A Step by Step 16 Week Advanced Body Sculpting Program

Complete Program On How You Can Burn Fat AND Build Muscle

  • Do you find yourself going in circles and getting nowhere trying to burn fat, build muscle and get fit, heathy and muscular?
  • Do you find yourself joining program after program wasting time, money and weeks of wasted effort only to look the same as when you started?
  • Do you find yourself getting more and more confused trying to figure out where to start, how much weight to use and how many reps and sets to perform?
  • Do you find yourself wondering how much to eat? When to eat? or what you should be eating to reach your goals?

Listen, I understand. I've been through it and understand how confusing it can be. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has a different opinion or knows of some special routine that you need to be doing in order to burn fat and build muscle.

Some gurus say you need to eat more, some say to eat less, some say to use heavy weight, some say use light weight, some say use low reps, other say use high reps...

Others say this and other say that...

It's ridiculous...ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!

It's one thing to get in the gym and start training but it's another to know that what you're doing is what you should be doing to reach your goals!

I wasted two years of time and effort because of this! I floated from program to program thinking that if I followed a certain routine from one of the pro's that I'd start looking like a pro sooner or later! I remember following Arnold's routine and thinking that if I worked just as hard as Arnold I'd look like Arnold sooner or later.

I put in ALOT of hard work!! I trained 6 days a week and work my butt off in the gym.

You want to know something? I didn't get any stronger and I didn't get any bigger. In fact I lost muscle size and got weaker!

Finally I just gave up...Yep I just threw in the towel and gave up because it just wasn't working. It wasn't until I joined a new gym that I met someone who would change my life! Yes, he changed my entire outlook on my training which had a huge impact on my appearance and my general outlook on life. I vividly remember going into the gym and thinking that I knew everything there was to know about weight training. Here I was, a weak 16 year old training like Arnold himself...doing endless sets and going to failure on nearly every set!

It wasn't until about 2 weeks of training (in that gym) that one of the owners came up to me and stopped me in my tracks. He simply grabbed the bar with one hand and racked it and said point blank to me...

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Are you trying to kill yourself?" "What you're doing is complete and utter nonsense and you're going to injure yourself"

To which I replied:

"This is the routine that Arnold uses!!"

And I'll never forget what he said in return...

"You're NOT Arnold!!

I had no clue what this guy was talking about but man, this guy was absolutely huge. He was my height (5' 8") but he weighted a muscular 290 pounds. His arms looked the size of my thighs and his chest look like it was chiseled from granite! This guy was impressive.

What he said to me that day hurt my feelings (at first) but it was necessay. I needed a wake up call from someone who knew what he was talking about. When I look back on it, he didn't have to take me under his wing but I think he took a bit of pity on me.

He asked me...

"How bad do you want this?"

I said I wanted it more than anything. His second question was this...

"Are you willing to listen and do what I say?"

And I said YES! This guy (who would become my mentor) knew what he was talking about. Anyone who laid eyes on this guy knew that he was serious and knew what he was talking about!

From that point on I listened to every word he said and followed his advice and lessons to a tee.

His first lesson to me was that it's not the quantity of my workouts that make the difference but it's the quality. It's not about simply showing up to the gym and performing set after set of an exercise and trying to use super heavy weight because so and so say's that's the only way to build muscle..

His main message was that success in this game is all about using a structured approach to your entire training program. At the time, I didn't understand what he was saying to me until he put his words into action.

He outined an entirely new approach and put me on a program that used "stages" or "phases". I think my first program had 4 stages and lasted about 16 weeks. The first stage was used to "reset" my bodies response to training. You see, at the time my body was in a sever state of over training. He basically "reprogrammed" my entire body in order to kick start the muscle building/fat burning process again. I have to admit, I had my doubts because those first few weeks of training were super easy and it seemed like I wasn't doing anything at all. What I failed to see that this was all part of his plan. He didn't want me to come out of the gates "guns a' blazing" because he knew that the muscle building process is all about progression. His plan was to "wipe the slate" clean and start on the most efficient and effective path to muscle growth.

