More Weight Training Routines

Building muscle 101 is always looking for new ways to train.

That means innovative weight training routines and techniques from people of all levels of training.

Most of the readers of building muscle 101 are not body builders or professional athletes and usually, they are every day working people who go to school or work a day job.

Everyday working people don't really have time to train two body parts in a day or devote everyday to training.

With that in mind, I decided to ask you, the readers of building muscle 101 to send in your weight lifting routines so that other like minded weight trainers can benefit from your training experience and routines.

Building muscle 101 uses various approaches to weight training and building muscle but let’s face it, the routines presented are not the only way to train. There are others who have different weight training routines that work like magic.

There are just so many variations to weight training routines that it would be impossible for building muscle 101 to capture them all. Besides I’m only using what worked for me in the past.

There are thousands of weight trainers out there who have adjusted and fine tuned their weight lifting programs to match their goals. Some have outstanding mass building routines and others have fantastic fat burning routines. These are the routines that can work for anybody and what building muscle 101 would like to share with you.

So far, the response has been very positive and the weight training routines are coming in from different readers with totally different outlook on training.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone one of you who have sent in their weight training routines to share with others. I’m sure the routines will be put to good use by the readers of building muscle 101.

Please remember that these weight training routines are from the readers of building muscle 101. I have not personally used these routines so I can't say whether or not they are effective.

These workout routines are here to give you an idea of what other weight trainers are doing in their programs.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the weight training programs:

Matt’s Weight Training Program

John’s “Getting Ready For The Beach” Weight Training Program

Kyle’s Mass Building Program

Brad’s 12 Week Weight Lifting Program

Scott’s Weight Training Splits

Jordan's Routine For The Hard Gainer

James’ Total Body Workout

Wayne's 1 on, 2 off weight training program

Johns' 1 bodypart per week routine

Adam's one month weight training routine

Eric's weight training program

Tony's Big Biceps Workout Routine

David's 5 day weight training program

Paul's Weight Training Program

Dan's One On - Two Off Weight Training Routine

Kyle's Circuit Training Program

Russell's Weight Training Routine

Dan's Amazing Leg Day Workout Routine

John's 3 Day On 1 Day Off Weight Training Routine

Paul's super intense fat burning, muscle building weight training program

Collegiate Coach's Workout

4 Day Mass Building Routine

John's 4 Week Upper Body Training Program

Mike's power weight training program

Doug's two day weight training split

Mike's two day high intensity training program

Dj's two day beginner weight training routine

Christopher's Mass Building Program

John's Massive Chest Workout

Bill's Strength And Toning Workout

Killer Arm Workout Routine

Nathan's Weight Training Routine For Teens

3 Day Strength And Mass Routine

Jay's Triceps Weight Training Routine

Kelvin's Get Big Routine

Parker's Teenage Weight Training Program

Cody's Weight Training Program

Ben's Beginner Weight Training Program

Justin's Full Body Workout Routine

John's 4 Day Muscle Mass Workout Routine

Basic Weight Training Routine By Jake

Buddika's Build Muscle Lose Fat Workout

Chud's 5 Day Split Weight Training Program

Tom's Two Day Weight Training Split Program

Ryan's Fat Burning Workout

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