me, cutting calories in a muscle building phase does not support heavy training. I had to check this out!

Now, I know AtoZ fitness has been around for a little while and the information that's provided is pretty good. The members section is pretty comprehensive so I decided to check this book out to see if it would live up to the claims. I knew this was going to be interesting.

The first thing I checked out was to see who was giving up the information. There was some pretty recognizable names so I figured there would be some good information in the book. So, I purchased the ebook for $34.00 USD.

The book is in pdf format so there was no downloading an ebook viewer or any of that which I was pleased with. The first thing I noticed about the ebook was the content. I've purchased ebooks before and there always seemed to be about 30 pages of crap at the beginning. Not so with this ebook. There's a cover page, a disclaimer and some acknowledgments which amounts to about 3 pages. From there it dives right into the core. Good start.

The core of the ebook centered around one question which each expert had to answer. The question was as follows:

"If the average guy came to you and said, 'I want to gain the maximum amount of muscle and lose the maximum amount of fat in the next 30 days. I don't want a complete education in bodybuilding and diet, just tell me EXACTLY what to do for the next 30 days, step-by-step.' What would you tell that guy?

Interesting since this question is equivalent to finding the holy grail when it comes to body bulding. I know I've been looking for it and I've been training seriously for the past 15 years! If your reading this review, your probably on it's quest too.

The book gets right into the core and each expert wastes no time explaing the answer. The thing I noticed with this book was the range in answers. Each expert has a field of expertise which might be losing fat and another in building power and strength. Very interesting. The panel was made up of the following experts:

David Grisaffi

Lee Hayward

Pete Sisco

Tom Venuto

Jeremy Markum

Christopher Guerriero

Phil Campbell

George Baselice

George Stavrou

A pretty impresive lineup with each expert having different areas of expertise. What did the experts have to say? First, let me say that each expert provided full programs with nutrition programs, menus, and training programs complete with detailed descriptions and photos. I have to say, I was impressed by the level of knowledge each possessed in their particular area and the amount of detail each went into.

For example, Pete Sisco's Power Factor Training was most impressive in terms of his approach to training. He uses Power Factor Training and Static Contraction Training to build up size and strength. I've personally tried his methods and they do indeed work. On the other hand, jeremy Markum designed a full program designed for the busy person.

I really liked this program beause it centers around ordinary, everyday working people who don't have anymore than 45 minutes to spend in the gym. Mr. Markum's program made sense and I'm thinking of seriously trying his program. Each program was laid out step by step, as promised in the original claim.

Now, Did the book live up to it's claim? Well, yes and no. It did indeed show you how to build maximum amount of muscle and it did show you how to lose maximum amount of fat but what I did notice was the concensus most of the experts came to.

After I read the ebook, the first thing I noticed was the fact that most of the experts seemed to agree that you cannot build maximum amount of muscle and burn the maximum amount of fat at the same time (which was my original assumption). I think most of the experts agreed on this fact but their approach were sometimes at different ends of the spectrum.

For example, Lee Hayward's approach is hard core showing you how to first gain quickly to build muscle, while David Grisaffi's approach is aimed more at losing extra body fat and maintaining your existing muscle mass. Each expert fell somewhere between eating to gain using core exercises, cutting calories and increasing aerobics and everywhere in between.

I know, the claim of the ebook was to do build maximum muscle and burn maximum fat at the same time but that's not to say the book was lying. In fact, it did have step by step instructions, it did show you how to build maximum amount of muscle and it did show you how to burn maximum fat. The difference is the way in which each expert describes the process. I think the $34.00 was worth it and I got alot out of it. I would recommend this ebook to all trainers (especially beginners) based on the level of knowledge and the detail of instruction inside.

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