Here I was when I first started:

I weighted about 140 pounds in this picture. At the time I was following the all the routines in the muscle magazines and performing outragreous set and repetition schemes as well as going super heavy for ALL my workouts. I think I was doing 20 to 25 sets per body part and going to failure on most of those sets. You see, I didn't know any better! Based on what I was reading in the muscle magazines at the time, this WAS the ONLY way to build muscle and burn fat!

I was severely over trained in this photo!!

The first phase of my mentors program lasted about 6 weeks or so.

In that time I was using light to moderate weight and concentrating on improving my form. I'll be honest, I thought it was a waste of time. You see, I was used to going all out and using super heavy weight so this new routine seemed like child's play. I don't think I even broke a sweat doing the first phase!

I really had my doubts!

I stuck with it because I beleived in my mentor's advice. This all changed as soon as I started the second stage because my body started to respond immediately!

As soon as I started the next stage I felt stronger, I had more energy and I was actually starting to grow!! I soon realized that my body was starting to respond and my muscles were starting to grow. You see, I wasn't just following a routine. I wasn't using heavy weight for the sake of using heavy weight anymore. I wasn't just performing endless sets for the sake of performing sets. Everything I was doing had a specific purpose and this is the ABSOLUTE most important point...


Every set, every rep and every pound of weight had a specific purpose! I no longer just showed up to the gym just for the sake of lifting heavy weight. I now had a direction and a structured process in place!

My performance in the gym was improving! I wasn't stuck anymore! It was like someone opened up the gates and pushed me through my personal threshold.

Once I reached my peak levels in a specific stage he changed my routine up and I performed different exercises, techniques and methods (but closely related) to the previous stage. His structured approach allowed me to continously grow WITHOUT running into a training plateau (or using super heavy weight!

I was always growing!!

Here's a photo of me after 6 months of using a progressive approach to my training:

I gained about 25 pounds of solid muscle in this photo! You want to know something very weird about my mentors entire approach? I didn't use super heavy weight or go to failure in any of my workouts!

He knew that muscle growth doesn't come from using super heavy weight.

Muscle growth comes from...


Once I started reaching my peak levels (in each stage) he threw my body a "curve ball" and I switched to different methods and progressively harder techniques using a different progressions stage.

It was very billiant because he kept on building on higher and higher levels of progression so my body never went stale. I never reached a training plateau! I was always growing!

After following my mentors program and closely listing to his advice I grew by leaps and bounds! Here I was after following my mentors advice after a few training cycles.

I weighted about 200 pounds here and I started to look very different. I felt absolutely fantastic! I felt strong and I had a ton of energy. People around me started to look at me differently! I think that's what I noticed most was that both guys and gals looked and treated me ALOT differently than when I was small and weak.

Things really changed for me at this point for me. I was alot more confident in my body and my entire outlook and attitude changed (for the better).

At this point I was very strong but I never lifted anything heavier than 80% - 85% of my max! The only time I lifted heavy was at the end of a training phase (weeks 5 to 6).

Prior to starting this journey I was attempting one repetition maximums at least once a week. At the end of this journey I realized that I hadn't performed a one rep maximum in any of my lifts! I don't think I ever tried a one repetition maximum for a full year during this time!

I was stronger and more agile than ever!

After reaching my goals I understood that it's not the routine or a specific menu that was responsible for muscle growth but the "process" of continous and progressive improvement that is the real key. Anyone can download a free (and paid) program and menu plan from the internet and follow it. However, what most gurus don't tell you is that it's the process that will be responsible for your success, not the routine or menu.

Today, I'm 46 years of age and I follow the same set of principles and process to burning fat and building muscle. In those 28 years since I first followed my mentors principles I've never, ever reached a training plateau. I've always reached my goals whether it be to get down to a certain weight or improve my strength on a certain movement. Using those very principles I've come darn near close to reaching my physical potential (given my limited genetics).

I admit, my body has changed as I've gotten older and I can't use the same weight as I once did but I still follow the same process. In fact, I'm just as muscular as I am today as I was in my late teens and early '20's even though I DON'T use heavy weight. Your read right...I don't use heavy weight anymore because my joints and ligaments simply can't handle it anymore (yeah, getting old sucks...). However, I can say that without a doubt that heavy weight is NOT prerequisite to building muscle. Don't get me wrong, using heavy weight is a very powerful method to building muscle BUT it's not the ONLY method.

