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Born in the early 80's, Proform established itself as a premier force for building quality exercise equipment such as treadmills and exercise bikes.

As time went on, the company was acquired by Weider Fitness in 1988 which, at that time, was a giant in the supplements industry. As time went on, Icon Fitness, acquired all assets from Weider that included Weslo and Proform.

Since proform is owned by Icon Fitness, a billion dollar fitness company, it can effectively place itself in the high features, low budget treadmill market.

Now, Icon Fitness is a fitness products giant with such names as Nordic Track, Weider, Image, Healthrider, Reebok, and Weslo under their belt. Icon knows the market and it is reflective of the treadmills that it produces.

With this in mind, Icon Fitness can mass produce low budget treadmills, under the name of Proform, to a wide ranging audience.

Typical Proform treadmills are built for the light to moderate exerciser and generally falls in the following price ranges:

$400 to $1500

Now, I honestly think that Proform treadmills provide half decent value at about the $500 to $700 range for treadmills, provided you don't purchase the extended warranties.

Anymore than that, and I don’t think your getting the right value in comparison to other models, not owned by Icon fitness.

Icon can effectively compete for budget treadmills because they’re large enough to dominate that market with low cost materials and mass production.

However, once they step outside of their “comfort pricing zone”, they are left exposed by superior products in similar price ranges.

There is just no comparison between Proform’s top of the line treadmill ($1,500) with a Smooth, Sole Fitness, Vision Fitness, or Diamond Back treadmill in the same price range. Proform will loose every time because they simply don’t have the quality component parts or construction process of the later companies. However, since Smooth Fitness, Sole, Vision, and Diamond Back have set standards in their manufacturing process, they cannot compromise their brand name with inferior products as most treadmills are, under $1000. Proform, on the other hand can, and they do.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Proform is a bad company. I think they are a company that provides half decent value for the money you are paying, under $700 - $800 range. Now, it may not be “outstanding value” but it provides the average exerciser, an affordable treadmill with some of the bells and whistles of the high end treadmills.

In fact, Icon is the only company that can produce high end features on a budget treadmill and make it look and sound like a high end treadmill.

When it comes to a proform treadmill, you are presented with a high feature treadmill that has questionable parts and construction. Icon is not known for building long lasting and durable fitness products and their warranty is reflective of this fact. Let’s take a look at Proform’s top end treadmill , the Perspective Elite Series Treadmill that goes for about $1,499. The warranty is as follows:

Proform Perspective Elite Series Treadmill ($1,499)

• 20 years motor;
• 1 year parts and labor;
• 30 day return;

Lets compare Proform’s warranty with a similar product in terms of price, that is not owned by Icon Fitness with a company such as Diamond Back’s 500TM Treadmill:

Diamond Back 500TM Treadmill ($1,569)

• Lifetime frame including welds, material, and construction;
• Lifetime motor;
• 5 year parts and electronics;
• 90 Day on wear items such as form grips;
• 1 year labor;
• 30 day return;

As a consumer, what does this say about the quality of each of the products? There is simply no comparison between the two warranties. Proform’s warranty says to me that their top end treadmill is questionable and their own company has doubts about it’s construction. On the other hand, Diamond Back’s treadmill reveals that the company believes in the quality of it’s treadmill and stands behind it’s product. If I had $1,500 to spend on a treadmill, you can bet it won’t be on a Proform product.

However, if I had only $400 to spend and I was going to use it as a beginner would, you can be sure that a Proform product will be on the top of my list.

Proform offers extended warranties and I really don’t like this. To me, this is another way to get more money from your pockets.

Proform treadmills are meant for light use. That is, any extended periods of heavy use with these treadmills and you might have technical trouble. Also, if you weight more than 250 pounds, you might want to look at other treadmill models.

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