Sports Oriented Power Routine

The dead lift exercise

If you want to get big and strong, you have to get down to the basics. I'm talking about cold hard steel. I'm talking about plates, bars, benches and sweat.

Forget about pulleys, cables, gears, wires, or cushy machines that provide "maximum ergonomic" support. If you want to get big, I mean "parting crowds big" your going to have to simplifiy. Yep, cut out the clutter and start getting down to some serious business.

When it comes to building raw strength and power, nothing beats the basics. A simple and straightforward routine that uses compound exercises will always deliver hard core results (provided you put in the effort!).

The following routine is meant to do just that - Build raw power and muscle mass.

Let's stop fooling around and get down to business. Here's the workout

Workout Points



5 to 6 weeks


To train the muscles briefly, intensely and completely


- 3 workouts weekly - Workouts A, B, and C. Each uses different exercises for different muscle groups. Remember to have at least one day of rest between workouts

- Full body trained at each session with different exercises each day.

- Quick intense sets, done in best order to get results. Most effective exercises are done first

- Short rest periods to keep intensity levels high. Rest periods will vary in duration, but will remain relatively quick

- Medium to heavy weight used.

- Cardio work at the end of each workout - 20 to 25 minutes


Its important that you concentrate all effort on the first exercise of each session. Make these compound exercises count.

Best scenario is to perform workout A on Monday, workout B on Tuesday, and workout C on Friday. However, this will depend on your schedule. Feel free to organize the workouts according to your timeframes. Remember to keep one day of rest in between workouts

Warm up properly prior to each workout. I recommend starting each session with 5 to 10 minutes of light cardiovascular exercises. Remember to use a light set of warm ups prior to each exercise

I highly recommend you use workout logs to track each of your workouts. You can get free workout sheets here.

Your main goal is to improve from workout to workout. Strive to improve on your main compound lifts by using more weight on your last set than the previous week or performing more repetitions using the same weight as the previous workout. See this page for more information.

Workout A
4 Power Exericses
Exercise Sets Repetitions Rest Periods
Leg press 5 8 2 minutes
Close grip bench press 5 6 2 minutes
Power cleans 4 - 5 6 2 minutes
Knee ups 3 25 1 minute
Cardio     20 - 25 Minutes

Workout B
4 Power Exercises
Exercise Sets Repetitions Rest Periods
Military press 5 6 2 minutes
Standing barbell curls 5 8 1 minute
Dips or bench dips 5 8 to 10 2 minutes
Standing calf raise or donkey calf raise 3 25-30 1 minute
Cardio     20 to 25 Minutes

* EZ curl bar may be substituted for a straight bar for barbell curls.

Workout C
4 Power Exercises
Exercise Sets Repetitions Rest Periods
Deadlift 5 5 2 minutes
Bench press 5 8 2 minutes
Dumbbell hammer curls 4 8 1 minute
Incline sit ups 3 25 30 seconds
Cardio     20 to 25 Minutes

This workout routine will work wonders for those of you who want to get big and strong. If you can stick to this routine and make the necessary improvements from week to week, I'm certain you'll get the results your looking for. If you have any questions, please email me at:


All the best,


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