Testosterone Booster Reviews

Over the last 5 years or so, testosterone and growth hormone boosters have absolutely flooded the fitness and herbal markets.

Walk into any GNC and you’ll see bottle after bottle of this stuff lining the shelves. Why are these supplements so popular?

Testosterone booster supplements are made up of ingredients that are designed to help stimulate and produce, natural free flowing testosterone in the body.

Of course, we all know that more testosterone means more strength, muscle mass, and fat burned. We also know that testosterone is a male hormone and unfortunately, starts to decline after the age of 25.

As we get older, the amount of testosterone drops and drops until we are left with a few drops.

It’s no wonder the baby boomers are making up 3/4 of the market for testosterone boosters. Weight trainers are also making up a portion of the market. Why not. If we can naturally get more free flowing testosterone in our bodies without turning to dangerous drugs, it might be worth it.

There is a downside. There is little research into natural testosterone boosters. The only thing we can rely on are reviews into what works and what doesn't work. With that in mind, I've decided to put together a few user reviews. Simply click on a link to see the review below.

Testosterone Booster Reviews

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isatori isa test

Isa Test By Isatori
1 Review - 4/5

Isa Test is a natural testosterone booster that uses ZMA and tribulus terrestris as it's main ingredietns. This product costs $31.00 USD for 104 capsules.
Endothil CR Review
1 Review - 5/5

Manufactured by Novex Biotech, Endothil CR is a very interesting supplement with a lot of potential. Designed to help increase strength and muscle size. Cost is about $50.00 USD for a one month supply. Editorial review here.
1 Review - 4/5

This is pure tribulus terretris extract containing 45% saponins. A strong product that sells for $60.00 for 60 capsules.

Methyl Masterdrol By LG Sciences
1 Review - 5/5

Unfortunately, this particular formula has been dropped (Banned in the U.S) due to it's prohormone make up. The new version is called Methyl Masterdrol XL.
Spawn By Myogenics
2 Reviews - Average 5/5

Manufactured by Myogenics, Spawn is a powerful prohormone that comes in a 90 capsule bottle. The cost is about $70.00 USD.
Inhibit E By SNS
1 Review - 4/5

Inhibit E is an interesting product that helps block the biosynthesis of estrogen. Made by SNS, this product currently costs about $20.00 for 75 capsules.

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