Orbitrek elliptical trainer

The Orbitrek elliptical trainer is owned by Thane International, a large retail company that sells to over 80 countries worldwide. Thane International has been in business for 10 years and sells a myriad of products in the following fields:

• Health and fitness;
• Fitness;
• Weight loss;
• Kitchen/house wares;
• Entertainments;
• Self improvements; And
• Pet care.

Thane International is a huge company that specializes in direct marketing. Thane is a master of direct marketing and they certainly know what they are doing when it comes to marketing their product to the right audience. By selling to over 80 countries worldwide, they have the necessary means to effectively market their products to varying audiences.

The orbitrek elliptical trainer is a very low end elliptical trainer. It’s very low priced ($199) and is your bare bones elliptical trainer that offers no features or programs. The orbitrek elliptical trainer is very light (52 pounds), constructed mostly of light tubular steel and plastic and is very compact. The orbitrek elliptical trainer can be easily transported to whatever room you wish to use or store.

So, what makes this elliptical trainer so great? Well, nothing really. What makes the orbitrek elliptical trainer so popular is the effective marketing and not the product itself. If you’ve ever seen the infomercial or been to the website, you can see how Thane effectively markets this product. I just love the website, try going to Thane.com and check out the short presentation, you’ll love it.

However, the actual product itself is very questionable. I’ve never been a big fan of infomercial type fitness equipment because the marketing blinds the consumer to the actual integrity of the product. Infomercials are designed with one thing in common, to take the money out of your pocket as quick as possible.

The warranty is a 1 year limited warranty which is ok considering the price of the orbirtrek elliptical trainer and it’s still better than the proform warranty. However, I am hesitant to recommend this elliptical trainer because of some of it’s structural flaws. Take a closer look at the orbitrek elliptical trainer with the following review:

Orbitrek platinum elliptical trainer review

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