I use a unique combination of progressive methods that allow me to keep burning fat and building muscle!

Here's a recent photo:

Last summer I went back home for my communities summer celebration. I haven't seen some of those people since my days in high school and I could see the shock on their faces when they looked me up and down. They couldn't beleive that after 28 years my body still looked big, lean and muscular.

I have to admit, it was an absolute fantastic feeling!

You may be wondering how this process can work for those of you who are overweight. I've used this exact same process to lose 50 pounds of fat and gain muscle mass!!

Using this exact same process I managed to burn off 50 pounds of unwanted fat in 4 months! Here's the thing, I used the exact same set up but I used different approach to my weight training routines and nutrition plan. I started with stage 1 consuming about 2,500 calories and over the course of 16 weeks I "gently" reduced that to just over 1,200 calories (using progressive phases). The real trick was to make sure I reduced my calories at a sensible rate so I didn't sacrifice hard earned muscle mass. My training program pretty much stayed the same using the same process as building muscle mass.

See below!

I am living proof that no matter if you're skinny or overweight, it is very POSSILBE to burn fat and build quality muscle mass. What it all comes down it whether or not your PROCESS is laid down correctly.

You see, it's NOT the routine that is responsible for burning fat and building muscle but the PROCESS of progressive improvement! I wouldn't have been able to lose 50 pounds of fat or gain 50 pounds of muscle following just 1 static routine or menu plan in such a relatively short period of time.

I've been at both ends of the spectrum:

1) Skinny and weak; And

2) Overweight

And everytime this process works! It's not magic and there are no secrets. You may be wondering...

"Sure Blake, but you've been training for years and you already know this stuff"

That is true but I will say this, I can show ANYBODY how to set up and perform this process and 10 times out of 10 it will work (if the person is serious!)

The thing is, if I would have kept on following routine after routine instead of following a “process” I would have fizzled out long ago and given up. To tell you the truth I would be in the exact shoes (today) that a lot of aspring weight trainer's are in - Going from routine to routine hoping to find that one program that never really delivers as promised.

I would probably look and feel a lot different today if I hadn't learned about the power of following a process instead of a routine. Today, I still use the same methods and principles but I’ve had to modify my process because of my age (I can’t train like a 20 year old anymore!).

The real trick is to follow a structured process and NOT a simple, static weight training routine!

Ok, let's find out how this all works?

The first thing you need to understand is the basic growth process of the human body. I’m not a doctor or biologist but I do know how this basic process works. It’s pretty simple and once youunderstand this process you’re half way there!

Here it is. The body’s growth happens in stages. Growth never happens all at once so you need to understand this. Here’s how it happens.

  1. The body encounters external stimuli (such as weight training).
  2. The body is forced to adapt (such as getting stronger).
  3. The body adapts by building more muscle (a response to getting stronger).
  4. The body reaches a balance where its new strength matches that of the stimuli (equilibrium).

That’s it! Pretty simple huh? That’s the body’s growth process in a nutshell. Do you see the 4th point? This is where everyone gets it wrong. They fail to see that the body will strive to attain what is called “equilibrium”. This is where the body is most comfortable…it wants equilibrium. Once it achieves equilibrium it stays there. It doesn’t grow, it doesn’t burn more fat, it doesn’t get stronger it kind of just stays put as long as the same stimulus is there (weight training).

What most people don’t realize is that there needs to be “progressive” stimuli to achieve more growth. Without progressive stimuli the body will not respond to your training!

This is what needs to happen to build muscle and burn fat.

  1. The body encounters stress (external stimuli such as weight training).
  2. The body is forced to adapt (such as getting stronger)
  3. The body adapts by building more muscle (a response to getting stronger)
  4. The body reaches equilibrium…
  5. The body encounters new stress levels (added progressive stress such as progressive weight training)
  6. The body is forced to adapt to the new stress levels
  7. The body adapts by getting stronger and faster.
  8. The body adapts by building even more muscle (stronger response to getting even stronger)

…And so on and so forth until the body reaches another equilibrium.

