Standing One Leg Calf Raise

one leg calf raise
Exercise Profile

Primary Muscle Group(s): Calves

Secondary Muscle Group(s):

Exercise Instructions

1. Stand on the edge of stairs or a block, with the balls of your left foot at the edge.

2. Slowly drop your heel as far down as it can go.

3. Place your hands on a wall to stabilize your body (or bench).

4. Raise your body as high as possible on the ball of your left foot.

5. Slowly lower your heel back to the start position. Repeat the movement.

6. Repeat for the right foot.


The standing one leg calf raise is basically the same movement as the standing calf raise, the only difference is your doing one leg instead of two. Like the standing calf raise, this is a great exercise for the calves and will help strengthen and build the calves.

This exercise can be done anywhere - At the gym or at home. All you need is an edge where you can place your foot.

This exercise may seem a little tricky so you may need a couple of sessions to get used to this exercise. Use your free hand to hold onto something while you complete this exercise (it will help with your balance).

I'd advise you to try this with no weight for the first couple of sessions until you can easily complete 20 repetitions. After that, you may want to try a using a light dumbbell.

Press play to view an instructional video on how to properly perform the standing one leg calf raise.

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