Performance Weight Lifting Shoes

A surprisingly high number of people use the same shoe for all their fitness needs. They don’t realize how using the proper shoe designed for that particular sport can have a huge impact on performance.

The same holds true for weight lifting.

A proper shoe is designed to give your foot proper comfort and support through all your weight lifting moves.

Exercising without the correct training equipment, such as proper training gear and shoes could leave you working hard and getting nowhere!

Most shoes will offer the following features:

• Velcro straps across the top of the shoe for extra support

• Strong heel for stability and balance.

• Rubber grips, often black to prevent sliding.

• Soft comfortable insoles.

• Reinforced straps for extra stability.

There are two popular styles of Adidas shoes and they offer the following additional features:

• Flexible forefoot construction for superior energy transfer.

• Kangaroos leather in forefoot area for a glove like, perfect fit.

• Technical carbon fibre-like material for stable heel hold.

• Three hook and loop straps for firm hold.

• Unique outsole profile inspired by winter tire technology.

• Proven wood heel wedge for secure stance.

Adidas is known for their superior quality and ability to design shoes to specifically meet the needs of each sport. Their shoes are no exception. Here’s a brief description of the shoes available. Check out your local stores or online for purchase.

Adistar Weight Lifting Shoe

The Adistar Shoe, available in silver metallic/black, is a world-class weightlifting shoe developed and designed for the Olympic Games in Athens. Considered their top weight lifting model through to December 2007.

Its superior design will keep your foot stable and will provide years of wear. The flexible sole gives you great energy transfer while ensuring no slippage.

These shoes are pricey; however, if you are serious about weight lifting, then these shoes are the best money can buy.

I know many guys at my gym who have had their Adidas shoes for years. The sole may wear down, but you can always go to a shoe repair shop, have the sole rebuilt, and keep on using them!

Adidas Ironwork II

The Adidas Ironwork II weight lifting shoe is an attractive weight lifting specific training shoe. This shoe provides flexible forefoot construction for improved stance. In addition, the proven instep strap gives you a firm hold. Like the Adistar, this shoe offers rubber gum outsole for optimal grip and a wooden heel wedge for secure stance.

If you frequent any of the weightlifting blogs, these two shoes are the most talked about in terms for providing great support and superior performance.

Also note, that for men, weight training shoes tend to fit smaller than traditional athletic shoes. Order a half size smaller than you would normally wear in an athletic shoe. For instance, if you are usually a 10 in an athletic shoe, you will need to order a 9 ½ in a weight lifting shoe.

Don’t waste your money on cross trainers that you are likely to blow through when doing heavy squats. Think of your shoes as an investment. With proper care, you could see them lasting you a very long time! Always allow your shoes to air out after use. Throwing them in your gym bag until your next workout will mean they don’t air out properly and bacteria can breed, weakening the shoe. You may want to spray them with an athletic shoe spray occasionally to keep them smelling fresh.

Once you have purchased a proper training shoe, you will never go back to regular athletic shoes. Weight lifting shoes give your feet great comfort and support along with allowing you a firm stance and no slippage.

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Blake Bissaillion

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