Do you see what has happened? The body is forced to adapt to even higher levels of stress and NOT settle into a comfortable balanced state. In other words, you need to consistently give your body a reason to grow! If your body doesn’t have a strong enough reason to grow it simply won’t. I’m sure all of us have hear the term “progressive weight training” and have a generally idea that one needs to “pyramid” up in weight.

Here’s what you need to understand about the basic process. You need to ALWAYS be giving your body a reason to grow with each passing workout (week after week).

This is a MUST!! Do this and you will always grow, no matter what. The most efficient and effective method is to do this in progressive stages. Each stage builds off the previous stage but it:

  • Makes the body work just a bit harder;
  • Is similar enought that it doesn't totally confuse the body
  • Is different enough that it keeps the body from stalling and continously burns fat and build more muscle!

This is how it's done folks! Here's the key: Both, your training and nutrition stage MUST be progressively working WITH each other in order to compound your results.

Here's how this process works:

Phase 1: 4 to 6 weeks in duration

Prime the body for muscle growth and fat loss. Use light to moderate weight and "reprogram" the body for growth. This program is meant to set the stage for continous muscular improvement.

Phase 2: 4 to 6 weeks in duration

This stage is meant to introduce the body to higher levels of intensity and keep the process moving forward. This may use heavier weight, different repetition or set schemes or added intensity boosting techniques to make the program a little harder. This stage is meant to kick start the muscle building and fat burning process.

Phase 3: 4 to 6 weeks in duration

Building off of stage 3 this program introduces more challenges in order to continously make the body work harder. Remember we DON'T want our body's to totally adapt. We want our body's to be one step back and trying to catch up to our training methods. Once it catches up and nears equilibrium we throw a "curve ball" at it and change our methods up.

Using more advanced techniques you will introduce training methods that will make the body work even harder with each passing workout.

Phase 4: 4 to 6 weeks in duration

We are going to bring it all home in this stage. We are going to use all out intensity for 4 to 6 weeks to lose those extra pounds and build those extra lines of musularity. This is where you want to use all of your energy and effort in each of your workouts to really achieve your goals.

Do you see how this is structured? We are NOT going all out in the first 2 or 3 stages because we want our bodies to continously grow WITHOUT running into a training plateau. This is were EVERYONE gets it wrong. Most people will max out in either stage 1 or stage 2 and stop building muscle and burning fat. The trick is to use different BUT related methods to progressively build on each stage's intensity levels.

It doesn't matter if you want to:

  • Lose 20, 30 or even 50 pounds of unwanted body fat;
  • Build hard, lean muscle mass and lose that paunch around your waist; Or
  • Get lean, fit and more muscular

The process will ALWAYS be the same for successfully reaching your goals.

Congratulations!! You now know how to set up a successful fat burning and muscle building program! I'm sure you're excited to get going and to implement your very own muscle building and fat burning process. You now know the simple truth about building muscle and burning fat so you're on the right track to reaching your goals.

For those of you who want to build your own program, I wish you all the luck and I hope you reach your goals. There are plenty of free resouces on the Building Muscle 101 site to help you.

For those of you who are deadly serious and believe that you can follow the exact same type of fat burning and muscle building process that I use than please...read on.

I've just developed a one-of-a-kind 16 week program that uses the very same principles described above. This is truly a unique system because you never have to guess if what you're doing is what you SHOULD be doing to reach your goals.




This a serious program for those of you who are serious about building muscle AND burning fat.

  • This is NOT a basic weight training routine and menu plan.
  • This is NOT a program with a bunch of theories and pages of useless information
  • This is NOT your standard muscle building and fat burning e-book with a "one-size-fits-all" weight training routine and menu plan.
  • This is NOT a generic program designed to fit everyone under the same umbrella!!
  • This is NOT some method or routine that I've "borrowed" and adapted to make it unique
  • This is not a P-90 type program that uses hybrid cardio or HIIT style workouts.

This is a MUSCLE BUILDING program that is designed to progressively build more and more muscle tissue using progressive intensity boosting (weight training techniques) methods WITHOUT relying on the use of consistently super heavy weight. This program will burn GOBS of fat while building lean muscle tissue.

This program comes directly from my 28 plus years of DIRECT experience in this field to create a truly one of a kind and unique 16 week fat burning and muscle building program. This program is based on progressive and productive weight training methodology.

