Justin's Full Body Workout Routine

Full body Routine 2-3 days a week

1-3 sets of 8-12 rep supersets

Alternate the order of workout evey session.(some ppl tend to go all out and waste too much energy on legs and go half ass on chest & back) I always do dips and chins after back and chest.

(So basically I do legs first then next session I will do chest & back first) Abs and calves are no exception.(dont alway train them last)

I gained 12lbs in 1 month on this...

The Workout:

a1 Squats
a2 Stiff leg Dead lift

b1 Barbell row
b2 bb or db Bench (incline or flat)

c1 Chinups (close grip under hand)
c2 Dips (upright)

Claves 1 leg standing calf raise x 20
Abs (alternate twisting with regular situps each week)

Every so often I will switch up the chins and dip for curls and french press. Although I found my arms grow nicely with just chins and dips.

This is pretty basic but it works like a charm. EAT EAT EAT as well.

Workout submitted by Justin.

For illustrations and descriptions of the weight training exercises, please go to the following page:

Weight lifting exercises












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