Weight Loss Using The Elliptical Trainer

weight loss and using the elliptical trainer

Is The Elliptical Trainer An Ideal Machine For Losing Weight?

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Weight loss can be one of the toughest battles anyone endures. The endless cycle of yo yo dieting can leave you heavier than before and extremely discouraged.

Reams of scientific evidence have demonstrated that for lasting weight loss, the best approach is sensible eating along with regular cardiovascular and weight bearing exercise.

The elliptical trainer is great for losing weight because it fits both the cardiovascular and weight bearing bill. Owning and using an elliptical trainer will help you lose weight.

Elliptical trainers are excellent for just about anyone looking to lose weight. Easy to use, elliptical trainers mimic walking with a smooth elliptical pattern. This smooth action keeps your knee joints supple meaning that even people with joint problems can experience weight loss benefits.

Some people step onto the elliptical trainer and think that because the motion is so smooth it isn't giving them an effective workout. Don't let the smooth motion of the elliptical trainer fool you! You will definitely get a fantastic workout that elevates your heart rate quickly into the fat burning zone.

In addition, the elliptical trainer provides resistance of the motion of your arms and legs. You control the amount of resistance, so as you become more fit on the machine, you can increase the resistance levels giving yourself a more intense workout.

Another terrific reason that the elliptical trainer is great for losing weight is that the majority of people are able to stick with it. Research has shown that the perceived exertion during elliptical exercise is actually less than the calories burned on an elliptical trainer!

One study showed that you'd have to do 30 minutes on a stationary bike to get the same benefits of 20 minutes on an elliptical trainer!

The best piece of advice before investing in an elliptical machine for weight loss is to try one out. If you don't have a friend or family member with an elliptical, get a pass to a local gym and give it a try.

friend of mine, who exercised very infrequently, purchased an elliptical trainer a few months ago with a goal of weight loss. When he started, at 5'11” he weighed 250lbs and was able to only use his elliptical trainer for 20 minutes at a fairly light pace. He started with three times per week, working up to five times per week. I remember him telling me that he immediately noticed improved strength and endurance after only one week!

Week after week, his aerobic capacity got stronger and he continued to challenge his body by varying the resistance and length of time he exercised. I encouraged him to regularly increase his workload by 10% every week or two so that he avoided a plateau.

He stuck with it, reminding himself that the more aerobic exercise he did, the more calories he burned. After three months of regular use, he was happy to report a 20-pound weight loss. He attributes this weight loss solely to his elliptical trainer because he didn't vary his diet during that time.

I encourage anyone looking to achieve weight loss to consider an elliptical trainer. One of the biggest benefits of the elliptical trainer that makes it well suited for weight loss is that the arm handles allow for a more intense workout. Try to always move your entire body when doing any cardio exercise because the more movement means that you are burning more calories!

Try not to encounter a common mistake I see with many people on their elliptical machine – going too fast. If you're whipping about on your elliptical trainer, chances are you have your resistance level set too low.

Remember that your goal is to tone your body and lose weight, so you need to challenge yourself with some resistance. If you aren't finding it hard to carry on a conversation and breaking out into a sweat, then you probably are not working to your cardio ability and hence won't lose the weight you want to!

Essentially, the elliptical trainer is probably the best cardiovascular machine out there to give you maximum benefits in the minimum amount of time.

Try one out today, with sensible eating habits and a regular elliptical training program, you will meet your weight loss goals in no time!

Keep positive and don't give up!

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As the owner of Building Muscle 101, I am committed to providing you the best practical weight training advice. I've been training for over 24 years (and still train to this day!) and the advice and guidance I provide comes directly from my experience and knowledge.

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