Weider Whey Protein Powder Review

weider whey protein

The product is called whey protien by weider. I paid $30 for this product. This product didn't work and it tasted chalky. I really feel this whey protein is nasty ineffective!

Out of 5, I give this supplement a 2.

- Mark

*Editors Note*

Weider products have been around since the '70's and I personally feel that the formulas are out of date. One of my Weider reviews is on the Dynamic Muscle Builder product and this formula hasn't changed since the early '80's! You can read my review here.

The Weider Whey Protein formula costs $44.99 CAN for 750 grams and $24.99 for a 330 gram container.

According to the label, a 24 gram serving of this supplement contains the following:

- 90 calories;
- 0 grams of fat;
- 1 gram carbohydrate;
- 20 grams of protein - Whey protein isolate.

For the 330 gram container, you get about 13.75 servings at a cost of $1.81 CAN per serving. For the 750 gram container, you get about 31 servings at a cost of $1.45 CAN per serving. In terms of cost effectiveness, this product is not that good. Let's compare this with one of my favourite tasting protein powders, NxCare's Iso XP. For a 1,136 gram container, there is about 23 servings at 50 grams per serving. The cost for this protein powder is about $40 CAN (supplementscanada.com).

A single serving of NxCare's Iso XP costs about $1.73 CAN. About the same as Weider's product. However, you get 45 grams of top grade whey protein islolate with each serving. If you were to use Weider's product, you would need to take one more serving just to get 40 grams of protein. This brings up the cost of Weider's protein to over $3.50 per serving to get 40 grams of protein. This isn't a cost effective protein powder.

In my personal opinion, if you have 40 bucks to spend on a protein powder, stay away from Weider. There are plenty of quality protein powders on the market that are far more effective than Weider.

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