Single Side Cable Lateral Raise

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The side cable lateral raise

The side cable lateral raise is an isolation exercise for the side deltoid (shoulder). Like the single dumbbell side lateral, it works the side deltoid, and the secondary muscle groups, the front deltoid, and trapezius muscle.

Cables offer something dumbbells and barbells don't, and that's constant muscle tension. This is what makes this exercise so effective. By applying constant tension to the muscle, you are constantly working and stimulating that muscle group.

Remember, when you are performing this exercise, go nice and slow as to get the most from the constant tension. By jerking the weight up and down, you are defeating the whole purpose of this exercise. Remember, nice, slow and easy. I recommend doing this exercise at the end of your shoulder routine.

Position for the side cable lateral raise

1. Hold your torso bent forward slightly in order to put stress exclusively on the lateral deltoid head.

Execution of the side cable lateral raise

1. Slowly raise your arm without any pause. Your arm should be at shoulder height when your stop and slowly bring it back down.

2. Make this a continuous tension movement by keeping constant pressure on the deltoids.

To view an instructional video on how to do side cable lateral raises, press play below.

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