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He Lost 43 61 LBS in Two Four MONTHS!

Case Study: Here's an amazing transformation of one of my clients Cory Miller, who lost 61 Pounds of Body Weight in just over 4 months. On top of losing all that weight, Cory gained an amazing 43% 63% more strength! Here's his story on how he did it,

Build Muscle and Burn Fat at 62?

Here's a story of one of my online personal training clients, Farrell Richards who at 62 years of age got into the best shape of his life in only 4 months!!

Tom Koch Lost 30 Pounds and Gained Pounds of Muscle in Under 4 Months!

Find out how Tom Koch transformed his body in 4 short months from "skinny fat" to big, lean and muscular using Building Muscle 101's Personal Training Program

Collagen and Building Muscle

What if it was possible to stay young longer and maintain our health and energy by using affordable supplements to work on vital systems and parts of our body? Read more here

When to Change Sets, Reps and Rest Times

Ever wonder when you need to change your sets, reps and rest times to burn fat and build muscle? In this article I'm going to explain to you how I use a certain model that helps me burn fat, get stronger and build muscle without putting my joints, tendons and ligaments at risk from using super heavy weight..

7 Safe Non Stimulant Fat Burners

Not all supplements are good for everyone. Weight loss products with stimulants are not ideal for some, especially for older men and women. That is because caffeine and other stimulant substances can cause changes in heart rate and blood pressure even disrupting your sleep patterns.

No Pump Necessary To Build Muscle!

When it comes to building quality muscle, training more often and harder is not always better. In fact, many times it is actually bad, as it seems we have lost the basic principles of building muscle. Here are some old school principles from The Iron Guru that have stood the test of time

Old School BodyBuilding Wisdom

When it comes to building quality muscle, training more often and harder is not always better. In fact, many times it is actually bad, as it seems we have lost the basic principles of building muscle. Here are some old school principles from The Iron Guru that have stood the test of time

The Truth About Getting Older and Weight Training

As we get older we sometimes find ourselves in a position where we can't train like we used to. As older trainers we are often caught wondering how we are going to gain muscle mass and strength without training heavy? In this article I will help explain how you can still gain muscle mass without going heavy!

Is The 5x5 Strong Lifts Program Right For You?

The 5x5 strong lifts strength program is a very popular routine. However, is this type of program meant for everyone? Here's a question I received from a reader regarding the 5x5 strong lifts program. 

How To Lose 50 Lbs Of Fat!

I kind of let myself go this past winter and ballooned up to 255 pounds. I decided to take drastic action and lost 50 pounds of fat. Here's how I went from 255 bloated pounds to a rock hard 205 pounds in just under 4 months.

20 Minute "No Sweat" Workout

Some of us are extremely busy and finding the necessary time to devote to working out can be a daunting task. Although we want to improve our health and fitness, it’s simply not the top priority it may have once been. The following workout has been designed as a lunch break workout for all you busy people out there.

Program Review

This weight training program review is for Nick. Nick has gained a few pounds since high school and wants to lose some weight and gain lean muscle mass. His program is based on two full body workouts per week. Here is my program review for Nick.

Compound Movements and Muscle Growth

Here's a question. Do compound movements such as the dead lift, barbell row, shoulder press and chin ups build the smaller muscle groups like isolation exercises such as kick backs and concentration curls do?

What Can You Expect From Weight Training

Today, I’m going to go over a simple timeline that will outline what you can expect from a typical weight training program. Mind you, this is for an average progressive weight training program and more or less aimed at beginners who don’t know what to expect.

Pre / Post Workout Nutrition

My question is this: How can I improve my morning pre and post work out nutrition? Most importantly, getting the required pre-work out protein?

Five Signs to Break Up With Your Routine

We all find ourselves in situations where we stop growing. It might not be you but your routine. If you fall under one of these 5 points it may be time to break up with your routine.

Meal Plan Advice for Cutting Weight

I need to know roughly what I should eat that is good for what I'm trying to accomplish. I currently have a 38 inch waist and I'd like to get down to a 36 waist. I'm 38 years of age now and I'd like to build muscle mass and get leaner. My question in a nut shell is what I should basically eat on workout days from the post workout shake all the way till I go to sleep.

Do You Really Need To Train Legs?

Is leg training absolutely necessary? This really depends on your goals. I’m not going to say that you absolutely must train legs in order to get into shape or even build a half decent upper body. I know plenty of guys who never trained legs a day in their lives and managed to develop very impressive upper bodies. However...

3 Day Adjusted Power Factor Routine

This routine is based on Bill Starr's Power Factor Routine. I've modified it for a client so that there is a bit more exercise variety but the core of the program is designed for strength

How Can I Get Stronger?

I am 34 yrs old and have been lifting for over 12 years but I have not achieved close to what I have pictured over the years. I'd like to get bigger, leaner and stronger but I'm not sure how to do it.

How To Build A Big Wide Back

Do you want to build a big wide back? This routine is meant for those of you who want to build a big back using a non traditional approach to sets and rep schemes

The 1 Mistake You MUST Avoid

This mistake is probably #1 cause why most aspiring weight trainers quite their programs. We all make this mistake at some point in time and if we can catch it in time, we can turn it around and start growing!

Shoulder Workout

This shoulder workout will help you build slabs of beef to your deltoids. It's an intenst workout that utilizes a variety of intensity boosting techniques

"No Nonsense" Big Arm Workout

This specialized arm workokut will add slabs of beef to your upper arms! It's not an easy workout so be prepared to put in alot of hard work. Be prepared to see your arms grow!