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We all want to build a healthy and muscular body. A truly active and muscular body oozes sexuality and breeds envy. A healthy and muscular body will attract the respect and attention of both sexes, male and female. We all want to be “that person” who everyone in the room stares to check out. When one possesses a hard and muscular body, respect and admiration is given without having to utter a single word.

In addition, attaining a certain amount of muscle mass through hard work is a magical feeling. Watching your muscles grow, day after day, week after week and month after month is truly a wonderful feeling. Knowing that you have put in the hard work and dedication to build your body adds to the boost in confidence and swagger as you stroll down the street.

*Note - To find out how many calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates you need to build muscle or burn fat, go to our nutrition calculator here. It will also tell you how many meals you need per day to reach your goals.

We all want it but how does one attain it? Where do you start? What do you eat and how do you build muscle with weights?

Anyone new to the muscle building process may see all the individual components as confusing. That's understandable but like anything else, building muscle requires a certain level of knowledge and an understanding about its basic process.

At its very core, this process is the fundamental truth to building muscle mass and getting healthy. Once you understand and implement the process, building muscle will become much more feasible, efficient and downright fun (It truly is a great feeling to watch your muscles grow).

The basic fundamental process to building muscle is as follows:

#1 – Give your body a strong enough reason to grow - Intelligent, progressive weight training

#2 – Provide the necessary environment for your body to grow - Intelligent, progressive nutrition

#3 – Provide the glue that ties #1 and #2 together for optimal growth - Rest and recovery

Each process is directly related to one another in a symbiotic relationship. One process cannot stand alone if you are to truly build quality muscle mass. Weight training alone is not a sustainable muscle building process. Without proper nutrition and rest, the body will eventually tire itself out and simply burn out (Classic beginner mistake). Eating to build muscle is not a sustainable muscle building process by itself because the body doesn't have a strong enough reason to grow.

Once you combine all 3 processes your body will act accordingly. It will grow strong, it will grow big and it will build muscle.

The Building Muscle 101 website is meant to provide you with the necessary information to learn and implement this process. The website is divided into “portions” to help with each of the fundamental processes.

Absolute Beginners Guide to Building Muscle

This guide is meant for those of you who have been weight training consistently for at least 4 months. This is a beginners guide that will walk you though the entire muscle building process and help you construct a solid muscle gaining system.

To get start, please go to our beginners guide to building muscle here.

New to Weight Training

If you are absolutely new to weight training and have absolutely no clue where to begin, I strongly suggest you start at our complete beginners guide to weight training . Consider this program a “mini” boot camp to help you familiarize yourself with weight training. It comes complete with beginner program and nutrition guide.

Nutrition Guide

This guide is meant to help you construct a complete muscle building nutrition program .

Gaining Muscular Weight

To build muscle and gain “quality” weight, I strongly suggest you try our “ Skinny guys guide to gaining muscular weight ”. This guide is for all you skinny guys out there. The program includes a weight training and nutrition guide specifically meant for gaining weight.

Burning Fat

If you want to burn fat, I strongly recommend you first start at our mini guide on understand the basics of burning fat . Once you understand the basics of burning fat, I recommend you go to Building Muscle 101's beginners guide to burning fat . Includes a workout and beginner fat burning nutrition plan.

Rest and Recovery Guide

Our beginners guide to rest and recovery will help you optimize your rest and recovery schedule.

Supplement Guide

For those of you who are interested in using muscle building supplements, our beginners guide to muscle supplements will help you choose which ones are best suited for this purpose. The guide includes a supplement schedule.

Weight Training Routines

We have plenty of routines to choose from that range from the beginner to the advanced. Try going to our weight training routines section to choose from a selection of specialized routines.

Exercise Database

Go to our exercise database for complete descriptions, illustrations and video of the more popular weight training exercises.

Tips and Techniques

20 plus years of experience and tips designed to help you with your muscle building efforts. Click here to access .

There are over a thousand pages of muscle building information on the Building Muscle 101 website. Most are designed specifically for the beginner so please use the search boxes located throughout the website (on the right hand column).

We update our website on a weekly basis with informative and useful content so make sure you bookmark or re-visit the website. Better yet, subscribe to our news feed using the side widgets "Subscribe to the site".

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me (Blake) at:

Good luck and all the best,


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