NO2 Hemodilator Review

no2 hemodilator

The supplement for this review is called NO2 Hemodilator. I paid $80 for this product.

I personally did not care for this product. I think more than 80% of America will consume some form of caffeine in their diet at some point in a day. Caffeine is one of sacrifices you make while on this supplement.

I do think this product is good for the non- caffeine addicted lifter which if you are that person good for you, you have a more natural and healthy pump.

That fact is though many people now do not have that pump, we lost our primal instincts. That is why many of us tend to slide towards supplements.

I do not disapprove of this, heck I've been either drinking protein shakes or taking creatine since I was a sophomore in high school and it has helped me get to the fitness level I am at today. Just certain supplements only will work for certain people.

These things are not like water where one flavor fits all. We all have different lifestyles, professional lifter or not, and with that comes different genes. You just need to find the right supplement to fit you routine and your chemistry. Just read the labels check the ingredients. Don't put something in your body if you do not know what it's reaction is supposed to be.

NO2 is a great product for the few not the Mass's.

Out of a possible 5, I give this product a 2. This supplement is not for the general public.

- Matthew

*Editors Note*

I have to agree with Matthew. The NO2 Hemodilator is nothing more than plain Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, which in my personal opinion does nothing on it's own to build muscle mass. I've tried two bottles of this stuff and I really didn't notice a thing. You can actually read my review here.

When I purchased the Hemodilator, I think I got it for around $85.00 CAD for about 180 caplets. This makes the price per caplet, around $.47 and the serving size is 6 caplets a day. At 6 caplets per day, the cost is roughly $2.82 per day for this product. There is a 30 day supply in each 180 caplet container. Given the fact that there have been no conclusive evidence that this product works, this is a little overpriced.

Now, I believe the selling point for this product is the time released technology for the arginine. The product is suppose to release certain amounts of aginine throughout the day in order for you to feel a "perpetual pump". To tell you the truth, I didn't feel a whole lot. I don't know, maybe I missed something but I felt like it was overpriced and it underperformed.

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