What makes this system unique to all the other muscle building, fat burning products is that I use YOUR strength levels to determine YOUR progress! You NEVER have to guess how much weight to use! I outline how much weight to start with and when you should be increasing it! You never have to guess!

Each week will contain your unique weight progression table so you never, ever have to guess!! And best of all each workout is PRINTABLE!! All you have to do is print off your weeks workout and take it with you to the gym. Follow the exercises and your unique weight usage progression table and you're all set to go!

I provide you with a 16 week nutrition plan that has been specifically made to burn fat and build muscle. Each meal plan works hand in hand with your weight training plans and get this...The plans are "made-to-fit" your current body weight. For example, if you weight 180 pounds, I provide you with a menu plan designed for 180 pounds which will allow you to GOBS of body fat and build hard lean muscle mass!!

There are NO hidden fees or sneaky upgrade options. Once you purchase the program I don't try and upsell you on any extra garbage that you don't need. This is a complete system that provides you with everything you need to reach your goals in one package.

This is a complete system that uses a "phased" approach which transforms your body from week 1 to a hard and lean body in week 16. This is a serious program for people who are serious about building muscle and burning fat.

What makes this system different than all the others?

Total Body Transformation!!

The 16 Week Advanced Body Sculpting Program is designed to burn maximum body fat while building hard lean muscle mass. The program uses a phased approach which goes well beyond the "one routine, one menu" approach and uses 4 powerful phases designed specifically to convert your body into a fat burning, muscle building machine!

Phase 1

This phase is two weeks in duration. This phase has been specifically designed to "reprogram" your body in order to begin your body's transformation. Using a specially made weight training program and menu plan this stage will be crucial in establishing your body's "starting point" which will lay the groundwork for your total body transformation.

Think of this phase as the tip of the iceberg. As you progress downward, each phase gets a little bigger and more intense until you reach the final phase of the training cycle which will be the most intense. In stage one you are preparing your body for a total transformation which will burn pounds of unwanted body fat in addition to building and strengthening your body (and muscle).

Here's what you get:

Phase 1

  • Two week phase 1 body transformation weight training program using your strength levels to determine your progress!
  • Two week phase 1 menu plan made for your body weight!
  • Cooking instructions!
  • Meal substitutions!
  • Grocery list!
  • Exercises!
  • Two week progression plan!

Phase 2

This stage is five weeks in duration. Stage two picks up where stage 1 ends. It's time to "rev" up your internal fat burning and muscle building engine! You are now in a position to start adding more intensity into your program in order to ramp up your fat burning and muscle building efforts.

This stage has been designed to "flip" your body's fat burning and muscle building switch to "ON". Building on the momentum from the first stage, stage two uses more advanced weight training techniques to help kick start the fat burning and muscle building process. Using the methods outlined in stage two you can expect start muscle building process while reversing your body's fat storing process.

Here's what you get in phase 2:

  • Five week phase 2 body transformation weight training program using your strength levels to determine your progress!
  • Five week menu phase 2 menu plan!
  • Cooking instructions!
  • Meal substitutions!
  • Grocery list!
  • Exercises!
  • Five week progression plan!
  • Supplement suggestions!

Phase 3

Phase 3 has been speficially designed to build on the momentum from phase two. Using even more advanced and exciting techniques such as:

- Super sets;
- Tri sets;
- Giant sets;
- Pre exhaust sets;
- 21's;

And I also use some of my own personal techniques such as:

- Consecutive sets (Awesome muscle builder and fat burner!);
- 20 by 20 sets (Awesome muscle building method)

Phase 3 will introduce more creative intensity boosting techniques which will take your body to higher levels of muscular development! In other words, you are now ready to start using some insanely cool methods to really get down to business. Believe me, you'll love these techniques as there's a few that (I believe) are my own personal invention.

The phase 3 nutrition program has been specifically designed to boost your weight training results so you can expect accelerated fat loss and muscle gain.

This phase is 5 weeks in duration.

Here's what you get in phase 3:

  • Five week phase 3 body transformation weight training program using your strength levels to determine your progress!!
  • Five week menu phase 3 menu plan!
  • Cooking instructions!
  • Meal substitutions!
  • Grocery list!
  • Exercises!
  • Five week progression plan!
  • Supplement suggestions!

