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As an advertiser, I’m betting you are looking to get your message in front of as many targeted eyes as you can. A tight, targeted audience can mean a healthy profit for any business. However, as with a lot of advertisers who are using search engines as a marketing medium, the readers are not always targeted. And as you know, un targeted eyes can potentially cost you money instead of making you money.

Every visitor to Building Muscle 101 is laser targeted. My visitors come from all the major search engines and are:

- Beginners and intermediates to weight training;
- Interested in setting up a weight training program;
- Interested in finding out how to set up a proper nutrition program;
- Interested in finding out what types of supplements are best for their goals;
- Interested in finding out what types of exercises to use, repetitions and sets to perform and rest patterns;
- All interested in Burning Fat and Building Muscle!!

I’d like to offer you, the business owner, a chance to advertise with a well respected and reputable website, building Building muscle 101 is an established and trusted authority on building muscle and strength for beginners and intermediates of all ages. I cater to this demographic because I know how frustrating it is for beginners to find a reputable online source of high quality information. We get thousands of laser targeted visitors everyday who are 100% targeted and interested in one thing, building muscle, burning fat, strength and getting into shape.

Whether it’s an older person looking to regain the body they once had, a lady who is interested in losing 40 pounds, a young professional looking to burn fat and build a nice toned body or a hockey player interested in gaining another 10 pounds of muscle I offer high quality and trusted information that people can relate to.

Here’s what building muscle 101 offers you, the business owner:

Targeted Audience

  • You get your ad in front of thousands of hungry prospects;
  • Each prospect is a potentially qualified lead;
  • You have the potential to make a higher conversion via higher click through rate;
  • Higher conversions means more leads and sales;
  • You make more money;

Interested Readers

  • The readers of Building Muscle 101 are all interested in burning fat, building muscle and strength;
  • The readers of Building Muscle 101 are beginners to intermediates;
  • The readers of Building Muscle 101 are professionals;
  • More and more readers of Building Muscle 101 are over the age of 40 who own businesses or work in high level positions;
  • The readers are looking for quality information about building muscle;
  • These readers are more qualified leads for your business;
  • Higher conversions and click throughs means more sales for your business;

Reputable Web Site

  • Building muscle is a respected and reputable web site;
  • Readers of building muscle 101 are more trusting;
  • Banner ads on building muscle are seen more as a recommendation from building muscle 101;
  • More trust means more sales;
  • Less Per 1000 Impressions Than The Top 3 Listings In Other Search Engines
  • To advertise on building muscle 101, you will pay less, per 1000 impressions than other search engines;
  • This saves you more money while getting more sales;
  • The bottom line is more profit for you;

Top Placement

  • As an advertiser for building muscle 101, you will get your choice of custom banner ad placement at the top of the site, right hand column or directly in the content (top or bottom of content);
  • You can also use our targeted email list to get your ad out to hungry prospects;
  • Or other banner ad placements of your choosing

Where Do The Visitors Come From?

Nearly every visitor and prospect uses the web and all come from the search engines using top level keywords. Nearly all of my visitors come from the U.S ( over 65%).

If you own a site about:

- Building Muscle And Strength;
- Weight Training Programs And Routines;
- Supplement Sales;
- Exercise And Fitness;
- Burning Fat

Building Muscle 101 may be a perfect fit to find more clients or sales

Advertising Opportunities and Rates

Building Muscle 101 is accepting a limited number of advertising opportunities on an exclusive basis. You must truly have an excellent product or service. Please note that we will not accept advertising submissions for the following:

- Steroids
- Steroid Alternatives
- Pornographic materials
- Offensive web sites
- Unrelated businesses or web sites

Ad rates are based on...

  • traffic (site-wide or specific pages)
  • value to the sponsor
  • ad format/size/prominence.

If you’re interested in finding the perfect lead or sales than Building Muscle 101 may be a good fit with your site. If you are interested in advertising with building muscle 101, please fill out the following form. We will be in touch with you shortly thereafter.

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