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Questions For May 2009 Newsletter


Training the glutes and hamstrings is just as important as training our chest and biceps. Conventional training doesn’t really promote training our glutes and hamstrings but really, these areas are just as important as our chest and arms. The only thing is we don’t see people looking at our butts and hamstrings. I’m going to show you some exercises that I think are the best for these areas.

2.Can I burn fat and build muscle at the same time?

If there was ever a “most popular question in weight training” contest, this question would be the winner. Actually, it would probably be a toss up with “how much can you bench?”. Some experts say you can’t do it, some say you can, who’s right? Here’s a quick breakdown of what this person should be doing.

3.Should you train through muscle soreness?

This is a very good question and one that needs to be answered. Not only that, I wish more people would take this advice and apply it. I just don’t understand how some sources still recommend that you try and train a sore muscle group. Talk to anyone who’s been in this game for any length of time and they’ll tell you, don’t train a sore muscle group.

4.Creatine for endurance type sports

We all know creatine works for strength movements such as the bench press and squat but can it work for endurance type sports? That is, can it help improve a person’s endurance such as long distance running or motocross racing? Find out here.

5.Hard gainer home workout

Is there such a thing as a hard gainer? Good question. Can a “hard gainer” gain quality muscle mass working from home? Another good question. Well, I’ve been in both situations and have overcome these obstacles with some common sense and quality information. Let me share some of my personal experiences and help all of you hard gainers who weight train at home to come up with a weight training plan that will help you start packing on the pounds.

6.How can vegans get the necessary protein to build muscle?

Vegans who want to build muscle mass can certainly build quality muscle with vegetable based proteins - just ask Adreas Cahling (Mr. World - vegetarian). If you’re a vegan and want to build muscle mass, you might want to read this question and answer.

7.Should I ease back into my weight training after a break?

This is a great question. After a holiday or a break, we can get pretty excited about going back into the weight room and hitting the iron hard and heavy. However, should we try and pick up right where we left off or should we throw all caution into the wind and go for it?

8.How to develop your forearms

I’ve been a victim of small and weak forearms. However, over time and some smart training I was able to overcome this obstacle by following some simple principles. If you have weak and small forearms, I’m going to pass on some valuable advice to you.

9.Help! I work the night shift and I to figure out the best time to workout

This brings back memories. I used to work 12 hour night shifts at our local steel plant and it threw my entire weight training program into a tail spin. I had to adjust everything, from my sleep patterns to my diet, to my weight training times. Find out here how you can find the right time to train while still finding a balance between the night shift, weight training times and spending time with your family.

10. Muscle soreness after weight training

We just can’t get away from muscle soreness after a weight training session. It’s just one of those things that you have to live with, however, there are things you can do to minimize the soreness. Find out here.

11.Is Muscle RX pre workout supplement any good?

I tell you, there are a heck of a lot of pre workout supplements on the market today. You name it, it’s on the shelves. However, there are good and bad supplements out there. I got a question about one popular supplement called “Muscle RX” and I’m going to give you guys the low down if this supplement is any good.

12.Weight training routine for an underdeveloped chest

Do you have a weak and underdeveloped chest? Are you shoulders and triceps stronger than your chest? If you do, you might want to read this question and answer

13.Help me! I’m a serious hard gainer!

Here’s question from Robby who is a classic hard gainer looking for a new routine. Is it possible to get the perfect weight training routine for a hard gainer? Find out here.

14.Is the Weider Mega Mass 4000 any good?

Weider supplements have been around since the late ‘70's. I got a question from a reader of building muscle 101 wanting to know if Weider’s Mega Mass 4000 is a good weight gainer. I’ve tried a lot of weight gainer’s including Weider’s Mega Mass series - Find out here what I think of this product.

15.Is it ok to “train around” a shoulder injury?

Please, if your thinking about training an injured body part, read this question and answer.

16. A question about the best repetition range to build muscle

Here’s a question by Gary who wants to know how to use the best repetition range to build more muscle mass. This kind of training is great for those of you who have sore joints and connective tissue.

