10 x 10 Volume Workout

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The following 10 sets of 10 workout is a great way to add a new dimension to your workouts.

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Considered a high volume approach to weight training, the 10 x 10 workout requires a great amount of effort and discipline. However, this type of workout can really pay off because it boosts the overall workload per workout.

By expanding additional volume into your routine, you force your muscles to move additional weight. The 10 x 10 workout routine is a classic muscle building routine thats been used at one point in time by most of the greats including Arnold and Sergio.

I've had the greatest success with the 10 x 10 routines when I've wanted to improve a certain body part. For example, when I wanted to add more muscle to my upper legs, I would use the 10 sets of 10 principle for my squats. This high volume approach, combined with heavy weight forced my legs to grow. Mind you, it was an extremely difficult routine to perform but my legs literally exploded overnight.

If your serious about packing on some serious muscle size, give this 10 sets of 10 workout a shot.

Here is the training sequence:

Day 1: Workout A
Day 2:
Workout B
Day 3:
Day 4:
Workout A
Day 5: Workout B
Day 6: Saturday
Rest (Cardio Optional)
Day 7: Sunday Rest

Let's take a look at the workout:

Workout Points

Duration: 6 to 8 weeks
Goal: Create muscle size, tone and muscular endurance
- 4 workouts weekly

- 1/2 body trained at each workout

- 2 to 3 exercises per bodypart

- Rest periods 1 minute in duration

- Cardio work at the end of each workout for 25 to 30 minutes

- Long walk each day when practical

- Try performing workout A on Monday and Thrursday and workout B on Tuesday and Friday

- You can also alternate workouts A and B three days per week allowing at least 1 day of rest in between workouts.

- Repeat cycle after day 7 (rest day)

The Workout

Workout A - Monday - Shoulders/Back/Abs
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Flat dumbbell bench press 10 10 1 minute
Incline dumbbell flies 5 10 1 minute
Seated dumbbell curls 10 10 1 minute
Lying triceps extensions 10 10 1 minute
Weighed incline sit ups 10 10 1 minute
Cardio 25 to 30 minutes in duration
Workout B - Legs / Back / Shoulders
Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Barbell bent over rows 10 10 1 minute
Dumbbell shrugs 5 10 1 minute
Hack squats 5 10 1 minute
Barbell military front press 10 10 1 minute
Seated calf raise 10 10 1 minute
Cardio 25 to 30 minutes in duration

Repeat cycle after day 7

I suggest using this workout for a period 6 to 8 weeks. Although if it is working for you beyond week 8, keep using it for another 2 to 4 weeks. I recommend taking a two week break after using this type of routine to give your joints and tendons some rest.

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