Super Set Workout Routine for Women

The following routine is meant to help boost intensity levels by decreasing the amount of rest periods in between sets.

This will help increase metabolic rate and force your body to work a little harder. The result is better muscle tone.

This is an intermediate level workout so please be advised, its a tough workout so if you are a beginner to weight training, please try the beginner course first.

For those of you who don't know what a super set is, it's basically a system of exercises that you perform together with little to no rest in between sets.

Traditional sets allows a certain amount of time (IE: 30, 60, 90 seconds) to rest in between sets. Supersets takes this rest time away.

For example, lets say you want to superset the bench press and lat machine pulldown. To perform one super set, you would first perform one set of bench press' and with no rest, immediately perform a set of lat machine pull downs. This would be considered one superset.

The main benefit to supersets is adding an increased element of intensity to your program. The harder you force your body to work, the more results you can expect. This is what supersets do, they force your body to work extra hard.

Important notes about the workout:

Workout Points



6 weeks


Increase metabolic rate and tone muscle with decreased rest periods.


- Do the two exercises listed together with no rest in between THEN rest for 30 seconds. This is a superset. Repeat this format until all supersets are done then move on to the next exercise pairing.

- 3 to 4 workouts weekly

- 1/2 body trained at each workout session

- Higher repetitions to keep blood in the muscles for longer periods of time.

- Shorter rest periods to keep intensity high

- Medium weights

- Rest periods vary in duration

- Cardio work at the end of each workout for 20 - 30 minutes

Best Scenario Workout A on Monday and Thursday
Workout B on Tuesday and Friday
Alternative Scenario Alternate workouts A and B each time you go to the gym


Set up exercises prior to performing them. This way, you don't waste any time preparing the exercises while working out.

No need to go to failure. Weight should "work" the muscle but shouldn't be taken to complete muscular failure.

Try and improve with each passing workout. If you find the workouts getting easier, add additional weight to the exercises. Always try to improve with each passing workout.

Watch your diet. For more information on how to eat properly for weight training, please see this page here.

This is a pretty intense workout routine. Try and focus for each workout. This will help set the tone for a great session.

For those of you who have never done a superset before, this may seem pretty hard. If you have a hard time doing 3 sets, try doing 2 and work yourself up to 3 sets in the following weeks.

Perform cardio once all supersets have been completed.

Remember to drink two glasses of water prior to working out, two during your workout, and one or two after. This will ensure you don't dehydrate.

Workout A - Thighs, Back and Triceps
  Exercise Sets Repetitions Rest Periods
A1 Leg press 3 20 1 minute
A2 Dumbbell stiff leg dead lifts 3 15  
B1 Leg extensions 3 20 30 seconds
B2 Lunges 3 15 - 20  
C1 Lat machine pull downs 4 12 30 seconds
C2 Seated cable rows 4 15  
D1 Seated dumbbell triceps extensions 3 15 1 minute
D2 Dumbbell kickbacks 3 20  
E1 Standing calf raise 3 25 - 35 30 seconds
E2 Cable crunches 3 25 - 35  

Workout B - Chest, Shoulders and Biceps
  Exercise Sets Repetitions Rest Periods
A1 Flat dumbbell bench press 4 15 1 minute
A2 Dumbbell side raises 4 15  
B1 Incline dumbbell flies 3 15 1 Minute
B2 Seated dumbbell press 3 15  
C1 Standing barbell curls 4 15 1 Minute
C2 Hyperextensions 4 15  
D1 Seated dumbbell curls 3 15 1 minute
D2 Leg raise off bench 3 20 - 25  

There you have it. A super set workout that will greatly boost intensity levels which will add up to an increase in muscle tone. There may be some exercises such as the dumbbell lunge which may seem strange if you've never done them before. I suggest trying to do the exercise without dumbbells if you've never done them before. In fact, if there are some exercises here that you've never done, I strongly suggest you mimick peforming them without any weight. Follow the video in the exercises and when you are comfortable, try using weight.

Also, if you have a hard time doing the prescribed repetitions, start at a lower repetition. Work your way up to the listed repetitions.

Good luck and all the best,


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