17.What age should a child be before they start to weight train?

This is an excellent question. Some experts say children shouldn’t weight train while others say it’s safe? What’s the safe age for children to start lifting weights?

Questions For December 2008 Newsletter


1. How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle Mass

How long does it take before you start to see muscle growth? Does it happen right away? Find out here as I answer this question.

2. Ab Training And Building Muscle Mass

Here's an interesting question. Does ab training take away from building muscle mass? If your trying to gain weight and build muscle mass, will ab exercises be counterproductive? Find out here.

3. Tens Pain Relief Machine

A reader of building muscle 101 wants to know if using a “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation" (TENS) machine will help tone his leg muscle. I've personally used a TENS machine in the past to help with my shoulder tendinitis. Find out here how a TENS machine can help.

4. More Defined Biceps

Are there any exercises that can help define a biceps muscle? A reader of building muscle 101 has built up some muscle mass but for some reason, can't get any definition in his biceps. A good question and one I've been asking myself for some time.

5. Sample Ab And Leg Workouts

For those of you who want some sample ab and leg workouts, I've attached some here.

6. Nerve FeedBack And Shrugs

Here's a great question. Can movements such as the shoulder shrug, done in the rotating fashion have negative effects on nerver response.

7. Which Whey Protein Is Best?

How do you know which protein powder is the right one for you? Let me give some guidelines in this question and answer.

8. Is This The Right Weight For My Height?

Do you know if you are the right weight for your height? Should you be concerned?

Find out if your at the right weight for your current height.

9. Circuit Training Or A Full Body Split?

Tim wants to know if he is supposed to be following a circuit style program or not. Should he go from one machine to the next or should he stay at the one machine until all the sets are completed?

10. Best Rep Ranges?

This question is in response the an earlier artice I posted called "Best Repetition Range To Build Muscle". Galen would like to know if there is a way to customize this method due to time contraints.

11. Weight Training Program Evaluation

Juan would like me to evaluate his weight training program. Well, here it is.

12. My Arms Shake When I Bench Press!

Do your arms shake like a leaf when you are doing the bench press? I think we all go through this phase at one point or another but there are things you can do to keep the shakes to a minimum.

13. Can Too Much Protein Give Me Gout?

Is it possible to take too much protein? Read any muscle building magazine and you'll find that you have to take in monster amounts of protein to build muscle. Do you actually need a huge amount of protein for muscle building? Find out here as I answer this very important question.

14. Is One Month Too Long A Rest Period?

Here's a great question regarding Pete Sisco's method called "Static Contraction". Pete advocates long periods of rest, even up to 3 to 4 weeks. Do I agree with this kind of rest period?

Questions For November 2008 Newsletter


1. How To Get A Bit Bulkier

Is there a way to add more muscle while keeping body fat levels down, or even losing body fat? Good question.

2. Dead Lifts And When To Take Whey Protein

Can dead lifts be bad for your back? Also, are there any protein drinks out there that can help me build more muscle mass? These are great questions. Find out here.

3. Skinny Kid Needs Help Gaining Body Mass!

Here's a question for all you skinny dudes out there (And gals), "I weight 120 pounds and I need help putting on weight, can you please help me!

4. Does Whey Protein Cause Acne?

This is a very interesting question. Can whey protein cause side effects such as acne?

5. How To Loose Body Fat And Weight

This is one popular question. How do I loose body fat and cut weight?

6. Tips For Hard Gainers

For all you hard gainers out there, this question is for you. "I'm considered a hard gainer and have a hard time eating the right amount of food, what can I do to gain weight?" Find out what you can do here.

7. Strength Training For MMA

Well, I'm no MMA figther and the kind of training routines these fighters follow are gut busting. However, there are plenty of ways to get strong and build muscle. Here are some.

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*Please note I can't answer every question, but I'll do my best to get your question answered as fast as I can - Blake

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