Nitric Oxide / Pre And Post Workout Supplement Reviews

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Nitric Oxide is a hot selling supplement. There is no question about it.

Walk into any supplement store and chances are, you’ll see bottle after the bottle of this stuff lining the shelves.

Not only will you see this supplement in supplement stores, you also see them in local drugstores, Walmart, and Zellers. You know a supplement is popular when you start seeing it in Walmart.

Why is this supplement so popular? Well, I’m going to say very effective marketing is responsible for this supplement’s success.

The very concept of this product is simply wonderful at it’s core. Imagine a supplement that allows you to pump your muscles up to mind boggling dimensions and keeping that pump throughout the day. This was the very concept of the first real N0 supplement, Hemodilator N02.

To many seasoned weight trainers, strength trainers, power lifters, and body builders, this product was a dream come true. According to the claims, the Hemodilator N02 stated that if you used this product you will see:

• Perpetual pumps
• Helps Boost Strength
• Augments Peak Power
• Delays Muscle Fatigue

Not only that, according to the label, clinical trials for this supplement at Baylor University supported a 300% increase in the bench press for those taking NO as opposed to those who didn’t. So, you can see why weight trainers, beginner and advanced alike, flocked to the supplement shops in search of NO products.

You have to remember that this supplement is nothing more than arginine alpha-ketoglutarate - Arginine.

Nitric Oxide isn’t the actual supplement in NO supplements but rather a by product of Arginine supplementation, which is the active ingredient in NO supplements.

Now, here’s the million dollar question, “Does It Work?”. Well, I’ve put together a few user reviews and one of my own for some of the popular NO products. Nothing beats actual user reviews and these reviews are from people who don’t work for supplement companies but everyday, hardworking weight trainers. Simply click on the link for the review.

Nitric Oxide Reviews

Hemodilator No2 Review
1 Review - 2/5

This product is manufactured by the "Mecial Research Institute" or MRI. This is a strict nitric oxide supplement because it contains arginine alpha ketoglutarate (AAKG) as a stand alone ingredient. The cost is $65.00 for a 20 day supply.

BSN Nitrix
2 Reviews - Average 2.5/5

Nitrix is made by Bio Engineered Supplements And Nutrition (BSN) located out of Mount Juliet, Tennesse. This supplement is not a strict nitric oxide supplement as it contains other active ingredients, other than AAKG. The current cost is $34.00 60 day supply.
Pump Tech By Muscle Tech
1 Review - 5/5

Pump Tech is made by Muscle Tech who is owned by Iovate Health Sciences Inc. This product is a nitric oxide hybrid that uses other ingredients in it's formula such as creatine and ginseng. The cost is $43.00 for a 40 day supply.
Six Star Nitric Oxide
1 Review - 5/5

This supplement is manufactured by Six Star Muscle. This company operates out of Oakville, Ontario, Canada. This product is a hybrid nitric oxide supplement since it contains other active ingredients such as creatine. The cost is $35.00 USD for a one month supply.
Universal Animal Pump
1 Review - N/A

This product is not a strict nitric oxide supplement. Pump has a variety of ingredients that include both, AAKG and creatine, as well as caffeine. Produced by Universal Nutrition, this supplement sells for $30.00 USD for a 30 day supply.
Muscle Tech Anabolic Halo Review
* Editorial Review

One of Muscle Tech's flagship products, Halo has exploded onto the supplement market as the premiere post workout drink. Find out here if it works as claimed.
Dymatize Xpand Post Review
* Editorial Review

Manufactured by Dymatize Nutrition, Xpand Post is a post workout drink designed to compliment the pre workout drink, Xpand. Contains a myriad of ingredients designed to do one thing, improve post workout recovery. Find out here if this product works.

Mutant ReHab Post Workout
* Editorial Review

Manufactured by Mutant, this is a complete post workout drink that helps improve recovery. I've been using this drink for the past 5 months and have written my review. If you're looking for a post workout drink, you need to read this review.

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