3 Day Workout Routine

3 day workout routine


The following workout is based on a 3 day split that allows each muscle group to rest a full 72 hours.

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The program also utilizes muscle spill over which indirectly trains a muscle group 48 hours after a direct training session. The idea is to optimize recovery times in order to fully rest each muscle group.

Here is the training sequence:

Day 1: Workout A - Monday Chest / Back / Calves
Day 2: Workout B - Tuesday
Upper Thighs / Hamstrings / Abs
Day 3: Workout C - Wednesday
Shoulders / Biceps / Triceps
Day 4
Day 5: Workout A - Monday Chest / Back / Calves
Day 6: Workout B - Tuesday
Upper Thighs / Hamstrings / Abs
Day 7: Workout C - Wednesday
Shoulders / Biceps / Triceps

Workout Points

Duration: 5 to 6 weeks
Goal: Build muscle mass and improve overall strength levels.

Train entire body in 3 day intervals. Split up muscle groups according to intervals. To optimize muscle recovery and rest times.

Work each muscle group 2 times per week

Two to three muscle groups trained in each session using a variety of weight training exercises

Light to moderate weights used to start. This will allow your body the time it needs to get used to the new routine and exercises. Once you are comfortable with the routine, increase weight or repetitions.

Keep the rest periods moderate. Once you are fully recovered from the previous set, perform the exercise. As you progress with the routine, shorten the rest periods.

Cardio work at the end of each workout - 20 to 25 minutes

Try and keep the workout as is. However, if there are exercises you cannot perform, substitute with other movements.

If you can complete the prescribed repetitions easily, try increasing the weight by 15% on your last set for the next session (keep the first sets the same). You may also add additional repetitions using the same weight for your next session.

Remember to try and improve week after week. I suggest you concentrate on trying to improve on your last working set of your exercise.

Watch your diet. For more information on how to eat properly for weight training, please see this page here.

The Workout

Day 1 Workout A - Chest / Back / Calves
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press 4 12 50 seconds
Incline barbell press 3 12 50 seconds
Flat bench fly 3 15 40 seconds
Lat machine pull downs 3 12 45 seconds
T-bar rows 4 10 1 minute
Shrugs 3 12 50 seconds
Standing calf raise 5 20 50 seconds
Cardio Perform for 20 to 25 minutes at moderate pace.
Day 2 Workout B - Upper Thighs / Hamstrings / Abs
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Leg extensions 3 20 40 seconds
Squats 3 12 1 minute
Leg press 3 15 50 seconds
Leg curls 3 12 50 seconds
Stiff leg dead lifts 2 12 50 seconds
Incline sit ups 4 15 1 minute
Cardio Perform for 20 to 25 minutes at moderate pace.
Day 3 Workout C - Shoulders / Biceps / Triceps
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Side laterals 3 15 50 seconds
Seated Dumbbell Press 3 12 1 minute
Bent Over Laterals 2 15 50 seconds
Barbell curls 3 12 50 seconds
Seated dumbbell curls 3 12 50 seconds
Close grip bench press 3 12 1 minute
Standing cable pushdowns 3 12 50 seconds
Cardio Perform for 20 to 25 minutes at moderate pace.
Day 4 - Rest

Rest: Cardio is optional

Repeat cycle on day 5 (start with day 1 workout).

Remember, this is a sample routine. Please feel free to adjust the exercises, repetitions, and sets. Please keep in mind that the point of this type of training routine is to keep the muscles working while providing optimal rest and recovery periods.

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