VyoTech 17 HD

vyotech 17 hd

17-HD or 17-Halo-Methyl-Diana-drone is Vyo-tech's fitness supplement. 17-Halo-Methyl-Diana-drone is not just about fabulous shapes but the scientific concoction of this product assures you health and energy. 17 HD product works by raising the serum levels of free testosterone in your body, thereby harnessing greater strength and vigor to your bodily frame.

17-Halo-Methyl-Diana-droneis based on Vyotech's patent pending hydroxalation method.

As per this procedure, the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the natural steroid ring (obtained from a highly anabolic South American plant) are re-arranged.

This formulation enters and interacts with your system and your body experiences a spontaneous surge of energy and power.

This pure power soon reaches the muscle tissues of your body, empowering them and promoting growth of new cells and tissues.

Without any additional synthetic ‘side chain', 17-HD is a pure natural bodybuilding formulation that has been painstakingly put together by the Vyo-tech team over extended periods of research and analysis. Popular feedback has also been crucial to the invention of this wonder supplement.

How Does It Work?

There it is utilized to restore cell regeneration in your muscle tissues (anabolic activity). The anti-estrogenic property of 17-HD, on the other hand, contributes to halting the conversion of steroids into estrogen. This not only contains estrogenic side effects, but aids the androgenic and anabolic effects of the natural steroid, prompting the growth of hard, dense muscles.


The quantity per serving (1 Capsule/Pill) of the various ingredients in the supplement are as follows:

17- Halo-Methyl-Diana-drone - 400mg
Betaecdysterone -100mg
Citric acid - 50mg
Ge Gan (pueraria lobota)
Glabra - 100mg
N.O. Oliliacae
Phosphatidyl Choline - 50mg
Smilax Officinalis
Wild yam extract 100mg

Recommended Dosage

The dosage calls for the intake of a single pill daily. It should be taken 30 minutes prior to your workout time.

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