Phase 4

In phase 4 you will be at a point in your training to really start kicking your body into its highest gears. In phase 4 you are going to be using the techniques you learned in phases 2 and 3 and taking them to a much higher level. This phase will bring it all home and the really strip off those unwanted pounds and to harden up your muscles.

Phase 4 will last 4 weeks. I'm going to be honest with you, this phase is NOT an easy one however it is an EFFECTIVE one. You will be using some very advanced training techniques in addition to using some very creative nutrition techniques to burn off even more unwanted belly fat.

You will use a series of specially engineered workouts that use a unique combination of creative training methods to enhance muscle growth while burning gobs of fat.

Here's what you get in phase 4:

  • Four week phase 4 body transformation weight training program using your strength levels to determine your progress!
  • Four week menu phase 4 menu plan!
  • Cooking instructions!
  • Meal substitutions!
  • Grocery list!
  • Exercises!
  • Four week progression plan!
  • Supplement suggestions!

Workout Variety!!

Each phase uses new and exciting workouts specifically designed to build muscle and burn fat. You get 4 super exciting workout systems that use a variety of weight training exercises and exciting methods to keep you challenged and excited! No more boring workouts! Each workout has been designed to always keep you challenged!!

Dynamic and Evolving Weight Training Workouts!

Every phase uses new and dynamic workout systems and methods. Your workouts are always evolving as you progress and improve! Each phase grows as your body grows!

Complete! From Start to Finish!!

When you begin your 16 Week Advanced Body Sculpting program you will always know where to START and how to proceed.

The 16 Week Advanced Body Sculpting Program provides you a starting point and guides you all the way to your final destination!! No more worrying about where you should be starting or how to get started! The program has been engineered as a holistic program that sets up your personal starting point and guides you through the entire muscle building and fat burning process.

You never have to worry how often you need to train, when you should be training or how you need to train! The program will have everything laid out perfectly for you!

The Best Workouts and Methods To Build Muscle and Burn Fat!!

Each of these powerful workouts have been specifically designed using a very progressive system that allows you to constantly improve from workout to workout. You never have to worry if the workout you're performing is working. Every workout, every repetition and every set all have a purpose in moving your forward in the most effective and efficient manner possible!

Every workout, exercise and technique has been chosen and placed in just the right order to optimize muscle growth and fat burning!

No Guessing!!

This unique system uses YOUR strength levels to drive each workout! Each uniquely designed weight training phase uses specially made workouts that have been made specifically for YOUR strength levels. I use your strength levels to determine how much weight you should be using for each exercise and for every set of your workouts! No guessing!! My custom approach will help you achieve much faster and more consistent results.

I use all my experience and knowledge to outline how much weight you should be using with regards to:

  • each set
  • each rep
  • each workout
  • in each phase!!

Unlike all the other programs out there which often leaves you wondering how much weight you should be starting with or using with each workout, I tell you exactly how much based on YOUR strength levels. You are never left guessing!!

I tell you EXACTLY what type of muscle building and fat burning methods to use to get the absolute BEST results!! Each phase uses exciting (some new and unique methods created by yours truly) and challenging weight training techniques (Don’t worry…I explain how to perform each method).

I tell how much weight you need to start with and how much weight to increase with each passing workout.

I detail all you exercises for each and every workout in all phases!!

Based on your personal strength levels I outline EXACTLY how much weight you need to be using at every step of the way. I addition I tell you exactly:

- how many sets to perform
- how many repetitions to perform
- how long you need to rest in between sets
- which methods and techniques to use in each stage for the absolute BEST RESULTS!!

No Excessive Use of Heavy Weight!!

The 16 week body sculpting program doesn't require the use of super heavy weight! Under no circumstance will you be performing low repetition workouts using unreasonable heavy weight. This program will NOT put your body at risk or injury from using super heavy weight. I want you to have long and successful journey and you can't do that if you're layed up with injuries due to using super heavy weight.

Remember, to reach your goals you need to always be improving and using heavy weight is only one of many methods to achive this goal. Don't get me wrong, you're going to be using some heavy weight but this WILL NOT be the driving force behind your success. You will be using a variety of new and exciting methods for each stage that will continously challenge your body at each level of development!

