Fat Burner And Weight Loss Supplement Reviews

In terms of supplement popularity, fat burners have to top the list of come very close to it.

Not only are these supplements used by weight trainers, but fitness enthusiasts and every day people looking to shed a little weight and fat. It’s because of this fact that fat burners are so popular.

Armed with this knowledge, large supplement manufactures spend millions upon millions coming up with new and innovative marketing techniques.

Let’s face it, these companies know how to push our buttons when it comes to how we look.

Before and after “transformation” pictures, fake review sites, paid actors and endless infomercials seem to be everywhere including television, the internet and in the news.

How are we supposed to know which fat burning supplements actually work? How do we sift through this monster pile of pills, powders, and drinks to find out what fat burners actually work?

The scams are everywhere. There are companies set up that are designed to rip you off when it comes to fat loss products.

I for one have been ripped off more than once when it comes to supplements.

With that in mind, I want to present to you, a couple of reviews for fat loss products that come from actual users. You can’t beat user reviews when it comes to a product such as fat loss.

To view a review, simply click on the link below.

Also, this is a pretty new review site, so if you have a review, send it on over and we’ll post it on this page. You can send your review to the following email address:


Fat Burner User Reviews

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extreme labs blade hardcore 
Extreme Labs Blade Hardcore
1 Review - 5/5

Manufactured by Extreme Labs, this product contains a variety of ingredients designed to help you burn fat. Comes in a 120 capsule bottle that contains a 60 day supply. Costs $21.49 USD.
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vpx red line fat incinerator 
Red Line Fat Incinerator
1 Review - 4/5

Made by VPX, Red Line Fat Incinerator is made up of a number ingredients to help burn fat. Comes in pill or liquid form. The cost for this fat burner is $32.25 for 120 capsules or $21.75 for 120 ml bottle.

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all sports l-carnitine 
All Sports L-Carnitine
1 Review - 5/5

This product is made by All Sports which is a UK company. Each 500 mg tablet contains L-Carnitine, a compound that is supposed to help convert fat to energy. A 60 tablet container costs £15.67.








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