Reebok RB450 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

reebok 450 recumbent bike

The Reebok RB450 Recumbent Bike ($599.99)is a fantastic recumbent exercise bike for those of you who are looking for a combination of features and durability.

The RB450 recumbent bike from has some very interesting features such as Silent Magnetic Resistance which provides a smooth, quiet workout while toe straps help keep your feet in the proper position for an effective workout.

There are 2 LED windows that displays your speed, time, distance, calories, pulse, and resistance level, and the 5 x 8 workout profile matrix allows you to track your progress.

The RB450 is a very sturdy recumbent exercise bike. You won't find any wobbles with this recumbent exercise bike. Another interesting feature is that it is totally self generating which means you don't need any external power source.

The energy that you expend during your workout actually powers the electronics of your machine. With this innovative technology, there's no longer a need for outlets,cords, or batteries to power your RB 450.

Here are some of the features of the Reebok RB450.

-Heart Rate Monitor. The RB 450 comes with an EKG pulse grip. An easy and convenient way to measure your heart rate by just placing your hands on the crossbar to get an accurate heart rate readout

-Workout Programs: 8 PreSet Programs: 6 Smart Programs, 2 Pulse Driven. The RB450 offers workout programs designed to motivate and provide the ultimate in fitness technology. The RB450 offers entertaining programs and 2 heart rate programs that allow you to workout in your desired pulse range

-Reebok's advanced Club-Tech Console delivers motivation and allows you to control your workout. 2 LED windows provide feedback of Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, Pulse, and Resistance Level. The 5 x 8 workout profile matrix allows you to track your progress. The two LED windows makes your workout feedback easy to read. You can easily control workout intensity, check your pulse rate and track the digital feedback of your workout. The RB 450 features self-generating electronics and eight preprogrammed workouts

-The Reebok RB450 recumbent also comes with an adjustable "CoolAire Workout Fan". Keep cool while you exercise with this built-in workout fan.

-Dual position handlebars. Two sets of handlebars allow you to ride with your hands by your sides or in front. The contoured handlebars feature durable foam for added workout comfort

- personal training.


Solid steel. The RB450 can support up to 250 pounds.

Overall, the Reebok RB450 is a very cost effective recumbent exercise bike. It's solid, comfortable and loaded with features. I have no problem recommending this recumbent exercise bike.


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