The 16 week body sculpting program doesn't rely on the standard "heavy weight at all costs" mentality. This program uses exciting and innovative techniques that doesn't rely on the use of heavy weights.

The system is ideal for those of you who are older and can't use super heavy weight anymore!

I even use my own stash of "secret" methods to help you build even more muscle and burn fat!!

No Training Plateaus!!

This program has been specifically designed to AVOID training plateaus. Under no circumstance will you encounter a training plateau (which will stall your progress). Using this program you will always be moving forward! You will always be improving from from week to week at a sensible rate allowing you to keep improving without running into unwanted training plateaus.

Each phase is designed to build on the success of the previous phase adding more challenging weight training techniques and methods.

Remember, progress always equals improvement which means more muscle growth and fat burned. You're always going to be improving using this program!

No More Confusion!!

Using the 16 week body sculpting program there is no need to try and guess what you should be doing with each workout. All you have to do is print out the workout and progressions and follow them. It couldn't be any simpler. You can expect much FASTER results due to the fact that each phase builds on one another to produce compounded results!

You will know each and every workout what you should be doing! On top of that you will have the confidence knowing that what you're doing is the ABSOLUTE right thing to
be doing!

I tell you exactly:

  • How many sets to perform;
  • How may repetitions to perform;
  • How much weight to use;
  • How long to rest in between sets;
  • The best methods and techniques to use

No confusion! All you have to do is print off your copy and head to the gym and follow the plan! It couldn’t be easier. The 16 week advanced body sculpting program cuts out all the guess work from your workouts. Each phase in the 16 week advanced body sculpting program is designed specifically for your strength levels. My unique approach allows you to progress according to your strength levels and NOT someone else!

Easy Fat Burning / Muscle Building Nutrition!!

I understand how confusing nutrition can be so I designed the nutrition program so that all you have to do is follow it! There are 4 nutrition stages that go hand in hand with your weight training phases. There is absolutely NO GUESSING how many calories you need or how much protein, carbs or fat you need. Each nutrition plan is specifically designed to go hand in hand with it's weight training plan.

Like the weight training plan, I use a certain degree of customization to complete each phase. I use your current body weight to put together a series of nutritional plans that correspond to each phase. The duration of each phase is as follows:

  • Phase 1 nutritional meal plan: Two weeks in duration
  • Phase 2 nutritional meal plan: Five weeks in duration
  • Phase 3 nutritional meal plan: Five weeks in duration
  • Phase 4 nutritional meal plan: Four weeks in duration

I start you off with a meal plan specifically for your current body weight. From there, I introduce a nutritional plan that is designed to enhance each progressive phase. Each meal plan is super simple to use. You won't be spending countless hours in the kitchen making hard to make recipes. These are easy to make meals and best of all, I provide:

- Meal substitutions for each plan;
- Cooking instructions for each plan;
- Grocery lists;
- The main plan

I lay everything out for you! Your meal plans are made for your body weight and designed specifically to BURN FAT and BUILD MUSCLE!! I tell you exactly:

- What to eat;
- How much to eat;
- When to eat;
- Foods to eat;
- The recipes;
- Supplement combinations that will DOUBLE your results!

No More Wasted Time!!

You can be rest assured that the programs in the 16 week body sculpting programs are what you SHOULD be doing to reach your muscle building and fat burning goals!

Remember! Each workout in the 16 week body sculpting program has a specific purpose and contributes to the one main purpose...And that's to burn fat and build muscle in the most effective and efficient manner possible!!

Under no circumstance will you be standing around the gym wondering if your workout is working. You will have the confidence in know that the workouts in the 16 week body sculpting program have been engineered to WORK!!

Supplement Suggestions

I'll provide you with a list of supplements that will go hand in hand with each of your phases. I'll tell you the type of supplement to buy, the brand to get and when to take the supplements for the absolute best possible results! You never have to worry about which supplements work, when to take them or how to use them! I'll tell you exactly:

  • Type of supplement to use;
  • When to take them;
  • How to take them;
  • How much to take;

Supplements are NOT needed with this program but if you want to use supplements I will outline how to use them for the ABSOLUTE best results!

