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The ab crunch is a great substitute for sit ups. Although they are similar in nature, the ab crunch takes a tremendous amount of pressure off the upper back and neck region. This exercise is ideal for those of you who can't perform sit ups or simply don't wish to do sit ups.

This exercise targets the entire abdominal region and is a great exercise to tone and build your abdominal region. Careful attention must be paid at the top of this motion, I suggest you pause slightly at the top part in order to contract the abdominal muscles. This is important because more contraction means more development.

You can do this exercise either on a bench, your bed, couch, chair, or simply with your legs bent. I prefer to rest my legs on a bench because it gives me more stability when performing this exercise.

Points to remember: Keep your arms at your sides or crossed in front of your chest. It's important to try and contract the abdominal muscles throughout the entire movement.

Once you've completed your set, try and stretch the muscles. I suggest lying back on the floor, and fully extending both arms over your head, along the ground. Really stretch those abdominal muscles.

For a complete description and illustration on how to perform this exercise, click here.


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