Each phase will contain the absolute best supplements to build stamina, endurance and muscle size.

Here's How The Program Works

1) Send me an email to see if this program is right for you.

2) If you qualify for the program, register for the program;

2) Once registered you will be directed to fill out a short intake form which provides me some basic information about your current strength levels. The intake form will allow me to develop your custom workout progressions and nutrition plan;

3) Once I recieve the form I put together your program. It generally takes me about 2 to 3 hours to put the entire plan together. It may take longer depending on the volume of plans I need to construct. Give me a couple of days to have your entire plan ready. If I need more time, I'll let you know.

4) Once your plan is complete I send you a zip file containing all your workouts, menu plans, instructions, recovery guide, motivation guide and logs. Everything is explained to you at every step of the way so you don't have to try and figure out what to do next. Simply unzip the folder and all your phases will be presented in an easy to read manner.

Once you get your 16 Week Advanced Body Sculpting Program, all you need to do is pick an appropriate date to start the plan, print out the workout and progressions (add them to a binder) and get to work building the body of your dreams. Everything is done for you and there is no need to worry about workloads, meal plans or any of that stuff.

Simply follow the plan, work hard and get the results you deserve!

Here's what you get:

  • 4 phased weight training program spanning 16 weeks (uses custom workload progressions)
  • 4 phased nutritional program spanning 16 weeks
  • Logs and charts
  • Daily planner
  • Calendar template
  • Goals and evaluation sheet
  • Motivation guide
  • Rest and recovery guide
  • Supplement suggestions for every phase

Remember, I'm here every step of the way. If you need help or need direction simply let me know and I'll help. I will never sell you the plan and say goodbye! I'll make it my mission to see you succeed!

Here's what a recent user of the program had to say:

"Blake, I really do like the program and think it has a true purpose from the beginning level to the advance. I already have 6 people interested in the program!! As far as I know you are the only business offering this type of program at an affordable price.

In other words you are not marketing a free program with the bull s**t of buying my training videos and all of the other attention getters or draw ins. I do think you are sincere in wanting to try and help people get in shape and better their quality of life.

Look at the program you have me on $60 with a complete plan for a 16 week cycle no strings attached. I would say that in itself should draw people into training and after they complete the cycle they can decide how far they want to go."

- Barry Byrd

Who is the program for?

This program is for the following people:

  • Serious and committed to making a change!
  • Want to lose unwanted body fat;
  • Gain lean hard muscle mass;
  • Tired of the confusion and just want a program that WORKS;
  • Don't want to try and figure everything out - Just want to follow a solid system
  • Want to start over and begin a new and exciting body transformation journey;
  • Tired of trying routine after routine with little or no results;
  • Tired of all the crazy internet routines;
  • To get into the best shape of your life;
  • Tired of being out of shape


Please remember, this is a weight training system designed for people who are interested and want to use weights and related equipment.

  • Have a working knowledge of weight training and the exercises;
  • Access to gym equipment (I also have a workout for home gyms);
  • Beyond the complete beginner stage;
  • Willing to work hard;
  • Have the necessary time to commit to the training schedule
  • Have the ambition to succeed!

This is a TOUGH program. If you're a complete beginner, chances are this program is beyond the scope of your current fitness level. However, if you've been training for at least a couple of months and want to try something new and exciting, this program is for you.

Important Notice!

Summer is fast approaching!! Due to the current demand for this course I'm only selling 50 copies. The reason I'm selling only a 50 copies is that it's only me designing these programs. Any more than 50 copies and I'm stretching myself way too thin. Plus, the first 50 copies are truly special for those of you who manage to get one. Once I reach 50 copies, I close the program. Sure, you might be able to find a copy from a friend but it'll be next to useless for you since the workloads will be made specifically for someone else.

Get Into The Best Shape of Your Life!! Build Muscle and Burn Fat!! Get Started Today!!

Listen, if you're the type of person who is serious about making a change and want nothing but the best program available to make it happen, this program is for you. If you're tired of scouring the internet looking for the perfect FREE program that never delivers than this program is for you! This is a PAID program but it's well worth the money.

Is The 16 Week Advanced Body Sculpting Prorgram Right For You?

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16 Week Body Transformation

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